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"Survival is never child's play."
— Tag-line

Deathgame is the seventh book in The Hardy Boys Casefiles series. It was first published in by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary

From End of Casefile #6 -- To the Hardys, the survival game is innocent playing, a harmless "war" fought with paint-pellet guns. But when their friend Biff Hooper mysteriously disappears at a game camp, Frank and Joe start investigating this strange sport. But there's nothing sporting about being kidnapped or playing the game for real, as Frank and Joe are stalked by a professional killer. Now the name of the game is survival -- can the Hardys win?

From back cover: -- Where is Biff Hooper? The Hardy's friend secretly went off to a survival game camp in Georgia -- and never came back. But before leaving he did tell Joe. So when Orville Brand, the camp director, claims Biff was never there, the Hardy boys suspect foul play. Under cover of darkness Frank and Joe break into the camp grounds. To their amazement they find the Ultimo Survival Camp is actually a training site for an elite corps of attack troops, led by a shadowy strongman named Hammerlock. Suddenly the brothers are trapped in a real-life struggle for survival against the toughest enemy they've ever had to face.


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