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Forever Lost is the final book in the Lost Mystery Trilogy and 36th book in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was published in January 2011 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Plot summary

Frank has just been recovered from the bunker. Joe really wants to talk to him, but Frank is in the hospital after being buried in and cave in. He is seriously beat up with a broken arm and a shattered wrist not to mention he is being kept drugged a lot.

Frank recognizes Chloe from the bunker and flees the hospital into the woods where he is captured by Baby Doc and Scar and taken underground again.

Meanwhile, Justin's parents and Dr. Carrini don't believe Frank about the underground bunker. They say he was too much under the influence of drugs to say the truth, but Joe and Detective Cole believe Frank.

Joe and Detective Cole check out the deceased Farley's home and while they're there Detective Cole gets kidnapped.

Joe finds the bunker entrance and Jacob's (Justin's father) Private Eye, Smith. Smith tries to barge in but gets shot.

Frank realizes that Detective Cole has been captured and Dr. Carrini is revealed as the big boss. He is about to give Frank the 'Big Sleep' with the 'purple' (a strong drug) when Smith barges in. Frank and Joe use this advantage because just Chloe is left.

Frank and Justin overpower Chloe and take her taser and doses of the 'purple'. Detective Cole is unconscious. They gather the children who were kidnapped and arm them with toys, while Frank holds the taser. When Dr. Carrini and Baby Doc and Scar come back, Justin doses them with 'purple.' The kids are set free and the criminals are arrested.


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  • Misty Falls, Idaho.

Businesses and organizations

  • ATAC
  • Happy Land (An Underground Bunker by Dr. Carrini where all the Children of The Lost are kept)


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