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Elizabeth "Biff" Hooper is a resident of Bridgeport and a close friend of Joe Hardy, who she assists in his efforts to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding his mother's death.


Meeting Joe

Biff meets Joe and Frank outside of Wilt's Deli. She asks Joe where he’s from. He replies “not here.” Biff follows him inside and introduces herself. Joe inquires about her odd name. She explains that one her first day of kindergarten, she couldn’t say her name right. She said “Elizabiff.” And the name just stuck. She then proceeds to block Joe's path and tells him that she’ll leave him alone if he buys her a gumball.[1]

Helping JB

Biff enters Wilt’s Deli and purchases several items, including a map and shaving cream. She even pays for Joe’s sandwich. After she leaves, Joe follows her to the beach, where she meets with JB. Joe asks about his leg. JB claims that he was on the Astghik and that he was the only one to make it off. However, Joe isn’t fully convinced that he's telling the truth. JB has a radio and needs to get it fixed so that he call someone to get him off the beach.

Joe leaves and returns shortly after with his toolbox and asks Biff how she met JB. She reveals that she was walking on the beach and he offered her a month’s allowance if she got him a few items from the store. Joe suspects that JB is lying about being on the boat and wants to know where he really came from. So the two of them make their way back to the beach and ask who JB is trying to call. He reveals that he was never on the Astghik. He’s actually a delivery guy though he doesn’t know who his buyer is, which is why he needs the radio to work. Joe manages to fix the radio and find the broadcast from JB’s buyer for the drop. The broadcast is in Morse code and pinpoints the drop in Stoney Creek Park, where JB pays Joe and Biff $80 to deliver an envelope to.

Biff hides behind a tree as Joe makes the drop. He takes a seat at a bench in the park and slides the envelope under the seat. Biff decides to go to Wilt’s while Joe stays behind to see who picks up the envelope.[2]

Lucky Day at the Carnival

Biff meets with Joe at the carnival. With $5 each, they proceed to play carnival games. They stop at the coin toss booth. Biff advises Joe against playing but he disregards her advice and wins the game three times in a row before claiming the big pink giraffe as his prize.

Joe is on a winning streak. Joe decides to test his luck with a game of the balloon bust. He must hit all three red balloons to win the big prize. Biff warns him that the balloons are under inflated and that the darts are dull but Joe decides to play nonetheless. Joe bursts all three balloons, making him the first person Bridgeport history to do so. He then gifts Biff a giant frog. A bully named Curtis approaches and accuses Joe of somehow cheating to win.

Biff notices the Tall Man at the carnival showing Joe's picture around. Biff alerts Joe and the two take off running. At some point, the lights at the carnival shut off. When they cut back on, Biff finds Frank and informs him of the Tall Man's arrival.[3]

Breaking into the Evidence Room

Upon learning from Joe that his soldering iron with his name engraved on it is at the police station, Biff suggests that they sneak in and steal it back. Biff and Joe enter the police station and inform the desk sergeant that they’ve come to pick up a "donation box." They overhear a deputy inform the sarge that they got a hit on the prints they pulled from JB’s campsite before heading into the back to get the "donation box." In reality, they break into the evidence locker and steal back Joe’s soldering iron. Biff hears her mother’s enter the station and flees out the back door, whereas Joe stays behind to take a look at JB’s file in hopes that it’ll lead them to him. The following day, Biff gifts Frank and Joe a copy of JB’s report. She tells Joe that he owes her before leaving.[4]

Helping Trap the Tall Man

Biff learns of the Hardy boys' latest encounter with the Tall Man in a brick factory. Frank and Joe want to trap the Tall Man and question him, as they believe that he is connected to their mother’s death. Biff reminds the group how her mom’s a cop and claims that she can help, but Frank and Joe aren’t sure who they can trust. Biff leaves, reasoning that if they can’t trust her mom then she can’t help them.

Despite previously stating that she wasn't going to help, Biff meets with the others at the Morton farm while they await the Tall Man's arrival. He arrives soon thereafter, and Joe lures him into the stable with a replica stone. Joe offers to give him the stone but only if he promises to leave. He throws it a few feet away and tells the Tall Man to get it himself. Upon discovering that the stone is a fake, they trap him inside a steel cage. They ask who he works for and why Frank and Joe's mom was killed. Biff then suggests calling her mom to arrest him.[5]

Finding the Owner of the Fabric

Joe has in his possession of piece of fabric that he and Frank recovered from the brick factory for the drop off. Biff suggests that Joe take the piece of fabric from to a tailor, specifically Tan Likley’s tailor shop and ask him about the fabric. Joe does just that, claiming that his Aunt Trudy wanted to match it to her shirt. Upon further examination, Tan reveals that the fabric is from a policeman’s overcoat. Joe believes that this confirms there is corruption within Bridgeport PD, but Biff refuses to believe that they have a dirty cop, suggesting that maybe they’re looking for someone from Dixon City. Joe recalls how Chief Collig picked up the envelope at the park and how it could be from his coat. Still, Biff refuses to listen.

After learning that the Tall Man escaped custody, Biff and Joe decides to hide the stone in some place secure. While discussing where best to hide the stone in town, Biff unintentionally mentions his mom and how she probably loved growing up in Bridgeport. She adds how envious she is of Joe, who has a brother, aunt, and father, whereas it’s just Biff and her mom. Before they can settle on a hiding spot, they suddenly find themselves being chased down by the Tall Man and take off down an alley. Biff and Joe sneak into a movie theater through the back door and hide behind the projection screen. Joe climbs a ladder and hides the stone inside an electrical speaker socket.[6]

Biff and Joe continue their mission to find out who the fabric they recovered belongs to. Their first stop is Biff's house to vindicate her mother. They examine her mother’s police overcoat to check for any damage and finds that it is in perfect condition. With that, the two of them break into Chief Collig’s house. Joe climbs in through the doggy door unlocks the front door from the inside. Biff and Joe have searched Chief Collig’s entire house and still couldn't find his overcoat. They’re forced to flee out the kitchen window when he returns home. While jumping out the window, Joe knocks over the trash can and finds Collig’s damaged overcoat, confirming that he was the buyer at the brick factory.

Biff returns home with Joe and explains that Collig is like an uncle to her. Plus, he’s her mom’s boss. And if he’s corrupt then Biff's mom is in danger as well. Biff wants to tell her the truth, but Joe advises her otherwise.[7]

First Day of School

Biff brings her mother dinner to the police station. Biff asks if she trusts Chief Collig. Jesse replies that she does and wonders why Biff's asking this. Biff makes her mother swear to secrecy before revealing that Frank and Joe suspect that Chief Collig is corrupt and that he was doing something shady near the brick factory. Jesse comes to his defense, reasoning that he’s a good, trustworthy man.

Biff, Chet, Callie, and Phil arrive at Wilt’s for their annual back to school brownies, where they give Frank and Joe tips on the do's and don'ts of Bridgeport public school. The five of them proceed to stuff their faces with brownies and ice cream to lament the loss of yet another summer.

During class on the first day of school, Biff confesses to Joe that she told her mother that he and Frank suspect Chief Collig of corruption. She fears that her mother may be in danger and wants her to be aware of any potential danger. Biff then gives Joe a radio and tells him to call if he ever needs her.

After school, Biff is alerted of Joe's abduction by Phil.[8]

Joe's Abduction

Biff meets with Phil, who reveals to her that Joe was abducted by JB. Biff proceeds to take this information to her mother. Phil struggles to make out the license plate but provides a very descriptive identification of the car.

Biff learns from Joe about the Circle of the Eye and his family's involvement this secret society. Joe then tells Biff that he’s been considering giving his grandma the piece she’s after. Biff advises him otherwise because they still don’t know if they can trust her. Joe believes that it may be safer with Gloria than with him. He doesn’t even like knowing where it is.[9]

The Search for the Chamber of the Eye

Biff is confronted by Joe, who went back to the movie theater to recover the Eye only to discover that it was gone. Biff admits that she has it. She took the piece in order to protect Joe, who had been abducted by JB. Biff moved it some place secure so that JB would never find it. She also recalls how Joe said that he didn’t like knowing where it’s at, and now he doesn't.

Joe tells Biff that he needs the Eye so that he can destroy it. She hid it in the boiler room, where no one would find it. Biff asks Joe how he intends to destroy his piece of the Eye. Joe explains that his great-grandfather’s journal says that the Eye can be broken or re-forged only in the Chamber of the Eye, which the ley lines will lead them to, though the chamber is underground. Biff and Joe follow the map in hopes of finding the Chamber of the Eye, but they lose their sense of direction. So, Joe takes out his piece of the Eye and it leads him to the chamber, similar to a compass. The Eye leads them to a field and the ground below them collapses.[10]

Biff and Joe have fallen into a mine shaft with no way back up. They realize the area they’re in isn’t marked on the map and decide to explore. Biff attempts to radio for help, explaining that she fell down a shaft west of Demon’s Paw mine, but she can’t get a signal out. Joe checks her bag for supplies but doesn’t find anything of use. Although, Joe may not have told Frank they were going to the mines, he’s certain his brother will figure it out. And when he does, he’ll tell Biff’s mom.

Biff and Joe are essentially without light and food as the batteries in Biff's flashlight begin to die. Joe asks how long do they have to wait before Biff’s mom starts a search. Biff believes that she’s probably already started. Joe apologizes for getting her into this predicament, but she says that she chose to go with him. The two of them then proceed to trace back each and every action they’ve made to determine who’s really to blame. Joe uses a knife to pry off one of the wood planks on the wall. He stops when Biff attempts to climb up the shaft using the roots, but the roots are weak, and she falls to the ground. It’s only then that they notice a blocked off tunnel behind the wooden planks that Joe was just trying to remove moments before. They remove the wooden boards covering the tunnel and proceed further inside as Joe explains that the piece wants to go further.

Biff reads an excerpt from George’s journal: “This fragment whispers to me. If I strain to listen, I can hear a lucky word here or there. But it is a taunting reminder of a deafening roar of the Eye in full.” Biff says that she felt something as well when she hid it at the school, but she didn't like it. Joe admits they could’ve planned this trip a little better as Biff previously stated. She then tells Joe that following the piece of the Eye as he’s doing isn’t a good idea, but he agrees to disagree. Joe then proceeds to crawl through a small tunnel and land on top of a rat infested corpse.

Biff wants to go back to the mine shaft and wait for help after finding the corpse, but Joe wishes to continue to the Chamber of the Eye because he won’t get another chance to destroy it. Biff says that he doesn’t even know if he can destroy it, but Joe retorts that he at least has to find out. Biff suddenly reveals to Joe that she’s adopted. And her mom doesn’t know that she started looking into it. She wanted to know who her dad was and found out on her own. But she didn’t like what she found. She was obsessed with finding out a secret that she didn’t want the answer to. She fears that Joe will be subjected to the same outcome, but he refuses to turn back now. And so, they part ways. However, Joe comes back to get her after getting a signal from Frank.

Frank tells them to walk and talk at the same time. He guides them to the door based on the strength of their signal. Joe tells Biff that he’ll take her to the door but that he’ll continue on his journey to the chamber. Frank tells Joe that he’s coming out with Biff and that whatever they choose to do with the Eye, they’ll do it together. Biff and Joe then come across the door. Callie and Jesse arrive just as Joe picks the door open and he and Biff escape. Jesse demands to know they truth or else she’s going to arrest them. And so, the Hardy boys reveal everything they've come to learn.[11]

Breaking into the Estabrooke Estate

Biff, Chet, and Phil meet with the Hardy boys at Wilt's to discuss Callie's abduction. She was taken captive by Stacy, who wants to make an exchange for the Estabrook piece. They intend to make a swap for Callie with the fake piece that Joe made. Biff points out that Stacy most likely has the same radiation detector as the Tall Man. Phil reveals that smoke detectors have small amounts of americium, making it only slightly radioactive. So, they cut the americium out of multiple smoke detectors and tape them around Frank’s arm. Biff, Joe, and Phil retrieve the real piece of The Eye from Gloria’s. Phil distracts him while Biff and Joe sneak into Gloria's study.

Biff unlocks the secret door to see if there is in fact a connection between the projector and the map as Frank suggested. Biff discovers that Frank was right and that the projector provides the location of the Chamber of The Eye. Unfortunately, before they can get out, Gloria returns with Stefan. So, Joe shuts the bookcase back, locking Biff inside and he hides under her desk. After Gloria leaves, Joe opens the bookcase back up but the door is locked and the key is inside with Biff. She then finds an air vent that leads to the other side of the hallway. Joe and Phil track the vent to the hallway outside of Gloria’s office. Biff slides the key down as far as she can but the vent makes a sharp turn, so Joe uses a wire hanger to extend around the corner and pull the key to him. With the key now in his possession, Joe is able to unlock the door and free Biff. She’s so grateful that she hugs Joe.

They return to Wilt's only for Fenton to arrive not long after and tell them to go home. The following day, they gather in the attic, where Joe and Frank thank them for all their help in investigating their mother's death.[12]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[13]

BIFF is a rough-and-tumble troublemaker who becomes Joe’s closest friend. Hyper competitive, audacious, Biff is a big attitude in a small package. Because she’s the daughter of a local police deputy chief, Biff is a bit of an outsider when it comes to other kids, who is sometimes restless, fiercely independent and even a bit defiant. Biff is eager to help out and join the Hardy brothers with whatever situation they find themselves in. Biff is always up for a little mischief.

Skills and abilities



Fun facts and trivia

  • This is the first female version of Biff Hooper. Previous iterations were male.