Chester "Chet" Morton Jr.[1] is a plump boy with a round, freckled face who loves to eat and is rarely without a snack.[2] He lives on a farm about a mile out of Bayport. Chet attends Bayport High with the Hardys where he is on the school football team with them.[3][4]. Chet Morton is also brother to Iola Morton, son to Mr. & Mrs. Morton and Great-Grandson of Ezekiel Morton who was known as honorary Chief Wallapatookunk (Eat-a-Whole-Moose) of the Pashunk tribe of North American Indians. [5] Chet also owns a bull terrier called Spud. [6]


Chet has an aversion to danger, but the Hardy boys can always count on his help when when the going gets tough during their investigations.[7] He has even saved Frank and Joe several times.[citation needed]

Chet has had several different hobbies, ranging from making fly fishing lures [8] to taking a summer film course.[9]

Amongst his friends, Chet was often thought of as the practical joker of the group, pulling pranks like putting a fish in Frank Hardy's desk.[10] Of course, Chet would usually end up with the figurative "pie in his face" because the intended victim would find the item first and place it where Chet was not expecting it, or the friends would team up to get even.

Skills and abilities

Chet is a good cook, and when he and his friends go camping together he is usually the one who handles the meal preparation. He is also adept at managing a kitchen.[11]

Chet, although plump, enjoys sporting activities, including football, water polo, and archery. He is a member of the Bayport High football team, and plays center.[12] He is skilled at water polo, being the best player in high school water polo.[13]

Chet proved himself as a skilled archer; when he visted a Mohawk village in the Adirondacks, he competed in an archery contest, and managed to hit the bull's-eye every time, and did better then anyone else.[14]


Chet owns a bright yellow jalopy he calls The Queen.[15]

Chet also owns a tent trailer, in which he has taken his friends on camping trips.[16]

Media Appearances

Chet Morton has made appearances 4 times in The Hardy Boys media universe. He first appeared in the 1967 pilot, The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, where he was portrayed by Stephen Jahn. He also was a regular cast member in the 1969-1971 cartoon series, The Hardy Boys, where he was voiced by Dal McKennon, though in this show he was known as Chubby Morton. He then made two appearances in the 1977-1979 series, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, as portrayed by Gary Springer, in the episodes "The Mystery of Witches Hollow" and "The Mystery of the Flying Courier". Chet made one more appearance in the 1995 The Hardy Boys series in the episode "The Curse", as portrayed by Mark Lutz.


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