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Callie Shaw is the girlfriend of the eldest Hardy boy, Frank Hardy, she first appeared in 1927 in the very first volume of the series, and she appeared or was mentioned in almost all of the following 57 volumes (as well as most of subsequent Digest series), but never had an important role until 1987 and the death of best friend, Iola Morton in The Hardy Boys Casefiles #1 Dead on Target.

Character history

Original series

Other than being described as "Frank’s favorite date" and "one of the prettiest girls attending Bayport high school" ,[1] Callie does not have much, if any of a role in the original Hardy Boys series.

In the original books Callie lives with her older cousin Pollie Shaw, the proprietor of a beauty parlor in Bayport, while her parents live in the country, sending her an allowance to pay for her expenses.[2] However, in 1959, she lives with her parents, only a few blocks away from the Hardys’ home,[3] were she lives for the remainder of the series, and spin-off series.


Callie's role is greatly increased in the Casefiles series, following the death of Iola in book #1, no longer is she merely Frank's date, but a competitive, brave, talented young woman, who is always ready to assist the Hardys on their cases, whether they want her to or not. Working on their cases, Callie saves the Hardy brothers, more than once, notably in book #8 See No Evil, # 13 The Borgia Dagger and #80 Dead of Night. In some of the early Casefiles, she and Frank's younger brother, Joe occasionally seem to be at odds, by the end of the series however, they get along quite well.

Undercover Brothers

In the current Hardy Boys series Callie's role has again been reduced; so far 35 books into the series she has only appeared once and is no longer described as Frank's girlfriend, but just as a ‘‘close friend of the Hardys’’.[4]

Callie has also only appeared once in the Graphic Novel series, and that was in The Ocean of Osyria.

Media Appearances

Callie Shaw first made a brief appearance in live action in the 1967 pilot, The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, as portrayed by Susan Swetnam. In the 1970s TV show, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Callie was played by Lisa Eilbacher. In the show Callie works part-time for the Hardy Boys' dad, Fenton Hardy (Ed Gilbert).


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Callie Shaw (Original)

Callie Shaw of the Original continuity.

Callie Shaw (Casefiles)

Callie Shaw of the Casefiles continuity.

Callie Shaw (Undercover Brothers)

Callie Shaw of the Undercover Brothers continuity.


Callie Shaw (1967 TV)

Callie Shaw of the 1967 pilot, "The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk".

Callie Shaw (1977 TV)

Callie Shaw of the 1977-1979 series, "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries".

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