The aim of this project is to ensure that a stub article exists for every Hardy Boys book published. Each stub article should contain at least the following:

  • An opening paragraph in the standard format
  • An infobox
  • A brief plot summary
  • A list of appearances listing Frank and Joe Hardy

Join in

Anyone can participate in this project. The books have been listed below in blocks of roughly ten books each. To join in, simply sign your name against a block of work and get started creating articles. Once there are stubs created for each book in your block, come back here and strike out the block. Then you can keep choosing a new group of books until all the stubs have been created.

You don't have to have read a book to create a stub for it. There is plenty of information on the internet about Hardy Boys books which you can use to write a short plot synopsis or fill out the fields in an infobox. The page The Hardy Boys Wiki:Reliable online sources lists a number of valuable Hardy Boys internet resources. Online booksellers such as Amazon are also valuable sources of information.

Editing Notes

If you've never edited a wiki article before, Help:Editing is a good place to start.

The article The Hardy Boys Wiki:Manual of Style/Book articles gives a very clear description of how to edit a book article and has a useful pattern template which can be cut and paste to create a new book article.

The following code can be used to create the minimum-info appearances list

{{incomplete list}}
*[[List of recurring characters|Regulars]]
**[[Frank Hardy (Original)|Frank Hardy]]
**[[Joe Hardy (Original)|Joe Hardy]]

The books

The Hardy Boys (Original series)
Original Series, original text, 1-10
Original Series, original text, 11-20
Original Series, original text, 21-30
Original Series, original text, 31-38
Original Series, revised text, 1-10
Original Series, revised text, 11-20
Original Series, revised text, 21-30
Original Series, revised text, 31-38
Original Series, 39-48
Original Series, 49-58
The Hardy Boys (Digest series)
Digest Series, 59-68
Digest Series, 69-78
Digest Series, 79-88
Digest Series, 89-98
Digest Series, 99-108
Digest Series, 109-118
Digest Series, 119-128
Digest Series, 129-138
Digest Series, 139-148
Digest Series, 149-158
Digest Series, 159-168
Digest Series, 169-178
Digest Series, 179-190
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery
SuperMysteries, 1-10
SuperMysteries, 11-20
SuperMysteries, 21-30
SuperMysteries, 31-36
The Hardy Boys Casefiles
Casefiles, 11-20
Casefiles, 21-30
Casefiles, 31-40
Casefiles, 41-50
Casefiles, 51-60
Casefiles, 61-70
Casefiles, 71-80
Casefiles, 81-90
Casefiles, 91-100
Casefiles, 101-110
Casefiles, 111-120
Casefiles, 121-127
The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel
Graphic Novels, 1-11
The Hardy Boys are: The Clues Brothers
The Clues Brothers, 1-10
The Clues Brothers, 11-17
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