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A new feature built-into the Infobox Book Template now let's you link from book articles to the appropriate book page on The Hardy Boys Encyclopedia, by simply inserting the book's number.

To use this feature in an article Infobox Book into an article and put the number after (in numerals) "network_id =" or "atac_id =", depending if the book is a Casefiles book or Undercover Brothers book, for a Casefile insert the book number after "network_id =", for a Undercover Brothers book insert number after atac_id =. For the link to work as it should, the number has to be three digits, so for numbers lower then 100, put the right amount of zeros before the number to make it a three digit number, e.g. put 7 as 007, 22 as 022, and so on.

Note that, at this point this feature only works for linking to the 127 Casefiles titles, and the 22+ titles in the Undercover Brothers series. If this feature is popular we can add to it, to include the three Super Mystery series, Graphic Novels, and the Ultra Thrillers.

In the below example look to the bottom of the template, see the feature in action by clicking the link to SkyWarp's Hardy Boys Encyclopedia.

{{Infobox Book
| name          =Deprivation House
| image         =[[Image:UndercoverBrosDeprivationHouse.jpg|180px]]
| image_caption =Cover art released on the Internet, first edition cover art is slightly different. 
| author        =[[Franklin W. Dixon]] 
| illustrator   =
| cover_artist  =Sammy Yuen Jr.<br />[[Michael Frost]]<br />PictureQuest
| series        =[[Undercover Brothers]]<br />[[The Murder House Trilogy]] 
| publisher     =Aladdin Paperbacks
| pub_date      =May 2008
| media_type    =Print (paperback) 
| pages         = 
| isbn          =1-4169-6170-4   
| preceded_by   =''[[Comic Con Artist]]''
| followed_by   =''[[House Arrest]]'' 
| network_id    =
| atac_id       =022

WHLfan (talk/contribs) 08:59, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

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