Franklin W. Dixon, is the pen name or house name that has been used for all Hardy Boys books, except for the graphic novels and Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery. For the Nancy Drew crossover books the Nancy Drew house name, Carolyn Keene, was used.

Franklin W. Dixon . A 1995 edition of Boy's Life magazine, known for its review of Boy Scouts, told of the pen name of Franklin W. Dixon, and conducted a phone interview with two authors who were currently writing under the name of Dixon. Both authors referred to themselves as Mr. X and Mr. Y, stating that they were sworn to secrecy to protect the pen name.

A tribute to Franklin W. Dixon was found in the second-person narrative "Choose Your Own Adventure" book Longhorn Territory, where the reader is given the option to work as a rider for the Pony Express. One of the station masters is named Frank Dixon.


The following series or books have been published under the Franklin W. Dixon name:


The Hardy Boys series

Other series

Individual novels

Known authors

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Many different authors have written under the pseudonym, while most still are not known, some have been revealed. Below is a list of known authors. Not that some of these authors are unverified but probable.

Original series authors


Casefiles authors


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