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Ezra Collig is the Chief of the Bayport Police Department, he often works closely with private investigator Fenton Hardy and his two sons, Frank and Joe. He was married to Beau Collig, who died just before the time of Casefile Beyond the Law. He received the Cop of the Year award, and was the only high-ranking official in Bayport not to be fired from his position because of the events of the Bayport Corruption Storyline.


Chief Collig often chewed out unfortunate rookies in the Police Department. As an alternative to getting a ticket, Con Riley took Joe Hardy to talk to Collig to be yelled at for speeding.[1] When Frank suggested this idea Con Riley agreed, saying something along the lines of "Better him than someone on the Force. The Chief looks like he could use someone to tear apart."[2] Though Collig often yells at Frank and Joe, its usually because he feels two teenagers are trying to show him how to do his job.



Physical description

Ezra Collig is a well-built, middle aged man with iron-gray hair.


Collig began his police career in the town of Millerton.[3]

Television Appearances

Chief Collig made two appearances on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries show, as portrayed by Herbert Voland, in the episodes "The Flickering Torch Mystery" and "The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin".


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