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"The first law of the wild West is always watch your back!"
— Tagline, from the front cover

Dead Man in Deadwood is the 87th book in the The Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

The excitement, the thrills, the danger of the American frontier ride once again in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Attending the annual Wild West Week in the town of Deadwood, the Hardy boys land smack in the middle of a simmering brushfire -- a feud that is about to burst into a full-blown war.

In the land of the Little Bighorn, the battle now pits the Sioux against a local developer. A multimillion-dollar deal is at stake, and the fight has already cost one man his life. The boys aren't sure who fired the fatal shot, but they do know that they could be next. The word is out among a new breed of desperado...Wanted: Frank and Joe Hardy, better dead than alive!


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