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"Eye to Eye" is the twelfth episode of season one of the 2020 Hulu original series The Hardy Boys.


Official episode premise for "Eye to Eye" from Hulu:

Frank has no choice but to side with his grandmother and play her game if he wants to get close enough to destroy The Eye. Fenton returns to Bridgeport with Rupert Khan and learns that Joe and Frank have gotten themselves farther along in their investigation than he could imagine. But when Fenton tries to get Frank to leave the Estabrook Estate, his son refuses. Stacy, being spurned by Frank, takes revenge, and puts one of Frank’s friends in danger.

Plot summary

Bridgeport, 1961, George Estabrook announces his plan to leave town, as the Circle is coming for him. He goes into his study and places the idol in a steel box. Gloria offers to help him. He says that he will always love her but that she will never be part of the Circle of the Eye. He hopes that one day she’ll understand and forgive him.

Present day, Frank wakes Joe from his sleep and tells him to come to the attic in five minutes. Frank admits that Joe was right about destroying the Eye. However, unlike Joe, Frank wants to destroy all three pieces. Frank is certain that the way to the chamber is hidden somewhere within George’s study. They just have to find it.

Stefan hands Gloria a report on the Tall Man, who was ex-military and a known associate of Victor Nabokov. However, Victor died months before the attack, so he must’ve named a successor.

Frank wants to give Gloria the piece to the Eye in order to gain her trust so that they can get access to George’s study. Joe is initially opposed to the idea, but they have no other choice.

Trudy asks Frank if the piece to the Eye they recovered is in the house. He says no at first, but then admits that the piece is upstairs, to which Trudy replies that she wants it out of the house.

JB breaks into Gloria’s house and reveals that he no longer has the Khan piece after losing it to the Nabokovs, specifically Victor Nabokov’s successor. Gloria tells JB that if he wants to get paid then he has to get back her piece of the Eye. Essentially, she's hiring him to steal from her own grandsons. Stefan then escorts him out.

Callie stops by Wilt's Deli to check in on Frank. While Gloria may be a liar, Callie doesn’t believe she would ever do anything to hurt him, which is more than she can say for Stacy. Callie reveals that she saw them kiss and adds that Stacy is simply using him. Frank insists that he isn’t being used and blames Callie’s attitude on Chet breaking up with her, which upsets Callie enough to leave. Stacy just so happens to enter the shop as she’s exiting. Frank tells Stacy that Callie saw them kiss. Stacy replies that it’s better that she knows about them. With Joe safe, they can finally move about with their plan. Stacy says that they want the same thing: to get revenge on the people who made them orphans.

Fenton and Rupert check into the Bridgeport Motor Inn. Fenton tells him to lay low and stay quiet. He wonders if Rupert’s aunt will play along. Rupert replies that she’s not going to have any choice. Fenton tells Rupert to call him the moment he hears from his aunt.

Trudy checks in on Joe before going to take a shower. She’s more worried about him than usual after the incident in the mines. He insists that he's fine, and she proceeds to take her shower. Joe then hears a knock at his window. It’s JB, who he reluctantly allows to come in.

Fenton returns home, and Joe rushes downstairs to hug him. He asks about Frank, and Joe tells him that he’s probably at work, much to Fenton’s surprise as he wasn’t aware that Frank had started working. Frank then returns home and embraces his father. Trudy screams after seeing JB in Joe’s room. So, Frank, Joe, and Fenton rush upstairs. Joe reveals that JB is a friend who he’s simply helping out. By the time Fenton gets to Joe’s room, JB has already escaped out the window.

The Hardys move their discussion into the attic, where Frank and Joe explain everything that has happened since their dad left. Trudy explains that Jesse knows everything but her hands are tied because Chief Collig is involved. Fenton questions if they have proof. Joe reveals that he broke into Collig’s house and matched the fabric to the chief's coat. Fenton is upset and asks Trudy where she was during the boys’ investigation. Fenton then orders Joe to retrieve the Eye from his room. As he does that, Fenton tells Frank that he expected better judgment from him. Joe calls them down and tells them that JB stole their piece of the Eye.

Rupert calls Fenton and tells him that his aunt is coming. Fenton replies that he’s on his way. Frank, Joe, and Trudy can’t believe that he’s leaving again so soon after his return. Fenton explains that this is all connected and that they need to stay out the way. He says that the Circle of the Eye no longer concerns them and that their investigation is over. Fenton blames Trudy for allowing the boys to get involved in the first place. Frank replies that his father should’ve been around for them. Moments after their dad leaves, Frank plots his next move. If they want to destroy the Eye, they have to get all three pieces of it to the chamber. Joe gives Frank the map they took as well as George’s journal in hopes that it’ll convince their grandma that he truly means to join her ranks.

Mrs. Khan arrives at the Bridgeport Motor Inn, where Fenton and Rupert await her. Rupert says that he’s fine and that Fenton found him before Kanika’s people could finish the job. They've put the pieces together and realized that Kanika only hired Fenton to get him out of Bridgeport, as she knew precisely where Rupert was as it was her people that took him. They trashed his apartment and tortured him in order to find out what Laura knew. While this may be true, Kanika claims that she had nothing to do with Laura or Victor’s death. She then reveals that someone stole her piece of the Eye, and she believes that there’s a new person acting against the Circle. Kanika gives Fenton a taped message that was meant for Laura, given to her by her grandfather. Kanika recovered it from Rupert’s place. Fenton then demands Kanika’s help.

JB arrives at the Estabrook estate and returns Gloria’s piece of the Eye. Frank walks in just as she pays him for his services. Frank is furious with the both of them. JB for betraying Joe, who saw him as a friend, and his grandma for stealing from them. Gloria reasons that she grew tired of being patient and asks Stefan to show JB out.

Gloria takes Frank into the study and explains that they didn’t leave her with any other choice but to steal it. Frank explains that he was going to give it to her, but she stole it before he could. However, Frank claims to understand why she did what she did, reasoning that the Eye is bigger than everything. He then returns the map and George’s journal. Moving forward, Gloria says they are to protect the family legacy and reclaim their place in the Circle.

Joe enters the attic and finds Fenton listening to George’s message to Laura: “One can never know what the Eye has planned. The Circle thinks they do. But such power is not meant to be controlled, and that, my dear Laura, is why I must go. I’ve decided to flee with my piece of the Eye. If it remains, it can be made whole by the other families. But as long as the pieces forever remain apart, The Eye can do no more harm. No one can ever know where I am taking the Estabrook piece, least of all, your mother, who can only see the possibilities but not the consequences.”

Bridgeport 1961, Laura is playing with her music box when Gloria slams it shut and invites Ahmed Khan and Sergei Nabokov into the office following George’s funeral. Ahmed gives his condolences, and Gloria tells Laura to leave. Ahmed and Sergei explain how George’s ideas threatened The Eye, which is why they appreciate Gloria reaching out as she did, even if she wasn’t George’s chosen successor. Ahmed and Sergei tell Gloria that until the Estabrook piece of the Eye is accounted for, they cannot discuss her future in the Circle. Gloria doesn’t know where the piece is but intends to find it. Her father never respected her opinion and treated her like an outsider. But the Circle is bigger than all of them, which is why she called the other families when George tried to flee with his piece. They mustn’t let their past differences get in the way of their future. She assures them that she won’t repeat his mistakes.

Fenton, Joe, and Trudy continue to listen to George’s message to Laura, where he admits that he wasn’t a perfect man and tells her that her music box is the key to use when the time is right. His only ask of Laura was that she never allow her mother or anyone reassemble The Eye.

Gloria takes their piece of the Eye and places it in a safe behind a picture. She then tells Frank that she’s happy he’s decided to join her. Stefan then escorts in Kanika Khan and Anastasia Nabokov, better known as Stacy Baker. Gloria informs them that not only is Frank her successor but that the Estabrooks have retrieved their piece of the Eye, which Gloria wants to reassemble. Stacy asks who killed her father, stating that he was poisoned. However, he did live for a few more painful days. Just long enough to tell her that neither Khan nor Gloria can be trusted. For the last 30 years, their families have worked against each other, but Gloria wants to come together. Frank agrees that they should unite, but Stacy exits, as she isn’t interested in a truce. Frank follows her out and tries to convince her to stay. But Stacy doesn’t trust Gloria or Kanika, certain that they’ll make the same mistakes as the generation before. However, she thinks that together, she and Frank can fix everything. It’s then that Frank realizes that Stacy doesn’t want to destroy the Eye. She wants to put them together as well, just without the other families. She offers Frank a chance to join her, but he turns her down.

Fenton arrives at Gloria’s and demands that Frank come home, but he refuses to leave with his father. Frank asks that his father trust him and says that he’s where he’s supposed to be.

Stacy tricks Callie into meeting her at Wilt’s. Before leaving, Stacy says that she can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Callie goes out the back door to avoid another encounter with Stacy, but that’s exactly what Stacy predicted she would do. She and her bodyguards pull up around back with a van and force Callie inside.


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  • Kanika to Fenton: I'm not certain, but I believe there's a new person acting against the Circle. Possibly the same person who killed Victor. And Laura.
  • Rupert to Kanika: So, all of this planning, and you lost it. All the time you spent trying to cut my father out of the family, hunting and nearly killing your own nephew, and you have nothing.
  • Gloria to Frank: Francis, I'm not happy about the way this has all transpired. But I'm asking you, what would you have had me do? You could have given this to me at any time, but you chose not to. You even lied to me about having it. You ignored the dangers you were putting you and your brother in. You seem to feel entitled, as if you had more right to the thing than I. And I gave you time. Time to see the bigger picture.
  • Gloria to Sergei and Ahmed: My father never respected my opinion. He treated me like an outsider. But the Circle is bigger than my father. It's bigger than all of us. That's the reason I called you when he tried to flee with his piece. We mustn't let our past differences get in the way of our future.
  • Frank to Gloria: I was going to give it to you. But you stole it before I could. I told Joe that you wanted what we wanted, and that I was sick of the games. He begged me to wait. Told me that we had to agree, because we were family. I told him that you were family, too. [...] I think I understand why you did it. 'Cause you had to. And The Eye, it's bigger than everything.
  • George to Laura: One can never know what The Eye has planned. The Circle thinks they do. But such power is not meant to be controlled, and that, my dear Laura, is why I must go. I've decided to flee with my piece of The Eye. If it remains, it can be made whole by the other families. But as long as the pieces forever remain apart, The Eye can do no more harm. No one can ever know where I am taking the Estabrook piece, least of all, your mother, who can only see the possibilities, but not the consequences.
  • George to Laura: Laura, by now you know I was not a perfect man, and my sins will no doubt catch up with me. You are the only one I trust. Your music box is the key. Use it when the time is right, and you'll learn the truth about everything. Whatever you decide to do with that knowledge, I know you'll do it for the right reasons. I only ask that you never let your mother, or anyone else, reassemble The Eye.