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Double Deception is the final book in the Double Danger Trilogy and 27th book in the main Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was published in March 2009 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Plot summary

ATAC BRIEFING FOR AGENTS FRANK AND JOE HARDY. Joe and Frank continue work protecting Justin, a superstar, from possible harm. They soon find that Justin is dating Emily Slater, another superstar. This makes them suspicious, especially as Justin's twin brother, Ryan, is missing. They had assmued that he was on a certain island, but a call from one of their allies proves otherwise. They attend Justin's movie premiere, where they run into Phillip Yu, a crime lord who was supposedly dead. They patrol Justin's jet, and they find pills. Suspecting that Justin is up to something, they call ATAC and demand the results of a test on the pills. Just then, they recieve a text from an anoymous person, demanding that they return Phillip's PDA, which Frank stole.

After lots of chases and more texts, Frank returns the PDA. It is soon confirmed that Phillip is dead, and that they only saw Mr. Wong, a previous suspect who has now taken over Phillip's crime syndicate. They also get the results of the pill test, and the pills turn out to be allergy pills. But Frank still feels like there is something suspicious about them. Joe realizes that Justin doesn't have allergies, but that Ryan does. This means that Ryan has taken over as Justin and that the real Ryan has been there all along. It also means that Justin worked for Phillip, and when Ryan found out, he threatened to tell everyone unless Justin temporarily fled to the island. ATAC also informs them that an antique gun was stolen from a lady named Katherine Ziziska, who is the mother of Justin and Ryan.

Inside Katherine's house, they find a suicide note signed by Ryan. This means that the real Ryan is going to kill the real Justin, make it look like suicide, say that it was Ryan who died, and play Justin's role for the rest of his life. They also discover that Ryan stole the antique gun, which he then aims at Justin. They tackle Ryan and make him confess to everything. They then tie him up and call the police. Ryan and Justin are both taken to jail, becuase Justin was a part of the crime syndicate.

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  • Regulars
    • Frank Hardy
    • Joe Hardy
    • Justin Carraway
    • Ryan Carraway
    • Katherine Zizizka
    • Rick
    • Vijay
    • Philip Wu
    • Mr. Wong
    • Tom
    • 3 Martial Arts Ninjas's
    • Emily Slater
    • Slick


  • Bayport, NJ
  • New York City, NY

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