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Children of the Lost is the first book in the Lost Mystery Trilogy and 34th book in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was published in May 2010 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Back cover summary

MISSION: To investigate the disappearances of eight children, all taken from their campsites in the same location.

LOCATION: Misty Falls State Park in Misty Falls, Idaho.

POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Anyone who dares set foot in Misty Falls State Park - particularly children.

SUSPECTS: The disappearance of the children have been dismissed as animal attacks - but ATAC and the Hardy Boys know better.

Plot summary

The Hardy Boys are sent to Misty Falls state park in Misty Falls, Idaho to investigate the disappearance of eight children who were taken from their campsites. The mystery has been reopened because the first child who went missing 12 years ago returned. But he's lost all memory of his parents and his life for 12 years. The Hardy Boys are sent to camp out in the state park. A ranger called Farely takes them on a tour and has resonable explanation for all of it. Bear attacks, drowning, ect.

They take shifts watching each night they camp outside. On the first night, Frank sees a man-like figure running through the forest. When they wake up, and L is outside their door.


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  • Misty Falls and Misty Falls State Park,

Businesses and organizations

  • Mercy Hospital


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