Carter Bean is the main antagonist of Extreme Danger. He is a parmedic that treated several victims of "accidents", all of which he secretly caused. It is later revealed by Frank Hardy that Carter was once considered a hero after he treated a famous skateboarder. But once people started to deny this, his fame was dropped and nobody cared about him anymore. He decided to regain his past fame by triggering injuries, arriving to treat the victims seconds after he was called. But his old skateboarder friend knew this and planned to confront him. Suspecting that his friend no longer trusted him, he got a medicine from the hospital and put it in his friend's coffee. He then emerged from the store and carried his friend's now-dead body into an ambulance. Eventually, he also suspects the Hardy boys and decides to get rid of them as well. They go to the park at night, where Chet hurts himself and Frank pretends to call the hospital. Although Frank was pretending, Carter arrives anyway, and Frank confronts him. Cater then confesses that he was waiting for Frank to call so he that he could attack. He pulled out a stun gun, but the brothers wrestled him to the ground. Another skateboarder then arrives and defeats him. He is handcuffed and yells, "You're hurting me!", and Frank jokes, "Well, Carter, maybe you should call 911". He goes to prison.

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