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"A Figure in Hiding" is the seventh episode of season one of the 2020 Hulu original series The Hardy Boys.


Official episode premise for "A Figure in Hiding" from Hulu:

Frank and Callie make a visit to Rosegrave Prep where Frank learns the Dean had a close connection to his mother... one the Dean feels unsafe discussing with Frank. Joe and Biff continue to investigate the scrap of fabric from the warehouse and make a discovery that leaves Biff conflicted. Mrs. Khan makes a play for the missing piece of The Eye by enlisting the Tall Man. However, things don’t exactly go as planned when the Tall Man goes after Frank and Joe to get the missing piece.

Plot summary

The Tall Man gets a call from his buyer, telling him he’s been sloppy and the fact that he’s been captured twice by a group of kids does not reflect well on him. Because of this, she no longer needs his services. He threatens to find the piece and take it to another buyer, to which the original buyer responds that he’s made a grave mistake.

Joe approaches Frank asks what his plans are for the day. He and Callie are going to Rosegrave to see if they can figure out why their mom left town after high school. Meanwhile, Joe plans to find and confront the dirty cop that’s working for the buyer. Frank argues that no would would admit to that and even if they did, Joe would have no way to prove it. Joe explains that he’s wearing a wire, which he could use to record the cop’s confession. However, when he tries to playback his current conversation with Frank, only static can be heard. Frank tells Joe to stay home until the Tall Man is apprehended, as it’s too dangerous for him to go out on his own.

Frank is working at Wilt’s while Chet plays arcade games. Back in Dixon City, when his dad would disappear for long cases, Frank and Joe would play “Conquest” for hours. Chet agrees that it keeps him busy too. It’s also better than being at the farm, he says. Frank assures him that things will get better. Callie arrives all dressed up, ready to go to Rosegrave with Frank, which Chet claims he wasn’t made aware of. Chet offers to drive them rather than the two of them taking a bus.

Phil invites Joe to a Sea Cadets meeting. Trudy reminds Joe he’s not allowed to leave the house, as the Tall Man is still on the loose. Joe assures her that he’ll be fine, as they’ll be under adult supervision. Trudy reluctantly allows for him to attend the meeting. Before long, the boys arrive outside of the Sea Cadets meeting, where Joe reveals that he was only using Phil as a means to escape the house.

Rather than attending the Sea Cadet’s meeting, Joe meets with Biff. They proceed forward with their plan to identify JB’s buyer, who appears to be a cop.

Jesse decides to stop by and visit Trudy. She compliments her paintings. Trudy reveals that Gloria hooked her up with a gallery in hopes of making amends, though Trudy says it'll take more than that to fix their relationship.

Mrs. Khan calls the Tall Man after getting his number from one of her associates. She is hoping that he’ll be able to retrieve and deliver the Estabrook piece to her. The Tall Man was initially hired by the Nabokovs but now he’s made an enemy of them, so along with payment, he’ll also need protection. However, Mrs. Khan explains that the Nabokovs are his concern alone.

Chet drops Frank and Callie off at Rosegrave. He decides to wait outside whilst they head in.

Biff takes Joe to her house, where they examine her mother’s police overcoat to check for any damage. Much to Biff’s relief, the coat is in perfect condition.

Frank and Callie meet with Dean McFarlane, who suspect they’ve come to talk about the school, but in actuality, Frank asks Dean McFarlane about his relationship with his mother, who Dean McFarlane dated. Frank questions if she ever told him about why she was leaving Bridgeport. Before he can reply, Stavros, one of Rosegrave’s top students, enters. Dean McFarlane has tasked him with showing them around school. Callie is amazed, but Frank is rather unimpressed. Stavros tells them that Rosegrave is where leaders of the world are made. While on the tour, Frank notices Dean McFarlane exiting his office. Frank wants to break into his office to see if there’s more to the story than the dean divulged. Callie fears that they may get caught and therefore refuses to break in herself, though she is willing to provide a distraction so that Frank may break in.

Callie knocks over a vase to distract Dean McFarlane’s assistant while Frank sneaks into his office. While in the dean’s office, Frank comes across Stavros’ file and despite Dean McFarlane claiming that he is one of their top students, his grades suggest otherwise.

Dean McFarlane’s assistant recognizes Callie as the “Estabrook boy’s” friend. She remarks that they’ve been asking a lot of questions and tells Callie to come with her.

Frank proceeds to look through Dean McFarlane’s desk. He finds his daily planner, which details a meeting he had with Frank’s mom at a cafe on the 17th despite the fact that Dean McFarlane claimed he hadn’t seen her in years. Dean McFarlane then enters his office and catches Frank.

Joe and Biff break into Chief Collig’s house. Joe climbs in through the doggy door unlocks the front door from the inside.

Frank confronts Dean McFarlane for lying to him about the last time he saw Laura. Dean McFarlane asks Lindy, his assistant, to allow the two of them to speak privately. However, he knows that she’s still listening from outside the door and pretends to yell at Frank while simultaneously writing him a message to meet him at the greenhouse in 20 minutes.

Joe refers to Chief Collig’s place as a dump, though Biff doubts he could do any better and says that she pities his future wife. Joe replies that he doesn’t want a wife, resulting in an awkward exchange between the two.

Frank meets with Dean McFarlane in the greenhouse as planned. He admits that he lied to Frank about his relationship with Laura. They dated for a couple years. They were both from wealthy Bridgeport families — their entire lives mapped out. Frank wonders why his mom never went to Rosegrave. Laura said that Gloria was writing her life for her, turning her into another powerful Estabrook heir, which Laura feared. And when Dean McFarlane accepted their offer, she took it as a betrayal, and they never spoke again until a few weeks ago.

Nigel informs Mrs. Khan that Victor Nabokov is dead. He supposedly died within the last couple months. She never met Victor, but their fathers were great friends. Unfortunately, there’s been no news about his piece of the Eye. Mrs. Khan informs Nigel how she called the Tall Man, who assured her he could get the Estabrook piece, but mentioned how he would have to go against the Nabokovs to get it. So, if Victor has been dead, she questions who has been running the Nabokovs' affairs.

Dean McFarlane’s first night at Rosegrave was restless. He kept trying to remind himself why he chose school over love. But he couldn’t find a good reason. So, one night he snuck into the greenhouse and searched for the most beautiful flower he could find. He dug it out and sent in to Laura telling her how sorry he was, but she never wrote back. Frank then asks why his mother’s investigation led her to Rosegrave. Dean McFarlane explains that if you can control the future leaders then you can control the world without anyone knowing you’re behind it. Frank goes on to ask about the symbol that keeps showing up. Dean McFarlane reveals that it's “their symbol.” He fears what will happen if they’re caught together and tells Frank to meet him at the coffee shop tomorrow at nine.

Joe and Biff have searched Chief Collig’s entire house and still can't find his overcoat. They’re forced to escape through the kitchen window when he returns home. While jumping out the window, Joe knocks over the trash can, where he finds Collig’s damaged overcoat, confirming that he was the buyer at the brick factory.

Frank reconvenes with Callie out front. She informs him how Dean McFarlane’s assistant was asking a lot of questions about Frank, suggesting that he’s more than just an applicant to them. Frank agrees , revealing to Callie how Rosegrave isn’t just a prep school. It’s also where they shape the next generation of power people. Frank fears that his grandmother has plans for both him and Callie. Chet then arrives and they hop in the truck.

Biff returns home with Joe and explains that Collig is like an uncle to her. Plus, he’s her mom’s boss. And if he’s corrupt then Biff's mom is in danger as well. Biff wants to tell her the truth, but Joe advises her otherwise.

Joe returns home with Phil, maintaining the ruse that he attended a Sea Cadet meeting. Trudy invites Phil to stay for dinner, but he says that he has to leave. But first, he follows Joe up to his room and demands to know what Joe has been up to. When Joe refuses, Phil threatens to tell Trudy. Joe reluctantly tells Phil that they found proof of corruption in Bridgeport PD. Phil is amazed. He then asks for his Sea Cadet uniform back.

Frank is struggling to come to terms with the idea that his family, specifically his grandma, is the head of a secret society at Rosegrave. Chet questions why anyone would choose Bridgeport of all places for such activity. Callie promises Frank that they’ll figure it out.

Frank informs Joe that Rosegrave is a front for a secret organization that runs Bridgeport. They knew that they were being investigated and this is what Frank believes led to their mother’s death. Joe then reveals to Frank that the fabric is from Chief Collig’s coat. Trudy sits down at the table with dinner and inquires about the tension between the boys, but they both claim to have no idea what she's referring to.

The following day, Lindy informs Frank that Dean McFarlane resigned earlier that morning. Lindy questions what Frank was coming to meet with the dean about. Frank claims that he wanted to talk to him about baseball and joining Rosegrave’s competitive team. Frank questions why Dean McFarlane would suddenly resign and not leave so much as a contact number. Lindy claims that he had a family emergency and then tells Frank that baseball tryouts start in winter.

Frank heads over to the greenhouse, where he finds a note left for him from Dean McFarlane. He simply tells Frank that he can find the answers to his questions in Laura’s past.

Frank shares this with Joe, but neither of them are sure what to do next as they certainly can’t trust their grandma to tell them the truth. Joe suspects that their grandma wants Frank to run the society. She wants him to do what their mother wouldn’t. He also believes that Dean McFarlane got scared and left town, but Frank is fairly certain that someone stopped him before he could tell them anything. The Tall Man appears almost as if out of thin air and attacks Frank, demanding that he hand over the stone. Joe hits him with a trash can and the Hardy boys race across the street. The Tall Man attempts to follow them but is run over by a random teenage girl.


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  • Dean McFarlane to Frank: It was George Estabrook who said, "Intelligence is stagnant, but curiosity knows no bounds." I promise, uh, that's the only time I'll quote your great-grandfather, but, uh, I've always liked that one.
  • Dean McFarlane to Frank: I remember my first night at Rosegrave. Couldn't sleep at all. I kept trying to remind myself why I chose this school over the only person that I loved. But, I... couldn't find a good reason.
  • Dean McFarlane to Frank: Because if you can control the future leaders, the millionaires, the people that are well-connected, you can control the world. But better still, you can control the world without anyone ever knowing that you're doing it.
  • Stavros to Callie: He can laugh all he wants, but Rosegrave is where leaders of the world are made. Everyone here is ambitious. Smart. The best of the best.