Dark Eagle was one of the Mohawk peoples leaders who lived around two hundred years ago, during the time of King George of England.[1]


Mohawks were always close allies of the British, and when the American Revolution came King George wanted to keep it that way, so invited he invited Dark Eagle to London, and gain favor in the eyes of the Mohawks.[2]

Dark Eagle and the rest of his people fought on the side of the redcoats in the Revolution, and is known to have lead some of the Troy-Indian scalping raids on the American settlements.[3]

After the war, Eagle sailed on a British troopship, carrying the English soldiers back home. In London, King George presented his Indian ally with a silver tomahawk as a reward for his services to the Crown. Made by a well known English silversmith, the tomahawk was sliver and gold, and studied several diamonds.[1]

Later, Eagle made peace with the Americans and inherited a mansion located in the Adirondack woods, which he named Eagle's Nest.[3]


The Hardy Boys #59 Night of the Werewolf (mentioned only)


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