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"It's the Hottest Game in Town---and Someone's Sure to Get Zapped!"
— Tagline of the 1991 Minstrel Books edition

Attack of the Video Villains is the 106th book in The Hardy Boys series, and the 47th volume in The Hardy Boys Digest series . It was published in February 1991 by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), and produced by Mega-Books of New York, Inc.

Plot summary

Back cover summary:[1]The Hardys Are Out To Pull The Plug On A High-Voltage Game of Video Vengeance!

The Videomundo Corporation, makers of Hack Attack---the hottest, coolest video game on the market---is holding a Hack Attack challenge in New York. Joe Hardy is psyched: he's sized up the competition, and he's set his sights on the $50,000 prize awaiting the winner.

But when you play for big money, you're playing with fire---and the Hardy Boys are the ones in the hot seat. A stolen cartridge leads them to suspect that the game's been rigged. There's only one way to find out for sure---leave the video screen behind and head out onto the mean streets of New York to meet the video villains head-on!


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  • As describe in the book, the video game console on which Joe Hardy is playing Hack Attack appears to be based on the Sega Genesis console. However it could also be taken for a Super Nintendo console.


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