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For case #108 in , see [[The Hardy Boys Casefiles series]] and Blown Away.

Blown Away is the tenth book in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was Published in June 2006 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Plot summary

ATAC briefing for Agents Frank and Joe Hardy.

MISSION: the Billington Resort has two high-profile events on Saturday: a vintage car auction and a celebrity wedding. But they also have a bomb threat. You have EIGHT HOURS to find the bomb and bust the bad guys.

LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ.

POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Everyone staying at the Billington, as well as the resort itself.

SUSPECTS: Top suspects right now are the group running the car auction and the owner of the resort.

This message requires you immediate attention.

The Message will be erased in five seconds.


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