Dirty Deeds
House name Franklin W. Dixon
Cover artist Brian Kotzky
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks
Publication date March 1991
Media type Print (Paperbacks)
Pages 150
ISBN 0-671-70046-4
Series Hardy Boys Casefiles
Preceded by Rock 'n' Revenge
Followed by Power Play
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"In gold country, greed is king -- and every road a mine field!"
— Tagline, from the front cover

Dirty Deeds is the 49th book in the Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

Frank, Joe, and Callie are off to Virginia City, Nevada, heart of the Comstock Lode, to visit Callie's friend Kerry Prescott. Kerry's father, Ted, has developed a system to extract new gold from old mines -- but the deeper Ted digs, the more danger he finds. Someone means to put him down for good!

Gold fever is running high, and lives are at stake. But Frank and Joe stake a claim of their own: they're out to put a stop to a gold-digging, gun-toting gang of desperadoes. The Hardys head for a showdown eighty feet underground, where they discover just how wild the Wild West can be.


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