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Fenton Hardy is the recently widowed father of the Hardy brothers.


Laura's Death

Fenton and Sam work an undercover at a construction site. They are investigating a corrupt city inspector named Aucoin. Sam monitors from the car while Fenton poses as an electrician to get a better look at the inspector inside a trailer. Fenton takes several photos from outside the trailer. Sam warns him that there’s a bogey headed his way, forcing Fenton to retreat and head back to the car where Sam awaits. Sam asks if he saw the handoff between the city inspector and his client. Fenton realizes they did the handoff right in front of him and goes to arrest Aucoin for bribery. Fenton recalls Aucoin entering the trailer with a blue thermos and yet he exited with a green one, filled with cash no less.

Fenton leaves Laura a message on her phone telling her that he won’t be able to make Frank’s game. Sam then informs him that Laura was in a fatal crash. With this devastating news, Fenton picks Frank and Joe up from the game and takes them to their mother's crash site.

After Laura's funeral, Fenton informs the boys that their moving to his hometown of Bridgeport for the summer to stay with their Aunt Trudy. The following day, they arrive in Bridgeport, where Trudy asks Fenton how he’s holding up. He replies that the boys are mad at him. Trudy explains that she wasn't asking about them.

Fenton, Frank, Joe, and Trudy return home for Gloria's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue, where Fenton reunited with Ezra and Jesse while Joe was taken hostage by Ern Cullmore, who wanted to speak with Gloria about her sunken ship. In the comfort of their home, Fenton promises his sons that he’ll look into the Ern situation with Ezra and Jesse.

The next day, Fenton is approached by Kanika Khan, who informs him that her nephew, Rupert Khan, who is in charge of most of their company’s interests, disappeared three weeks ago. Phone records show that he called Laura three times on the day she died. Mrs. Khan believes that Laura was writing a story and Rupert was her source, which ultimately resulted in her being killed. After Rupert checked out of the hotel in Bridgeport, he disappeared again. So, Mrs. Khan wants Fenton to find Rupert and is willing to pay.[1]

Searching for Rupert Khan

Fenton meets up with his old partner, Sam, who he had asked to look into Mrs. Khan. Sam reveals that she’s incredibly wealthy and has ties to organized crime. Sam suspects that it could be a setup but Fenton has no other choice if he wishes to find his wife’s killer.

Just as Fenton is headed out the door to begin his investigation into Rupert Khan, Frank and Joe confront him and ask him why he isn’t being truthful. Fenton explains that if their mother was killed, their best chances of finding out who and why is for him to track down Rupert Khan. As he gets into the cab, Joe gives him a comic to read on the plane.

Fenton finds Rupert Khan’s place trashed. Papers everywhere. He finds a hidden compartment within the wall where Rupert has stashed a map and books. While searching through Rupert Khan’s home, Fenton finds a note from Laura. He is then attacked by a mysterious assailant, who Fenton manages to disarm and knock unconscious. Fenton checks the man for his ID and finds a police badge before scurrying out the door.

Fenton calls home and informs Frank that their mother had started writing again and it might be what led to her death, though he tells Frank to keep this from Joe. After hanging up with his sons, Fenton exits the phone booth only to discover that he’s being followed.[2]

Fenton’s investigation into Rupert Khan’s disappearance leads him to a man named Adams, who captures him. Fenton wakes up tied to a chair. Adams knows that he is looking for Rupert Khan. As are they, mostly because Rupert is working against their interests. They want to know everything Fenton knows about his whereabouts. Adams asks why Fenton is looking for him. Fenton reveals that he was hired by Rupert’s aunt to find him. Adams then realizes that Fenton doesn’t know anything of importance. After Adams leaves, Fenton tells his bodyguard that he knows where Rupert Khan is and calls him over. As the guard approaches, Fenton headbutts him and makes his escape on his motorcycle hidden in the woods.

Fenton calls home to check in on the boys. Joe asks if he’s on his way back, as school starts in a couple days, and they don’t want to go to Bridgeport. However, Fenton has yet to recover Rupert Khan, so his investigation continues. When he learns that Frank and Joe have been investigating their mom's death, Fenton tells them to stop.[3]

Finding Rupert Khan

Fenton finds Rupert under interrogation. He is being beaten and questioned while hooked up to a lie detector. Fenton knocks out the interrogator and asks Rupert about his relationship with Laura. Rupert initially denies knowing Laura but reluctantly admits that they were working on a story together to destroy the Circle of the Eye.

Rupert tells Fenton the truth about his and Laura’s work surrounding the Circle. She didn’t tell Fenton because she knew just how dangerous her work was. After learning that someone was trying to bring all three pieces of The Eye together, Laura planned to expose the Circle. Fenton questions who in the Circle has the power to order death, but Rupert isn’t sure. He does, however, know that Victor Nabokov was killed. He believes the two deaths are likely connected. They suddenly find themselves under gunfire and speed away.[4]

Return to Bridgeport

Fenton checks Rupert into the Bridgeport Motor Inn. Fenton tells him to lay low and stay quiet. He wonders if Rupert’s aunt will play along. Rupert replies that she’s not going to have any choice. Fenton tells Rupert to call him the moment he hears from his aunt.

Fenton returns home and greets both of his sons. Trudy then screams after seeing JB in Joe’s room. By the time Fenton gets to Joe’s room, JB has already escaped out the window. Frank and Joe then explain everything that has happened since Fenton left. Fenton questions if they have proof of Ezra's corruption. Joe reveals that he broke into Collig’s house and matched the fabric to the chief's coat. Fenton is upset and asks Trudy where she was during the boys’ investigation. Fenton then orders Joe to retrieve the Eye from his room and tells Frank that he expected better judgment from him. Joe then reveals that JB stole their piece of the Eye.

Fenton gets word that Mrs. Khan is on her way and returns to the motel with Rupert to confront her. Kanika arrives, and Rupert says Fenton found him before Kanika’s people could finish the job. They've put the pieces together and realized that Kanika only hired Fenton to get him out of Bridgeport, as she knew precisely where Rupert was as it was her people that took him. They trashed his apartment and tortured him in order to find out what Laura knew. Although, this may be true, Kanika claims that she had nothing to do with Laura or Victor’s death. She then reveals that someone stole her piece of the Eye, and she believes that there’s a new person acting against the Circle. Kanika gives Fenton a taped message that was meant for Laura, given to her by her grandfather. Kanika recovered it from Rupert’s place. Fenton then demands Kanika’s help.

After listening to George's tape, Fenton heads over to Gloria's to bring Frank home, but he refuses to leave with his father. Frank asks that his father trust him and says that he’s where he’s supposed to be.[5]

Stopping the Circle of The Eye

Mrs. Khan returns to the Bridgeport Motor Inn with Gloria’s taped confession of having killed Victor Nabokov and gives it over to Fenton and Rupert. Fenton has offered her a deal; if she provides them with evidence of Gloria’s crime, then she is free to leave Bridgeport but can never return. Kanika assures them that her time in the Circle is over, though she warns Fenton that there are pieces still in play and that his children may still be in danger. Fenton then tells Rupert to call Bridgeport Police Department, ask for Jesse Hooper, and play her the tape.

Fenton returns home to find Chief Collig in the kitchen with Trudy. He claims that he needs to talk to Frank about Callie’s disappearance. Fenton realizes that he's lying and asks how long ago did he become corrupt and start working for the Estabrooks. He then takes Collig upstairs and shows him all the evidence they’ve collected against him and the Circle of The Eye. They have recordings, letters, and even a signed confession from JB Cox. Fenton asks why Gloria is coming after Frank. In the face of defeat, he reveals that Gloria didn’t want Frank to interfere with her plans. Fenton then asks the chief what Gloria has over him.

Fenton questions why Trudy would allow for the boys to sneak out. She explains that she was trying to get them away from Chief Collig. Trudy didn’t have any other choice, as Fenton left them. So, the boys had to figure things out on their own. While Fenton was grieving the love of his life and investigating her death, Trudy explains that the boys had to grieve him too and that they’re just as determined to find out who killed Laura as anyone.

Fenton finds the boys at Wilt's Deli and decides to work with them to stop the Circle. Callie joins them as they arrive at the Chamber of The Eye. When Fenton reveals that they have her on tape admitting to having killed Stacy’s father, a fight erupts. Gloria still manages to put the final piece of The Eye in the chamber, thus reassembling The Eye. Frank tries to separate it, but it releases a blast of energy and knocks him unconscious. He awakens and reveals that he saw Laura and that Stefan killed her in order to protect the Circle. When the mines begin to collapse from the blast, they make their way back to the surface, but not before Fenton attacks Stefan. Once they escape the mines, Gloria is arrested for Victor Nabokov's murder.

The following day, Fenton joins the boys in the attic and says that their mom would’ve been proud of them both.[6]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[7]

FENTON HARDY is a roguish police detective known for his ability to solve the most complicated of cases (and his relentlessness to never stop until he does). But the death of his beloved wife, Laura, throws Fenton into a tailspin of grief as he obsesses over what happened. Fenton’s Indiana Jones personality was admired when Laura was alive, but he now struggles with being the father his kids deserve. Moving to his childhood home in Bridgeport is a last-ditch attempt at giving his children a sense of normalcy. But he’ll stop at nothing to bring justice to those he loves – even if it means sacrificing his personal life.

Skills and abilities

Fenton is a skilled detective capable of solving the most difficult of cases.


Fun facts and trivia

  • He’s the second character to be recasted in any of the TV adaptions.