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Francis "Frank" Hardy is the older brother of Joe Hardy. After a family tragedy, Frank and Joe are forced to move from the big city to their parent’s hometown of Bridgeport for the summer, staying with their Aunt Trudy.


Laura's Death

Early that morning, Frank and his mother practice his pitch in the front yard. She explains how everyone has a tell and how it can be used to his benefit. Frank leaves home with his mother, unaware that it'll be the last time he sees her alive. Later that evening, Frank’s game is nearing its end and his mom has yet to arrive. After Frank wins the game for his team, Joe joins him on the field and asks if he's seen Mom or Dad. Just then, their dad arrives and drives them to the scene of the incident, where their mother was involved in a fatal crash.

During his mother's funeral, Frank throws his baseball glove in her casket. Afterward, his grandma embraces him and gifts him a music box that belonged to his mother. Frank discovers a secret compartment, and Gloria tells him that there’s more than one secret in that box.

Inside with Joe, he finds a box with his their father's belongings and photos from their mother's accident. They then learn that they're moving to Bridgeport for the summer with their Aunt Trudy. Frank takes Aunt Trudy’s old room while Joe takes their dad’s old room.

At Wilt's Deli, Frank meets Callie Shaw, Chet Morton, and Phil Cohen. Wilt realizes that he’s Laura’s kid and offers his condolences as well as a summer job in case Frank is searching for work. Later, his grandma informs him of her plans for him to attend Rosegrave Preparatory Academy.

The following night, the Hardys attend Gloria's “welcome to Bridgeport” party, where Joe is taken hostage by Ern Cullmore, who demands to speak with Gloria. He reveals that he's the sole survivor of the Astghik explosion and that the crew was murdered.

The next day, Frank and Joe go into the attic and look through their mother’s belongings. They overhear their father in the garage speaking with Kanika Khan, whose nephew, Rupert Khan disappeared three weeks ago. Phone records show that he called Laura three times on the day she died. Mrs. Khan believes that Laura picked back up journalism and Rupert was her source for whatever she was investigating, which ultimately resulted in her death. So, Mrs. Khan hired Fenton to find Rupert. From the attic, Frank and Joe declare that they’re going to find their mother’s killer.[1]

The Search for Ern

Frank, Chet, and Phil tail his father park, where he meets up with his old partner, Sam. Afterward, Frank and Joe break into his brief case and discover that he's going after Rupert Khan. They ask him why he isn’t being truthful with them. Fenton replies that if their mother was killed, their best chances of finding out who and why is for him to track down Rupert Khan.

Frank, Callie, Chet, and Phil go to the Dundrin Hotel to asks Ern's girlfriend, Shawna, a few questions. They split up and Frank and Callie find Shawna and ask her about Ern. She claims that she hasn’t seen Ern as of late due to the fact that they broke up. Frank has spotted her tell and knows that she’s lying, pointing out to Callie how she adjusted her uniform when asked about Ern.

They follow Shawna into the basement, where he enters a locked room and exits moments after. They suspect this is where she's hiding Ern and break in. Frank shows him the symbol from his mom’s sketch pad and asks Ern if he recognizes it. Ern reveals that the symbol is what got everyone killed. Frank then goes upstairs and calls Deputy Hooper and tells her that they found Ern hiding in the basement of the Dundurin Hotel. Just then, the Tall Man enters and Frank radios down to Chet and Phil. By the time he and Callie make it back down, Ern and the Tall Man are gone.

Frank and Joe look through a box of their mom's items. Inside the box, they find a book titled “The Strange Tales of Bridgeport.” Their mom checked it out from the Bridgeport public library the day she died. An entire chapter is missing, specifically “The Tragedy at Demon’s Paw.” With that said, the boys begin to work together to solve their mom’s case.[2]

Researching Demon's Paw

Frank arrives at Wilt’s for his first day at work, complete with an apron and hat. Callie and Chet arrive soon thereafter, and Frank asks them about Demon’s Paw, which is the name of the hill next to Chet’s farm. Frank shows them the book he found and how his mother tore a chapter out. “The Tragedy of Demon’s Paw,” written by Anya Kowalsky. Callie and Chet inform Frank that Anya is a tarot card reader with a booth set up at the carnival. Callie says that the carnival is cursed, but if Frank is looking for answers, she's there best chance of finding any.

Frank, Callie, and Chet meet with Anya at the carnival. She instructs Frank to draw three cards as each card represents a state of their being. His first card is Death, which represents metamorphosis rather than literal death. His second card is the world inverted, which means lack of closure. The final card is two of cups, meaning a connection formed. It's good that the two of cups is upright. An inverted two of cups means tension and the world out of balance. Callie asks Anya about her chapter in the book. Anya becomes upset and tells them to leave as she believes that they’ve come to mock her as the people of Bridgeport have done for years. She warns them that the ground they walk on is cursed.

Having gotten nowhere with Anya, Frank decides to sit in on the live performance of Demon’s Paw, which supposedly tells the story of its origin. After learning that Anya's father led the original exposition into Bridgeport and that he died during a mine collapse, Frank regroups with Chet and Callie before returning to Anya to apologize as he wasn't aware that she had lost her father when previously asking about Demon's Paw. He reveals that he recently lost his mother and that he missed her all the time. Anya accepts Frank’s apology and tells them to sit.

After learning from Anya that her father and his crew discovered a box in the tunnels that caused the grown to shake when it was opened, Frank and Callie ride the Ferris wheel to get a better look at Demon's Paw, during which time, she reveals that similar to Frank's situation, her mom is gone too. Afterward, Biff alerts Frank that Joe is in trouble and leads him to his brother, who is standing a few feet away from the Tall Man, whose body lays on the ground. Once home, Joe reveals to Frank that the Tall Man was after him because of an ancient stone he found inside of an idol that JB hid in his room.[3]

Breaking into the Archives

After getting dumped by Emma, Frank learns that Joe's toolbox is at the police station, as he helped JB repair his radio on the beach and left it behind. Frank assures Joe that he has his back and that nothing will happen to him.

Frank goes to the Bridgeport public library to asks about the book his mother checked out — “The Strange Tales of Bridgeport.” Frank asks why his mother would’ve torn out an entire chapter. The librarian believes it has something to do with Laura’s investigation into Bridgeport history. Laura came down several times to access the archives. Frank asks to see them as well but that is against their policy. The librarian remarks that she remembers Laura’s last visit clearly. She was sitting over at one of the tables drinking a cup of coffee from Wilt’s.

Upon learning from Wilt that he not only spoke to Laura the day she died but that she mentioned having gotten into a fight with Gloria, Frank went to visit his grandma and ask about the last time she spoke to his mother. Gloria claims they only talked about Frank and his future. Laura didn’t want him to go to Rosegrave. Gloria claims that she kept this from them because she was simply trying to spare them.

Later at Wilt's, Callie reveals to Frank that Gloria lied to him about the conversation she had with his mother. She was there that day. They were yelling at each other about secrets and lies. It ended with Laura yelling “This all has to stop,” before storming out.

Frank and Callie sneak into the library afterhours to view the archives. She finds an old letter from a man who claimed that he witnessed the event at Demon’s Paw. He detailed how they unearthed an object of such uncommon power that no one man could be trusted to hold it. Frank has also discovered that his mom was looking into the explosion of 1915 and its aftermath. Frank looks to a map of the region from 1914. It was bare land back then. Then the explosion of 1915 happened and the land went from dry and dusty to green and fertile. Frank has found an op-ed from 1934 that reads: “From the ashes of the explosion at Demon’s Paw arose a group so powerful it would control Bridgeport with an iron first behind a wall of secrecy.” The editor who published the article was fired the same month. Meaning that there’s a secret society in Bridgeport controlling everything.

The following day after Joe is brought home by Jesse for sneaking into the police station, Biff gifts Frank and Joe a copy of JB’s report. She tells Joe that he owes her before leaving.[4]

Who is the Buyer?

Frank calls Sam over, and from him learns that JB Cox is a thief for hire with a wealthy clientele and that he has no known connection to the Khans.

Frank and Joe decode JB's message for his buyer. They're to meet at the Matthew Brothers brick factory at 8:30. Frank and Joe lie in wait for the buyer. Frank wants to back out, as Joe is clearly scared but then the buyer arrives. However, the Hardy boys chase after him when he starts to run after noticing them. Frank loses his trail and goes back to find Joe, who is with JB. Much like them, JB came to see who his buyer is, as he has yet to be paid. JB warns them that they’re dealing with dangerous people and suggests that they let it go.

Frank and Joe decide to return to the brick factory to find any possible clues left behind. The Hardy boys begin to retrace the buyer’s steps as he fled the facility. They find a patch of fabric wedged into the door frame and take it with them as they race out the building after being followed by the Tall Man.

They convene with Callie, Chet, Biff, and Phil and devise a trap for the Tall Man. After luring the Tall Man to the Morten Farm with Chet's truck, the kids lie and wait. Phil then radios in to warn them that the Tall Man is approaching. Joe lures him inside the stable with the replica stone he created and they trap him inside a steel cage before calling the police.[5]

Rosegrave Exam

Frank and Callie arrive at Gloria’s for the acceptance exam. Gloria introduces them to the dean of Rosegrave, Paul McFarlane. Dean Mcfarlane makes mention of the fact that Frank’s great-grandfather founded the school. Although, even with such a strong family connection, he still has to pass the entrance exam. Gloria then reveals that Dean Mcfarlane has not only been a great asset to Rosegrave but that he knew Frank's mother as well.

By the end of the entrance exam, Frank and Callie are the last two remaining. The last test is for the two of them to figure out how to exit the room within the next 15 minutes. The riddle reads: “Look further than the time, to find the key to this rhyme. 3 and 3 make 5. Add 1 below, and a flat face will chime.” Callie suspects the riddle could be referring to the clock but nothing happens upon testing their theory. They only have 5 minutes left. Frank recites the riddle again, and Callie realizes that it consists of musical references, so they turn their attention to the piano, which after successfully playing the right cord, reveals a hidden compartment with a key inside. Before opening the door, Frank finds a book with that same symbol from his mom's sketchpad on his grandmother’s book case. He pulls on the book, which opens up and reveals a hidden door behind the bookcase. Frank closes the bookcase, vowing to return before he and Callie unlock the door, where Gloria and Dean McFarlane applaud their performance and welcome them to Rosegrave. Dean McFarlane then reveals to Frank that Laura passed the test with flying colors as well and tells Frank that he hopes to see him at the academy.

Frank learns from Joe that the fabric they recovered came from a police coat and that he hid the stone in a movie theater for safekeeping. Frank then reveals to Joe that he found a secret door in their grandma’s study with the same symbol their mother drew. Frank also recalls Dean McFarlane saying he knew their mother. So, he checks Laura's school yearbook and discovers that their mother and Dean McFarlane were high school sweethearts.

The boys then get a call from their dad, who tells them that he can't come home yet and that they must stop investigating their mom's death. Frank tells Joe that they’re going to start being safe but by no means are they stopping their investigation.[6]

Going to Rosegrave

Frank and Callie head to Rosegrave in hopes of learning more about the school as well as the dean's relationship with Frank's mom. Frank asks Dean McFarlane if his mother ever told him about why she was leaving Bridgeport. Before he can reply, a student named Stavros enters. Dean McFarlane has tasked him with showing them around school. Frank is rather unimpressed with the tour. He then notices Dean McFarlane exiting his office, which provides the perfect opportunity for Frank to break in. Callie knocks over a vase to distract Dean McFarlane’s assistant while Frank sneaks into his office. While in the dean’s office, Frank comes across Stavros’ file and despite Dean McFarlane claiming that he is one of their top students, his grades suggest otherwise.

Frank looks through Dean McFarlane’s desk. He finds his daily planner, which details a meeting he had with Frank’s mom at a cafe on the 17th despite the fact that Dean McFarlane claimed he hadn’t seen her in years. Dean McFarlane then enters his office and catches Frank, who confronts Dean McFarlane for lying about the last time he saw Laura. Dean McFarlane asks his assistant to allow the two of them to speak privately. However, he knows that she’s still listening from outside the door and pretends to yell at Frank while simultaneously writing him a message to meet him at the greenhouse in 20 minutes.

In the greenhouse, Dean McFarlane admits that he lied to Frank about his relationship with Laura. They dated for a couple years, but Laura refused to attend Rosegrave. Frank wonders why. Laura feared that her mother was writing her life for her, turning her into another powerful Estabrook heir, which Laura refused to allow to happen. And when Dean McFarlane accepted their offer, she took it as a betrayal, and they never spoke again until a few weeks ago.

Frank wonders why his mother’s investigation led her to Rosegrave. Dean McFarlane explains that if you can control the future leaders then you can control the world without anyone knowing you’re behind it. Frank goes on to ask about the symbol that keeps showing up. Dean McFarlane reveals that it's “their symbol.” He fears what will happen if they’re caught together and tells Frank to meet him at the coffee shop tomorrow at nine.

Once home, Frank informs Joe that Rosegrave is a front for a secret organization that runs Bridgeport. They knew that they were being investigated and this is what Frank believes led to their mother’s death. Joe then reveals to Frank that the fabric is from Chief Collig’s coat.

The following day, Lindy, Dean McFarlane's assistant, informs Frank that Dean McFarlane resigned earlier that morning. Frank questions why Dean McFarlane would suddenly resign and not leave so much as a contact number. Lindy claims that he had a family emergency. Frank then heads over to the greenhouse, where he finds a note left for him from Dean McFarlane. He simply tells Frank that he can find the answers to his questions in Laura’s past.

Frank shares with Joe his findings, but neither of them are sure what to do next as they certainly can’t trust their grandma to tell them the truth. Joe suspects that their grandma wants Frank to run the society. Frank is fairly certain that someone stopped Dean McFarlane before he could tell them anything. The Tall Man suddenly appears and attacks Frank, demanding that he hand over the stone. Joe hits him with a trash can and the Hardy boys race across the street. The Tall Man attempts to follow them but is run over by a random teenage girl.[7]

Meeting Stacy

The Tall Man is pronounced dead, and Frank and Joe are taken to the police station for questioning. Chief Collig asks why the Tall Man was targeting them. They claim that he probably wanted revenge for trapping him back at the farm. When Jesse joins them, Frank asks if Stacy is okay. Jesse reveals that she’s being checked out and giving a statement. As they’re about to pull out of the station, Frank waives at Stacy.

Frank and Joe begin their first day at Bridgeport public school. It’s their first first day of school without their mother. They reminisce about how she used to put smiley face stickers on their notebook or how she’d leave messages on their lunch bags.

Ms. Dias, Frank’s teacher, reads his name off of the attendance and states that she knew his mother. Stacy then enters, who Frank greets with a smile. Frank approaches Ms. Dias after class and asks about his mother. She tells Frank how Laura was tenacious, driven, and loved baseball. Ms. Dias and Laura grew close while working on the school paper together. Frank asks about Dean McFarlane, who Ms. Dias reveals worked on the paper with them. Frank then mentions his visit to Rosegrave, and Ms. Dias becomes uncomfortable and leaves.

Frank tells Callie and Chet about Ms. Dias' strange behavior after he asked her about his mom and Rosegrave. Frank then spots Stacy and invites her to join their table. Stacy tells them that she’s from Franklin and that her dad travels a lot. So, she’s living with her aunt and uncle. Frank tells Stacy that he’s sorry about what happened and thanks her for saving him and Joe from the Tall Man.

Frank recalls Dean McFarlane mentioning that his mother changed after finding something out when she was in high school and asks Ms. Dias what that was. Ms. Dias reveals that one day Laura told her that her family was running the town, and Laura wanted to expose it. She wrote a piece but it was shut down by the staff advisor, most likely at the Estabrook’s request. Frank asks if there’s a copy of this article anywhere. Ms. Dias tells him to check the newspaper archive in the basement.

Frank notices Stacy having a hard time at her locker. She reveals that she’s constantly overhearing the other kids making jokes. She doesn’t know if she’s a celebrity or a freak. Frank assures her that it’ll past, but he isn’t entirely sure that it will, as people still look at him and his brother with pity. Frank tells her not give up on Bridgeport because there’s a lot of great people. He would like to walk her to class but tells her that he has something more pressing to attend to.

Frank goes looking through the school’s archive for information on his mother’s work. He finds a list of all her articles, including the exposé, where she accuses the Estabrooks, Khans, and Nabokovs of being the secret controllers of Bridgeport. However, when he looks for the actual article, it is missing from its file. With no other choice, Frank decides to pay his grandma a visit. However, he enters her study to find JB and Joe.[8]

The Truth Behind The Eye

After JB is knocked unconscious and taken away by Stefan, Frank and Joe demand the truth from Gloria. Frank asks if the piece from the idol is what led to his mother's murder. However, this is the first Gloria is hearing of Laura having been murdered. Frank goes on to reveal how Mrs. Khan hired his father to find her nephew, Rupert, as he and Laura were working on a story together.

Gloria reveals to Frank and Joe that George Estabrook, Ahmed Khan, and Sergei Nabokov, found an ancient artifact of unknown origins in the mines. And when they disturbed it, the mines collapsed. The piece that Joe found inside the idol is called the Eye, because with it, one could achieve all their desires. It grants insight into the outcome of all things. With all this insight, Frank wonders if they did anything to benefit the world like cure diseases or prevent war, but they didn’t. When their mother found out about this, she rejected her entire family and left Bridgeport. Frank then asks about the door behind the bookcase. Gloria says that it’s the repository of her father’s studies into the Eye. She hasn’t been in that room since he died and presumes that the key got lost with him in the crash.

Frank and Joe return home, where they tell Trudy the truth about everything. Trudy agrees to allow them to continue to investigate but has conditions. She tells them no more secrets and that if she feels that they’re in over their heads then she’s going to Jesse.

Stacy wishes to hangout with Frank but he doesn’t think he’ll be the best company at the moment after finding out something out about his family that he didn’t want to know. Stacy believes that truth is always better than secrets and that he should embrace it rather than running from it.

After school, Frank, Joe, and Stefan go at the Westdale movie theater to retrieve the Eye after the brothers agreed to give it over to their grandma. When Joe climbs the ladder to retrieve the piece, he discovers that it has been stolen. Frank questions who else knows that the Eye was in the speaker. Joe neglects to mention that Biff was with him when he hid the piece. Joe points out how everyone in the town has secrets, adding that even their secrets have secrets. This resonates with Frank who thinks back to the music box that Gloria gave him. When she gave it to him, she said that there was more than one secret inside. She also said that George Estabrook loved puzzles. Frank suspects that the key to the secret door is somewhere within the music box. So, Joe takes the music box apart piece by piece. He finds the symbol from their grandma’s secret door imprinted inside the music box, where they also find a cylinder-like key. With the key to the secret door, Frank and Joe sneak into their grandma’s house and unlock the hidden door.[9]

Who is Stacy?

Frank and Joe enter their great-grandfather’s study, filled with maps, books, and ancient artifacts. Frank notes that the room seems more like a collection of curiosities than it does a supply closet of the Eye’s armory. They entered the room in search of answers but have only found more questions. Frank looks over a map while Joe reads an entry from George’s journal. Both of which they decide to take with them before leaving the study.

Frank and Stacy are partnered up in class. Frank reveals that he’s been preoccupied as of late and has a lot on his mind. Stacy asks what’s bothering him. Frank has to trust his grandma, who he knows he shouldn’t trust and doesn’t know how to proceed. Stacy’s motto is never trust anyone. Stacy continues to push to see what else Frank is willing to tell her, claiming that she wants to help, but Frank says that he’ll figure this out on his own, as it’s a family matter. However, Stacy's persistence does concern Frank, who after class, tells Callie that she might be right about Stacy. Callie takes Frank to Stacy’s, and they stake out her house with binoculars from across the street. They watch as Stacy hits her uncle just before he and her aunt remove their jackets, exposing the guns around their waist.

Frank shares with Joe how Stacy is up to something. Joe suspects that maybe Stacy running over the Tall Man wasn’t an accident and that she set up the entire incident. Joe then says that he wants to destroy their piece of the Eye, which would require them to find the Chamber of the Eye, where it was first recovered. This would mean going into the collapsed mines, which Frank rules out, as it is too dangerous. Rather than destroying it, Frank wants to use the stone to see their mother.

Frank meets Stacy at Wilt’s and confronts her about all of his findings. While Stacy insists that her running over the Tall Man was an accident, she does reveals that her real name is Anastasia Nabokov. Daughter of Victor Nabokov. She’s not part of the Circle and simply wants to avenge her father's death. However, Frank is having trouble believing her. Stacy reveals that she never really got to know her father. She came to Bridgeport to fight for his memory. Much like Frank's mom, Stacy wants to expose the Circle. She then kisses Frank.

Frank asks his grandma about the Nabokov’s piece of the Eye. Gloria presumed that it was in Victor’s possession, but she recently learned that he died, supposedly of natural causes, but Gloria doesn’t believe so. Frank suspects that he was killed by someone who wanted his piece of the Eye. Gloria explains that she’s been looking for her piece with such ferocity because she’s been thinking about her successor, that being Frank.[10]

Searching for Joe at Demon's Paw

Frank and Aunt Trudy drive out to Demon’s Paw and call out to Joe and Biff, but they don't find them. After failing to find Frank and organizing a search with his friends, Frank informs his grandma that Joe is inside the tunnels at Demon’s Paw. He then reveals that they found the key to her father’s study. Frank reveals they took a map with ley lines and George’s journal. Frank questions if George had a secret entrance to the tunnel. Gloria isn’t sure, anyone who would know is either dead or working against them.

Frank and Gloria arrive at Anya Kowalski’s shop. She’s pleased to see Frank again but isn’t nearly as welcoming to Gloria. They need her help. Anya reveals that she and her mother were forced off their own land many years ago by George’s bank. Gloria admits that her father was manipulative and deceitful. And when he died, she carried on as if she learned nothing from his wicked ways and apologizes to Anya, who reluctantly agrees to help. Anya asks what Joe is looking for in the mines. Frank claims that Joe is simply curious and asks Anya if her father ever mentioned there being another entrance to the mines. Anya explains that each man wanted their own entrance because they did not trust one another.

Frank asks Stacy if her grandfather, Sergei Nabokov, had a separate entrance. Stacy’s father always told her never to trust anyone from the Circle, so if she tells Frank, he has to promise never to let his grandma know. Frank promises, and Stacy reveals that her father built a storehouse by the mines and said that it was a front to cover up the entrance.

Frank and Callie go to the Nabokov storehouse near the mines in search of the entrance to the tunnels. Callie questions which side Frank is on. Eventually, he’ll have to choose between Stacy and his grandmother. He’s thought about it but hasn’t come to a decision. Callie then finds the entrance into the tunnels but it’s locked and can only be unlocked from the inside. Frank then tries to radio in to Joe and Biff. Joe responds, as he's just beneath them. Frank tells Joe that there’s a door approximately 50 feet away from them and that he can guide Joe and Biff in the right direction. He guides them to the door based on the strength of their signal. Frank tells Joe that he doesn’t care about the Eye anymore. Whatever they choose, they’ll do it together. Joe and Biff then come across the door. Callie and Jesse arrive just as Joe picks the door open and he and Biff escape. Jesse demands to know they truth or else she’s going to arrest them. And so, Frank and Joe tell Jesse everything.[11]

Joining Gloria's Rank

Frank now wants to destroy all three pieces. He is certain that the way to the chamber is hidden somewhere within George’s study. They just have to find it and the only way to do that is to regain access to their great-grandfather's study. Frank wants to give Gloria the piece to the Eye in order to gain her trust.

Frank returns home after getting into a fight with Callie at work and finds that his father has returned home. Frank embraces him, and they reveal to him everything that has happened since he left, which he is not pleased with, as they're putting themselves in danger. Moments after their dad leaves, Frank plots his next move. If they want to destroy the Eye, they have to get all three pieces of it to the chamber. Joe gives Frank the map they took as well as George’s journal in hopes that it’ll convince their grandma that he truly means to join her ranks.

Frank arrives at his grandma's and discovers that she hired JB to steal their piece of the Eye. Frank explains that he was going to give it to her, but she stole it before he could. However, Frank claims to understand why she did what she did, reasoning that the Eye is bigger than everything. He then returns the map and George’s journal. Gloria takes their piece of the Eye and places it in a safe behind a picture. She then tells Frank that she’s happy he’s decided to join her. Mrs. Khan and Stacy then arrive. Stacy leaves not long after, as she has no desire to unite the Eye with the other families. Frank follows her out and tries to convince her to stay. But Stacy doesn’t trust Gloria or Mrs. Khan, certain that they’ll make the same mistakes as the generation before. However, she thinks that together, she and Frank can fix everything. It’s then that Frank realizes that Stacy doesn’t want to destroy the Eye. She wants to put them together as well, just without the other families. She offers Frank a chance to join her, but he turns her down.

Later, Fenton arrives to take Frank home, but he turns him away and asks that his father trust him.[12]

Rescuing Callie

Frank and Gloria are look through George’s study. Gloria suspects that Stacy’s going to come after their piece and says that they’ll be ready when she does. Frank then turns on the projector, which shines on the map on the wall. Joe then arrives to inform Frank that Stacy has Callie and wants to make a trade for their piece of The Eye. Gloria wants to pretend to make an alliance and then trap Stacy, but Frank simply wants to give her the piece.

Frank and Joe meet up with Chet, Biff, and Phil at Wilt's and explain their plan of using Joe's replica piece to trick Stacy. With Stacy most likely having the same radiation detector as the Tall Man, Phil reveals that smoke detectors have small amounts of americium, making it only slightly radioactive, just enough to trick the detector. And so they cut the americium out of multiple smoke detectors and tape them around Frank’s arm. Then, Frank and Chet go to get Callie while Joe, Biff, and Phil retrieve the real piece of The Eye from Gloria’s. They arrive at the warehouse and meet with Stacy’s “aunt” and “uncle,” who are holding Callie hostage. With the americium under his sleeve, the fake piece to The Eye registers as radioactive. So, they release Callie, who proceeds to leave with Frank and Chet.

Frank, Joe, Callie, and Fenton head to the Chamber of The Eye after learning that Gloria has joined forces with Stacy to reassemble The Eye. Gloria puts the final piece of The Eye in the chamber, uniting the three pieces for the first time in decades to reforge it as The Eye. Frank tries to separate it, but he is too late. The Eye is forged back together and releases a blast of energy that knocks Frank unconscious. The Eye shows Frank the events leading up to his mother’s death, starting with her last argument with Gloria and ending her her and Rupert Khan discussing their plans to go public about the Circle of the Eye. Frank awakens and tells Joe and their dad that he saw their mother. Frank accuses his grandma of choosing The Eye over her own daughter. Frank then recalls his mother saying that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, realizing that Stefan killed Laura without Gloria's knowledge. As the mines are collapsing, Frank, Joe, Fenton, and Gloria make it back to surface level, where the police await and arrests Gloria for Victor Nabokov’s murder.

The following day, Frank and Callie kiss after he and Joe thank their friends for all the help they've provided in solving their mother's murder. They then ride their bikes to Wilt's for ice cream.[13]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[14]

16-year-old FRANK is good looking, athletic, thoughtful and the oldest of the Hardy siblings. . When he’s moved to his mom’s hometown of Bridgeport, Frank is reluctant to let go of his life in the city. It’s only when Frank begins letting the new kids of Bridgeport into his life (including the beautiful Callie Shaw) that he begins to make roots in his new town. An academic whiz kid, he always examines the facts of a situation from all angles before taking a first step. A boy on the verge of becoming a man, losing his mother has forced Frank to grow up faster than he should. Frank tries to keep his emotions locked up so as not to worry the adults, and acts as a caretaker to those around him. The result is a sweet, loving teen with a very serious side. Returning to his mother’s hometown is a way to reconnect with her and discover the sides of her he never knew.

Skills and abilities

Frank possesses several skills, such as the ability to dust for fingerprints, which he claims his dad taught him. He also knows how to play the piano, which his mom made him take lessons for up until last year.


Fun facts and trivia

  • In the original series and most adaptations, Frank is eleven months older than Joe.


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