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Burned is the sixth book in the The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was first published in October 2005 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Plot summary

American Teens Against Crime(ATAC) instructs undercover agents Frank and Joe Hardy to find the mastermind behind and learn the structure of an illegal International CD-burning operation that employs teenagers. The gang works on a global scale, but the Hardy's don't have to go far, with classmate Julian Sanders is a suspected member of the gang.

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  • Ralph Balass
  • Ban-Bam
  • Bubba
  • Louise Burke
  • Mr. Conner
  • Mrs. Conrad
  • Belinda Conrad
  • Brian Conrad
  • Principal Foxworth
  • Julie Grau
  • Grunt
  • Fenton Hardy
  • Frank Hardy
  • Gertrude Hardy
  • Joe Hardy
  • Laura Hardy
  • Jack
  • Nurse Jones
  • Artie J. Klump
  • Jean Martinet
  • Maggie McMahon
  • Melinda Metz
  • Mr. Mirabella
  • Chet Morton
  • Outback Mack
  • Rick Pascocello
  • Liz Perl
  • Playback
  • Luke Ripper
  • Steve Rubin
  • Liam 'Lefty' Rue
  • Julian Sanders
  • Brenda Sovinski
  • Craig Spencer
  • Vinnie Spinerelli
  • Tom Start
  • Clarissa Tartar


  • Bayport
  • Bayport High
  • Bayview Shopping Mall
  • Outback Mack's Animal Shack
  • Renovation Station
  • Riverview High School
  • Route 17

Businesses and organizations

  • American Teens Against Crime
  • Bitter End
  • Checker King
  • Dippy Donuts
  • Flaming Pigs
  • Half Hour Photo
  • Hats 'n' Things
  • Mega Mart
  • Orange Jupiter
  • Piercing Hut
  • Pizza Pit
  • Plush Planet
  • Shake Shack
  • Spin City
  • Sportz Nutz
  • Yarn Barn


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