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Callie Shaw is Chet Morton's ex-girlfriend. Tension between the two stemmed from Frank Hardy's arrival in Bridgeport, whom Callie quickly began to take a romantic interest in.


Meeting Frank

Callie meets Frank while fixing one of the machines at Wilt's Deli, though she already knows of him through his grandmother, Gloria. The following night, Callie, Chet, Phil, and Biff attend Gloria's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue, where they reconvene with Frank and Joe and discuss the fishing boat that went down a couple weeks ago. Later that evening, while searching the woods for Gloria's dog, Joe is taken hostage by Ern Cullmore, who demands to speak with Gloria.[1]

Searching for Ern

Callie informs Frank, Chet, and Phil that Ern's girlfriend, Shawna, works at the Dundurin Hotel. Frank wants to go alone to ask Shawna a few questions, but Callie, Chet, and Phil insists on joining him. The four of them split up at the Dundurin Hotel to find Shawna. Frank and Callie head upstairs, where they find Shawna and ask her about Ern, though Shawna claims that she hasn’t seen Ern as of late, as they’re no longer together. Frank knows that she’s lying, pointing out to Callie how Shawna adjusted her uniform when asked about Ern.

Callie and Frank are alerted by Chet and Phil that Shawna went into the basement, where she entered a locked room and exited moments after. Frank suspect this is where she's hiding Ern and breaks in with Chet while Callie and Phil play lookout after stealing the keys from the front desk. After speaking with Ern and learning that the Astghik was attacked by a tall man, Callie and Frank head upstairs to calls Deputy Hooper and tell her that they found Ern hiding in the basement of the Dundurin Hotel. Just then, the Tall Man enters and Frank radios down to Chet and Phil. By the time he and Callie make it back down, Ern and the Tall Man are gone.[2]

Visiting Anya

Callie and Chet enter Wilt's to find Frank working the front counter. He asks what they know about Demon’s Paw after finding a book his mother checked out and tore a chapter out — “The Tragedy of Demon’s Paw,” written by Anya Kowalsky. They reveal it's the name of the hill next to Chet’s farm and that Anya is a tarot card reader who often has a booth at the carnival. Callie jokes that the carnival is cursed, but if Frank is looking for answers, she's there best chance of finding any.

Callie, Frank, and Chet meet with Anya at the carnival. Frank draws three cards: Death, which represents metamorphosis, the world inverted, which means lack of closure, and two of cups, meaning a connection formed. Callie asks Anya about her chapter in the book. Anya becomes upset and tells them to leave as she suspects that they’ve come to mock her as the people of Bridgeport have done for years. before they exit, she warns them that the ground they walk on is cursed.

The three of them return to Anya's booth to apologize after learning that her father died during the original expedition of Demon's Paw. Anya accepts their apology and explains that her father and his crew discovered a box in the tunnels that caused the grown to shake when it was opened.

After leaving Anya's booth, Callie and Frank ride the Ferris wheel to get a better look at Demon's Paw, which got it's name for it's resemblance to a gnarled paw. Callie also shares with Frank that her mom is gone too. She left them when Callie was younger, so she can relate to the pain Frank fills from having lost his mother. As they get off the ride, Biff informs them that Joe's in trouble. They find him standing a few feet away from the Tall Man's lifeless body.[3]

Breaking into the Library

Callie stops by Gloria's for help on her Rosegrave applications, where she interrupts a personal conversation between Frank and Gloria. Later at Wilt's, Callie reveals to Frank that she overheard him and his grandma discussing the argument between Gloria and Laura on June 30th. Callie was there for that day to see Gloria as well. They were yelling at each other about secrets and lies. It ended with Laura yelling “This all has to stop,” before storming out, meaning that Gloria lied to Frank.

Callie sneaks Frank into the library through a back door and down to the library's archive, where he can look further into his mother's research. She finds an old letter from a man who claimed that he witnessed the event at Demon’s Paw. They unearthed an object of such uncommon power that no one man could be trusted to hold it. The letter also says that long after the dust settled, the land would remain accursed and would forever persist in making its ghastly emanations. Frank has discovered that his mom was looking into the explosion of 1915 and its aftermath of how the land went from dry and dusty to green and fertile. Frank has found an op-ed from 1934 that reads: “From the ashes of the explosion at Demon’s Paw arose a group so powerful it would control Bridgeport with an iron first behind a wall of secrecy.” The editor who published the article was fired the same month. Meaning that there’s a secret society in Bridgeport controlling everything. In a moment of transparency, Callie tells Frank that she sneaks into the library often to study. She does so to get away from her dad, who wants her to stay in Bridgeport and run the shop, though Callie wishes to become a doctor. After their mom left when Callie was young, he raised her on his own and never got over her mom leaving.[4]

Trapping the Tall Man

Callie and Chet have breakfast at Wilt's Deli. Wilt points out how they only have one more year of Bridgeport before they can leave and never look back. Chet assures Callie that she’ll be accepted into Rosegrave and with Gloria offering to sponsor her, money isn’t an issue. Chet tells Callie that she has to follow her dreams no matter what. She advises him to do the same.

Callie, Frank, Joe, Phil, Biff, and Chet devise a plan to trap the Tall Man at Chet's farm. He arrives at the farm, and Joe lures him into the stable. Joe offers to give him the stone but only if he promises to leave. He throws it a few feet away and tells the Tall Man to get it himself. Upon discovering that the stone is a fake, they trap him inside a steel cage. They ask who he works for and why Frank and Joe's mom was killed. Biff then suggests calling her mom to arrest him.[5]

Rosegrave Entry Exam

Callie and Frank arrive at Gloria’s for the entry exam into Rosegrave. Stefan tells Callie that she doesn’t need luck, as she’s Rosegrave material through and through. Gloria then introduces them to the dean of Rosegrave, Paul McFarlane, who Gloria mentions has been a great asset to Rosegrave and how he knew Laura.

The exam begins shortly thereafter, and by the end, Frank and Callie are the last two remaining. For the final test, must solve the puzzle in order to leave the room. The riddle reads: “Look further than the time, to find the key to this rhyme. 3 and 3 make 5. Add 1 below, and a flat face will chime.” Callie believes the riddle is referring to the clock but nothing happens upon testing this theory, leaving them with only 5 minutes left. Callie then realizes that the riddles consists of musical references, so they turn their attention to the piano, which after successfully playing the right cord, reveals a hidden compartment with a key inside. On their way out, Frank finds a hidden door behind a bookcase with the same symbol his mother drew. He closes the bookcase back, and he and Callie complete the final test.

Callie and Frank convene with Chet at Wilt’s and tell him about the Rosegrave entrance exam, specifically the final round, where they had to solve the riddle and uncovered a hidden door.[6]

Tour of Rosegrave

Callie and Frank decide to visit Rosegrave — Frank to get a better understanding of his mom's and Dean McFarlane's relationship and Callie to get get a chance to experience the school firsthand. Chet drives them and drops them off out front. Frank immediately begins asking the dean about Laura and if she ever told him why she was leaving Bridgeport. Before he can reply, Stavros, one of Rosegrave’s top students, arrive to take them on a tour. Callie is amazed, but Frank is rather unimpressed. Stavros tells them that Rosegrave is where leaders of the world are made. When Frank notices Dean McFarlane exiting his office, he devises a plan to break in to see if there’s more to the story than the dean divulged. Callie fears that they may get caught and therefore refuses to break in herself, though she is willing to provide a distraction so that Frank may break in.

Callie knocks over a vase to distract Dean McFarlane’s assistant while Frank sneaks into his office. Dean McFarlane’s assistant recognizes Callie as the “Estabrook boy’s” friend. She remarks that they’ve been asking a lot of questions and tells Callie to come with her.

Callie reconvenes with Frank out front, where she tells him how Dean McFarlane’s assistant was asking a lot of questions about him, suggesting that Frank’s more than just an applicant to them. Frank agrees and reveals to Callie how Rosegrave isn’t just a prep school. It’s also where they shape the next generation of power people.[7]

The End of Summer

Callie, Chet, and Phil arrive at Wilt’s for their annual back to school brownies, where they offer Frank and Joe tips on the do's and don'ts of Bridgeport public school. They then proceed to stuff their faces with brownies and ice cream to lament the loss of yet another summer.

At school, Callie and Chet meet in the stairwell and discuss college plans. Chet asks if she still intends to go to Rosegrave despite all they’ve learned. Callie isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do. While Rosegrave isn’t what she thought it was, it’s still a big opportunity for her.

Callie approaches Frank at his locker and asks about Stacy after noticing that the two of them were getting close and bonding over the accident and the fact that they’re both new to town.[8]

Suspicious of Stacy

Callie asks Frank what happened with Joe after hearing he was grabbed by JB. Before Frank can respond, Stacy approaches, and they change the subject to her and how she’s adapting to Bridgeport. She says that it’s better than her old school, Galebridge High, claiming that this one teacher, Mrs. Sumner, had it in for her.

When Frank leaves lunch to see Stacy, Callie mentions how there’s something off about the new girl. Chet questions why she’s so stuck on Stacy, presuming that it’s most likely because Frank is stuck on her. Callie brushes him off, saying that his jealousy is adorable.

Callie calls her cousin, Marina. She asks if they have a teacher at Galebridge named Mrs. Sumner, which they do. She then asks Marina if she knows anyone named Stacy Baker, but she doesn’t, remarking that while she doesn't know anyone by that name that it is in fact a common name.

Callie reveals to Frank that she called her cousin, who goes to Galebridge. She said that she didn’t know a Stacy Baker, which doesn’t alarm Frank. He’s more bothered by the fact that Callie went out her way to call her cousin. Callie then sees Stacy and mentions her cousin who attends Galebridge, however, Stacy says that she doesn’t know anyone by the name Marina.[9]

Callie follows Stacy home. She looks through Stacy’s window and watches as she hands all her belongings off to her aunt and uncle as if they’re her personal servants. Callie returns home and reports her findings to Chet, who still isn’t convinced that Stacy isn't who she says she is. Callie mentions how Stacy is always flirting with Frank, which alarms Chet. Callie got Stacy’s phone number from another girl at school and call her house posing as a market researcher. When Chet refuses, Callie calls herself, pretending to be a librarian, but Stacy hangs up on her.

The following day at school, Stacy asks Callie why she called her last night. When Callie tries to deny calling her, Stacy reveals that her study partner, Amanda, said that she gave Callie her number. Callie reluctantly admits that she called Stacy. She claims that wanted to apologize for being weird to Stacy and got scared at the last moment.

After Frank tells Callie that she might be right about Stacy not being who she claims, Callie takes him to Stacy’s, and they watch her house with binoculars from across the street. Frank inquires about her relationship with Chet, as he can feel the tension between the two, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. They then observe Stacy hit her uncle. Stacy's uncle and aunt then remove their jackets, exposing the guns around their waist. Callie wants to go to the police with their findings but Frank argues that they should wait until they know exactly what Stacy is up to. Frank admits that Callie was right about Stacy, to which she replies that he should never doubt her again.

At Wilt’s, Callie reveals to Chet how she and Frank took his aunt’s car to spy on Stacy and how her aunt and uncle had guns. Chet doesn’t seem interested. He’s more concerned with the time Callie has been spending with Frank and how she gets when she’s around him. And so, Chet breaks up with Callie.[10]

Rescuing Joe from the Mines

Callie and Phil meet with Frank at Wilt's, who explains that Joe and Biff are in the mines at Demon's Paw. Although, the mines have been sealed shut for years, Frank believes they may have found another way in. Chet joins them, and Frank reveals that his brother and Biff are trying to destroy their piece of the Eye. Chet suggests that they check the old farm’s on the way.

Callie and Frank go to the Nabokov storehouse near the mines in search of the entrance to the tunnels, provided to them by Stacy, who Callie still doesn't trust. Callie questions which side Frank is on. She points out how eventually he’ll have to choose between Stacy and his grandmother. He’s thought about it but hasn’t come to a decision. Callie then finds the entrance into the tunnels but it’s locked and can only be unlocked from the inside. Frank then radios in to Joe and Biff, who eventually answers. While Callie goes to get Jesse, Frank guides Joe and Biff to the door. Callie returns with Jesse just as they surface, and they tell Biff's mom the truth about everything.[11]

Kidnapped by Stacy

Callie stops by Wilt's to check in on Frank. While Gloria may be a liar, Callie doesn’t believe she would ever do anything to hurt him, which is more than she can say for Stacy. Callie reveals that she saw them kiss and adds that Stacy is simply using him. Frank insists that he isn’t being used and blames Callie’s attitude on her breakup with Chet, which upsets Callie enough to leave. Stacy just so happens to enter the shop as she’s exiting.

Callie is tricked by Stacy into meeting her at Wilt’s. Before leaving, Stacy says that she can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Callie goes out the back door to avoid another encounter with Stacy, but that’s exactly what Stacy predicted she would do. She and her bodyguards pull up around back with a van and force Callie inside.[12]

Callie is being held captive in the Nabokov storehouse. Callie promises a smug Stacey she'll pay for what she’s done. Stacy then calls the Hardy residence and tells Joe to tell Frank to bring her the Estabrook piece of The Eye in exchange for Callie. Before long, Frank and Chet arrive with a replica piece to exchange for Callie's freedom. She returns to Wilt, where they reconvene with the others, who have discovered the location of the Chamber of The Eye and that Stacy and Gloria are coming together to reassemble the Eye. Fenton arrive not long after and tells everyone with the exception of Frank and Joe to go home. Callie initially leaves, but she decides to follow them into the mines, as she wants revenge for Stacy holding her captive. When Fenton reveals that they have Gloria on tape admitting to having killed Stacy’s father, a fight breaks out, during which time, Callie attacks Stacy.

While they're distracted, Gloria puts her piece of into the chamber, which reassemble The Eye, making it whole for the first time in decades. This, however, emits a blast, which causes the mines to collapse. Stacy's uncle carries her out on his shoulders with Callie chasing behind them.

The following day, Callie meets with the others in the Hardy's attic and reveals that she chased Stacy into the woods, where she escaped in a van. After everyone leaves, she then kisses Frank.[13]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[14]

CALLIE is smart, confident, and charming, and has a desire to see the world outside Bridgeport. As soon as possible. It’s a secret she keeps from her friends, her boyfriend, and even her father. When she first meets Frank, Callie isn’t sure about his “big city” attitude, but soon, the two realize they have more in common than it appears: analytical minds, curiosity, and assiduity. Their friendship soon blossoms, and may even lead to something more…

Skills and abilities

Callie is exceptionally intelligent, so much so that Gloria Estabrook took an interest in her and was willing to sponsor her for Rosegrave. She also knows how to play various instruments, such as the clarinet and the piano, which proved useful in completing the final test of the Rosegrave entry exam.