Fenton Hardy is the father of the Hardy boys, and a world-famous private investigator. Fenton, a former NYPD ace has been a role model for his sons, and they have learned most of what they know about detective work from him.

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Fenton Hardy (Original)

Fenton Hardy from the Original continuity.

Fenton Hardy (Casefiles)

The Casefiles version of Fenton Hardy.

Fenton Hardy (Undercover Brothers)

Fenton Hardy from the Undercover Brothers continuity, in which he is the founder of the top-secret crime fighting organization known as ATAC.

Fenton Hardy (Adventures)

Fenton Hardy of the Adventures series.


Fenton Hardy (1955 TV)

Fenton Hardy, as protrayed by Russ Conway in the two Disney TV serials from The Mickey Mouse Club that ran in the late 1950's.

Fenton Hardy (1967 TV)

Fenton Hardy, as protrayed by Richard Anderson in the 1967 pilot, "The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk".

Fenton Hardy (1969 TV)

The Hardy boys' dad from the Filmation Associates cartoon based on The Hardy Boys (1969-1971).

Fenton Hardy (1977 TV)

Fenton Hardy from The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977-1979), as protrayed by Edmund Gilbert.

Fenton Hardy 1995 Fenton Hardy (1995 TV)

Fenton Hardy from the 1995 The Hardy Boys TV show, in which he is played by Ken Samuels.

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