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For the original edition of this book, see A Figure in Hiding (original text).

A Figure in Hiding is the 16th book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published in 1937 by Grosset & Dunlap, and revised and re-released in 1965.

Plot summary

From the moment Frank  given a strange message, warning them against poor eye sight, to give to their father, Fenton Hardy, the boys are on the case once again. The boys are soon haunted by eye related signs and warnings, and deal with criminals known as the Goggler Gang.


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Businesses and organizations

  • Izmir Motors


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Foreign Editions

  • Collins issued A Figure In Hiding in 1980 as the 49th volume in the Collins Hardy Boys series. However, due to the recent change in publishers in America, Collins had Grosset & Dunlap make up the first edition printings for volumes 49-56 of the Collins, essentially the remaining hardcover Hardy Boys that had not been printed, so that the books could be issued in Great Britain and the British Commonwealth. So the first Collins printing of A Figure In Hiding is a straight printing from the American plates, with the only things being changed being the name of the publisher and the book order on the back of the books being the British order rather than the American order. In the mid-1980's, Collins under their Armada imprint, reissued A Figure In Hiding, as well as volumes 50-56, in paperback with Anglicized text and everything else corrected for the British series.


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