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Chet Morton is a resident of Bridgeport and a friend of Frank and Joe Hardy. He was dating Callie Shaw until he noticed that she was developing feelings for Frank.


Meeting the Hardy Boys

Chet meets Frank and Joe at Wilt's Deli along with Callie and Phil. The following evening, they convene at Gloria's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue, where they discuss the fishing boat that went down a couple weeks ago. After Gloria's dog goes missing, the kids go searching for him in the woods, where Joe is taken captive by Ern, who Chet recognizes and attempts to calm down. But he insists that they bring Gloria to him.[1]

Looking for Ern

Chet and Phil head over to the Hardy's home to help Frank and Joe move boxes, during which time, they discuss a wanted fugitive and his daring act of jumping out of an airplane with a parachute. When Chet proposes the possibility of the fugitive being crazy. Frank retorts that his plan was well thought out and jumping out the plane was his only way to escape. Frank then asks Chet for one last favor — to follow his dad. Chet, Frank, and Phil follow Fenton to a park, where he meets up with his old partner, Sam Peterson.

After learning that Ern's girlfriend, Shawna works at the Dundurin Hotel, Chet, Frank, Callie, and Phil decide to drop in hoping to ask her a few questions. Frank and Callie head upstairs while Chet and Phil stakeout the lobby. Chet and Phil spot Shawna from the lobby and follow her into the basement, where she enters a locked room and exits moments later. They reconvene with Frank and Callie and devise a plan to retrieve the key from the front desk. With the key in their possession, Chet and Frank decide to investigate while Callie and Phil stand lookout. They find Ern and explain that they’ve only come to hear what happened on the Astghik. Frank shows him the symbol from his mom’s sketch pad and asks Ern if he recognizes it. Ern reveals that the symbol is what got everyone killed. The box they found at sea had the same symbol on it. A couple hours later, the Tall Man showed up and killed the crew. Chet wants to take Ern to the police, but he refuses to leave the hotel, so Frank offers to bring the police to him.

Chet leaves the room momentarily and by the time he returns with Frank and Callie, Ern is gone.[2]

The Cursed Carnival

Chet and Callie enter find Frank working the front counter at Wilt's. He asks what they know about Demon’s Paw after finding a book his mother checked out and tore a specific chapter out — “The Tragedy of Demon’s Paw.” It was written by Anya Kowalski Chet and Callie reveal it's the name of the hill next to Chet’s farm and that Anya is a tarot card reader who often has a booth at the carnival. Callie jokingly says that the carnival is cursed, but if Frank is looking for answers, there best chance of finding any answers is with Anya.

Chet, Callie, and Frank arrive at the carnival and meet with Anya. Frank draws three cards: Death, representing metamorphosis, the world inverted, meaning lack of closure, and two of cups, which means a connection formed. Callie asks Anya about her chapter in the book. Anya becomes upset and tells them to leave, under the impression that they’ve come to mock her as the people of Bridgeport have done for years. Before they leave, she warns them that the ground they walk on is cursed.

The three of them return to Anya's booth to apologize after learning that her father died during the original expedition of Demon's Paw. Anya accepts their apology and explains that her father and his crew discovered a box in the tunnels that caused the grown to shake when it was opened.

Given that he is afraid of heights, Chet stays behind while Frank and Callie ride the Ferris wheel to get a better look at Demon's Paw.[3]

Chet and Callie attempt to convince Frank into joining Bridgeport’s baseball team, but Frank doesn’t wish to play anymore. He hasn't had the desire to since his mother's death.[4]

Trapping the Tall Man

Chet and Callie have breakfast at Wilt's Deli. Wilt mentions how they only have one more year of Bridgeport before they can leave and never look back. Chet assures Callie that she’ll be accepted into Rosegrave and with Gloria offering to sponsor her, money isn’t an issue. Chet tells Callie that she has to follow her dreams no matter what. She advises him to do the same. If Chet doesn’t make the big leagues, he says that he’ll have his agricultural scholarship to fall back on. Unlike Callie, he’d rather stay closer to home. She wonders where this leaves them as a couple. But Chet doesn’t care to have this discussion at the moment.

Chet, Callie, Frank, Joe, Biff, and Phil devise a plan to trap the Tall Man at Chet's farm. He arrives at the farm, and Joe lures him into the stable with a fake stone. Joe offers to give him the stone but only if he promises to leave. He throws it a few feet away and tells the Tall Man to get it himself. Upon discovering that the stone is a fake, they trap him inside a steel cage. They ask who he works for and why Frank and Joe's mom was killed. Biff then suggests calling her mom to arrest him.[5]

Chet reveals to Frank that his dad was enraged about them staging a trap for the Tall Man at the farm, as his father like to avoid trouble and attention. The harvest hasn’t been treating them well and now the bank is breathing heavily down their necks, so they’re dealing with a lot as is. Chet wishes he could do more to help. Frank assures him they’ll figure it out. Later that evening, Chet convenes with Frank and Callie at Wilt’s, and they tell him about the final test of the Rosegrave entrance exam, where they had to solve the riddle and how they uncovered a hidden door.[6]


While Chet is playing games at Wilt's, Frank approaches and tells him how he and Joe would play “Conquest” for hours. Chet agrees that it keeps him busy too. It’s also better than being at the farm, he says. Frank assures him that things will get better. Callie then arrives all dressed up, ready to go to Rosegrave with Frank, which Chet claims he wasn’t made aware of. He seems bothered by this and offers to drive them rather than the two of them taking a bus. Chet drops them off out front and then returns after their tour of the academy. From them, he learns that Rosegrave isn’t just a prep school. It’s also where they shape the next generation of power people.[7]


Chet, Callie, and Phil arrive at Wilt’s for their annual back to school brownies, where they give Frank and Joe tips on the do's and don'ts of Bridgeport public school. The five of them proceed to stuff their faces with brownies and ice cream to lament the loss of yet another summer.

Chet and Callie learn from Frank how Ms. Dias knew his mother and how she started acting weird after he mentioned Rosegrave. They are joined by Stacy. Chet asks where she’s from. Stacy says that she’s from Franklin, a little town up north of Grisham. Her dad travels a lot and so she’s living with her aunt and uncle.

Chet and Callie meet in the stairwell to eat cookies and discuss their plans for the future. Chet wonders if she still intends to go to Rosegrave despite all they’ve learned. Callie isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do. Rosegrave may not be what she thought it was but it’s still a big opportunity for her that she can't pass up.[8]

Chet, Callie, and Frank grab a seat at the lunch table. However, Stacy calls Frank into the hallway. Callie mentions to Chet how there’s something off about Stacy. Chet questions why she’s so stuck on Stacy, presuming that it’s most likely because Frank is stuck on her. Callie brushes him off, saying that his jealousy is adorable.[9]

Breaking up with Callie

Callie tells Chet how she followed Stacy home, and she handed her homework off to her aunt and her belongings off to her uncle and treats them both like workers. Chet still isn’t convinced that Stacy isn't who she says she is, explaining that everyone is going through their own struggles. Callie mentions how Stacy is always flirting with Frank, which alarms Chet. Callie got Stacy’s phone number from another girl at school and wants Chet to call her house posing as a market researcher. When Chet refuses, Callie calls herself. Chet later breaks up with Callie at Wilt's. He can't but notice how she behaves around Frank and that she obviously likes him.

Chet returns to Wilt’s while Frank is stocking the shelves. He reveals that he and Callie broke up. Frank asks what happened. Chet replies “You did.” Frank tells Chet that nothing happened between him and Callie. Chet knows this true and leaves.[10]

The Search for Joe and Biff

Chet meets with Frank, Callie, and Phil at Wilt's Deli after learning that Joe and Biff are missing, likely inside the mines at Demon's Paw. Frank reveals that his brother and Biff are trying to destroy their piece of the Eye. Chet suggests that they check the old farm’s on the way. Frank apologizes to Chet for not calling him, but he just didn’t know if Chet would come after his breakup with Callie. Chet replies that he would do anything to help Joe. After Joe and Biff are recovered, Chet and Phil head back to Wilt’s after a hay bale rolled over Chet. Chet offers to buy Phil a milkshake after he saved him back at the farm.[11]

Rescuing Callie

Chet, Biff, and Phil meet with Frank and Joe at Wilt's, who reveal that Callie was taken captive by Stacy, who is threatening to kill her unless they bring her the Estabrook piece. Frank and Joe intend to trick Stacy with the replica piece Joe created to trick the Tall Man. When Biff points out that Stacy most likely has the same radiation detector as the Tall Man, Phil suggests using the small amounts of americium found in smoke detectors. So, they cut the americium out of multiple smoke detectors and tape them around Frank’s arm. Frank and Chet will go to get Callie while Joe, Biff, and Phil retrieve the real piece of The Eye from Gloria’s.

Chet and Frank arrive at the storehouse. They meet with Stacy’s “aunt” and “uncle,” who hold Callie hostage. With the americium under his sleeve, the fake piece to The Eye registers as radioactive. So, they release Callie, who proceeds to leave with Frank and Chet, who return to Wilt's only for Fenton to arrive not long after and tell them to go home.

The next day, they reconvene at the Hardy house, where Frank and Joe thank them for all their help in investigating their mother's death.[12]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[13]

CHET is a good-hearted, earnest farm kid who befriends the Hardy brothers when they first arrive in town. The beating heart of the brothers’ entourage, Chet is loyal, lovable and has a can-do, never-give-up attitude. A small-towner at heart, Chet loves his life in Bridgeport and knows every detail of its history. It’s this earnestness and empathy that’s charmed his long-time girlfriend Callie. Chet imagines his future clearly: Taking over his father’s farm with his childhood sweetheart by his side.

Skills and abilities

Chet is said to be Bridgeport's best baseball player. Additionally, given that he grew up on a farm, he developed certain agricultural skills.