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The Hardy Boys Wiki has reached 500 articles! Yes, our goal number to reach by the end of 2008, and it's been done with over 70 days left in the year! Hmmm. Maybe we can pull 600 before New Year's. The Mysterious Caravan will go down in history as the 500th article. So now that we've reached 500 articles, I think I'll just wait until '09 to create a new article...well, maybe not. Anyway, it's nice to reach 500 faster then I, and probably every one else, expected. Considering how many regular members we have I think we've done well.

Why 500? What's so great about 500 articles?...Well, nothing really. It's just a number. But, it's a pretty big number at Wiki, as we are now recognized by Wikia Entertainment, as a wiki with 500+ articles, by a bronze star next to our name. Check it out. Plus, over at WikiIndex it will be moving up in the world from the 200 to 500 pages category into the 501 to 1000 pages category. Currently there's only 94 wikis in the later category, while 174 in the former.

So what's the goal now? 2000 articles by the end of 2009? Maybe not. :D That seems a bit high, but so did 500, and we managed that, in just over nine months. So, who knows?

Thanks to Paul Hassett, Tomswift2002, Wendy, Sam spade, Peachey Keen, Centrion, Bigfootman, and Negative zone, who all together have created a large amount of the 500 articles on the The Hardy Boys Wiki. Also thanks to Wikia members, Swannie, Phillip, and Danny. Oh yeah, and then there's me. But that would be rude to thank myself.

WHLfan (talk to me!) 05:34, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

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