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The Double Danger Trilogy is a three-part mini series in the The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. The first book in the series, Double Trouble was published on November 25, 2008 (only two months after the conclusion of the Murder House Trilogy) with book two, Double Down, published on January 6, 2009 and three, Double Deception, published in early March.

Plot summary

Double Trouble

Teen superstar Justin Carraway is being stalked, and Frank and Joe must figure out who is the culprit. But the case only gets more complicated after they meet Justin's twin brother, Ryan.[1]

Double Down

Frank and Joe uncover new surprises about Justin, the teen celebrity they've been assigned to protect, while desperately searching for Justin's missing twin brother, Ryan. The action heats up when Justin starts acting suspicious.[2]

Double Deception

The action heats up in the Double Danger trilogy when Justin, the teen celebrity Joe and Frank have been assigned to protect, starts acting suspicious, leading to a shocking twist conclusion.



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