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"A murder contract is always binding."
— Tag-line, from front cover

Brother Against Brother is the 11th book in The Hardy Boys Casefiles series. It was first published by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) in January 1988.

Plot summary

From end of Casefile #10 -- On a rescue mission in the Colorado Rockies, Frank Hardy meets his most dangerous opponent -- Joe Hardy! Joe disappeared while trying to deliver a warning to a Federal witness. Frank heads west, fearful that his brother has lost his life. Instead, Joe has lost his memory. All he knows is that a hit man is after him -- and he thinks Frank is the paid killer. With the help of Rita, his beautiful rescuer, Joe is ready to nail Frank. But doing that might put him in the sights of the real killer. Can Frank convince Joe that he's really one of the good guys? Or will Joe make a fatal mistake?

From back cover -- A federal witness is being hunted by an unknown hit man. In an effort to warn the witness, detective Fenton Hardy sends Joe on a secret mission. With frightening swiftness the killer ambushes Joe before he can deliver his message. Joe manages to survive but loses his memory! Joe can't remember his name or his mission. Worst of all, he thinks Frank is the enemy. Meanwhile a deadly killer lies in wait -- selling death on the family plan.


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