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Emma is Frank's ex girlfriend.


Dating Frank

Emma and Sandra arrive at Frank's baseball game. Emma tells him that he’s going to do great and that they’ll celebrate afterward. Sandra mistakes Frank’s concern for his mother as affection for Emma and says that it’s cute that he keeps looking at her, but Emma reveals that he's looking up for his mother. Joe joins Emma and Sandra in the stands for the final pitch of the game, which Frank manages to win for his team. Just after winning the game, Frank and Joe learn that their mother died in a car crash.

Emma attends Laura's funeral. At the wake, she tries to comfort Frank, but she has never been to a funeral before and doesn’t know what she can do to comfort Frank, so she simply leaves to get him some water.

The following day, Emma says goodbye to Frank as he and his family are moving to Bridgeport for the summer.[1]

Breaking up with Frank

Emma calls Frank and asks if he’s making any friends, particularly anyone she should know about. She then asks when he’s coming home, but he’s not sure. So, Emma breaks up with Frank and tells him that it's time for them to move on.[2]


Fun facts and trivia

  • Emma does not exist in previous adaptations. She is a character created specifically for the series.