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Double Down (originally to be entitled Missing Double) is the second book in the Double Danger Trilogy and the 26th book in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was published on December 23, 2008 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

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MISSION: Continue working undercover as part of teen movie star Justin Carraway's entourage to find out more about the unsolved murder of celeb's least favorite Paparazzo and other mysterious happenings.

LOCATION: Atlantic City, NJ.

POTENTIAL VICTIMS: One murder has already taken place. If the suspect isn't caught soon, anyone could be the killer's next victim.

SUSPECTS: Everyone seems to go crazy when it comes to teen screen superstars—but now there really is a crazy person running around...and he or she may be closer than anyone thinks!

This mission requires your immediate attention.

This message will erase in five seconds.

Plot summary

Frank and Joe go with Justin Carraway to Atlantic city. There ATAC gives them a new mission, which requires them to find bootleggers. Frank and Joe find many suspects. While at Atlantic city, they meet a man named Phillip Yu. He is a gambler. They then realize that Justin Carraway is acting weird. Like memorizing his lines instead of going to parties. Later in the book, they meet Justin and Ryan's director, ' Slick'. He takes care of Justin and Ryan as a father. One day while at the beach with Justin, they see a man in a cowboy hat and as soon as Justin see's him he freaks out. Joe and Frank are interested on who the man in the cowboy hat is and what he has to do with Justin. Later that day Frank and Joe research the man in the cowboy hat and learn he is Justin and Ryans father. They ask Slick and he tells them that there father stole money from them when they made money instead of putting it in there trust fund. At the end of the book they learn that Phillip Yu is the bootlegger. They also learn that Slick was assisting Phillip Yu after they find Slick dead. At the end of the book they chase Phillip and he jumpsout of a helicopter to escape the Hardys.


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