Elias Dodd was an ancestor of the Dodd family. He was one of the participants of the Mayflower, and the "founder" of the notable farming family named after him. He is the posthumous base-character from The Shore Road Mystery.


Elias Dodd was born in England during the mid 1500s. During his youth, he studied plants, as well as became a seaman.

On September 6th, 1620, Elias joined the crew of the Mayflower, and sailed to America. After boarding, he met a woman, who he would eventually marry and have children with. At some point in the early 1630s, he would hear of a rumour about a horseshoe sized inlet (that would become Barmet Bay) and there being treasure from an Indian there. In 1647, he, his wife, his older son, and his two other children. However, the Dodd family perished in a storm. But, minutes before his death, Elias managed to write the coordinates to his treasure. However, his (possibly) oldest son's children survived, and the Dodd family would be raised as farmers.

In 1964, Jack Dodd and his father (Elias's descendants) have still been searching for his treasure, as they are unable to understand the message's instruction.


  • Aunt Gertrude mentions that a member of the Dodd family gave a piece of land to George Birnham's grandfather. It is unknown if he was the Dodd in question, although the calculations place George Birnham's great grandfather's birth in the early 1850s, so it is more possible that one of his greater grandchildren sold Birnham the land.
  • He is the Dodd that established the family legacy.
  • It is unknown if Elias was the direct ancestor of Mr. Dodd, or the brother of another Dodd who had children, who would later become one of the family's great-grandparents.
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