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Bayport (pop. 50,000) is a small but thriving city in the north east United States. It is located on a horse shoe shaped cove called Barmet Bay three miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean.[1]

At the centre of Bayport is a small park which serves as a town square. The square is bordered by several municipal buildings and on one side is Bayport town hall which has a large, illuminated clock.[2]


Bayport (Original)

Bayport from the Original series, and the Digests, and its spin-offs.

Bayport (Casefiles)

Bayport of the Casefiles continuity.

Bayport (Undercover Brothers)

Bayport in the Undercover Brothers series.

Bayport (Adventures)

Bayport in the Adventures series.


Bayport (1955 TV)

Bayport from the Mickey Mouse Show TV serials of the 1950's.

Bayport (1969 TV)

Bayport in the The Hardy Boys animated series which ran from 1969 until 1971.

Bayport (1977 TV)

Bayport from the The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries TV series that ran from 1977 to 1979.

Bayport (1995 TV)

Bayport of the 1995 The Hardy Boys TV series.

Bayport is policed by the Bayport Police Department.


Bayport is located within reasonable driving distance of New York City and Atlantic City and a nine-hour drive from Niagara Falls. In some of the Casefiles it is said that Bayport is in New York state, but in more recent books it is referred to as Bayport, New Jersey. So it can be assumed that Bayport is on the border of New York and New Jersey.

The TV show The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries is set in Massachusetts


  • In the 1995 Hardy Boys TV show, Bayport license plates carry the slogan 'Land of Mystery'.
  • In the 2020 The Hardy Boys Hulu television series, the name of the town is instead Bridgeport.


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