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Ezra Collig was the police chief in Bridgeport before being arrested for his corrupt activities and involvement with Gloria Estabrook.


The Hardy Boys' Arrival

Ezra attends Gloria Estabrook's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue. Gloria introduces her grandsons, Frank and Joe. Ezra then reunites Fenton.[1]

Chief Collig arrives in Stoney Creek Park and opens the envelope planted by Joe at JB's request.[2]

The Tall Man in Custody

Chief Collig informs Jesse that the Tall Man is essentially a ghost. Admittedly, he worries Jesse given his interest in the Hardy boys, who Biff has started to hang around more often. Collig reveals that the feds are coming to take the Tall Man away in 12 hours, so he won’t be their problem for much longer.

Shortly after learning of the Tall Man's escape, Chief Collig warns Gloria that he is currently on the loose. Gloria replies that this is bad news for everyone.[3]

Death of the Tall Man

Chief Collig arrives on scene to find the Tall Man dead. He takes, Frank, Joe, and Stacy Baker, the driver of the car who hit the Tall Man, to the station for questioning. He asks why the Tall Man has been targeting them. They claim that he probably wanted revenge for them trapping him back at the farm. Collig asks again if they know why the Tall Man was after them, but Frank and Joe maintain their innocence. Joe does a bit of questioning of his own and asks how the Tall Man escaped from the precinct and hospital. Trudy arrives and Collig asks if she knows why the Tall Man is after them. She says that she doesn’t, and then Collig warns her to keep Frank and Joe under a more watchful eye.

Chief Collig reads over the Tall Man’s report. Jesse recalls the chief saying the case was out of their hands and wonders why he’s still looking into the dead escapee. Chief Collig claims that he’s simply being vigilant, as the Tall Man died in their town. Jesse then tells Chief Collig that she’s about to head out to the old Matthews Brothers brick factory after getting a report of activity the other day. The chief claims that he hasn’t been around there for a while and hasn’t heard any reports.[4]

Working for Gloria

Chief Collig arrives at Gloria's to arrest JB. Gloria informs him that her daughter was murdered according to Frank and Joe. He then asks Gloria what he’s supposed to do with JB. Gloria replies that he already knows what to do. Chief Collig pulls into an alleyway with JB in the backseat. He shows JB a picture of the piece that was hidden inside the idol and tells JB to find the other fraction of it that’s somewhere in town with the Khans.[5]

Joe and Biff's Disappearance

With Joe and Biff both having been missing for approximately three hours, Chief Collig offers to contact Grisham police to see if they can lend a hand. Later, Chief Collig announces a curfew for Bridgeport. They’re conducting a search for Joe and Biff, and until they are found, Collig explains that they don’t want any extra bodies in their way. Trudy and Jesse confront Collig, as they believe they need as many people as possible on the lookout. Chief Collig explains that while they search their side of the Demon’s Paw, Grisham will search their side. They also have a chopper coming in from Dixon City, as Gloria called a few favors in.[6]

Arrested for Corruption

Chief Collig arrives at the Hardy residence in search of Frank after Callie went missing. Frank was the last person seen with her. Chief Collig wishes to take him down to the station for questioning. Trudy claims that Frank isn’t home, so Ezra decides to hang around until Frank returns. Fenton arrives not long after. Fenton then begins to question him and asks how long ago did he become corrupt and start working for the Estabrooks. He then takes Collig upstairs and shows him all the evidence they’ve collected against him and the Circle of The Eye. They have recordings, letters, and even a signed confession from JB Cox. Fenton asks why Gloria is coming after Frank. In the face of defeat, he reveals that Gloria didn’t want Frank to interfere with her plans. Fenton then asks the chief what Gloria has over him. Ezra is then placed under arrest and locked in a cell at the station.[7]

Personality and traits

Ezra is a corrupt cop.


Fun facts and trivia

  • In previous adaptations, Ezra was a respectable and honest man of the law.