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George Estabrook was one of three miners who discovered The Eye and founded the Circle of The Eye. He is Gloria Estabrook's father and Frank and Joe Hardy's great-grandfather. He died in a plane crash after breaking the Eye into three pieces and attempting to take his piece over seas.


The Circle of the Eye

George, Ahmed, and Sergei are in the middle of a dispute regarding what to do with the Eye. According to George, they’re responsible for the deaths of 4,000 people. However, Ahmed and Sergei claim no responsibility for those deaths and refuse to give up their power. George then notices Laura standing by the door and tells Gloria to go after her.[1]

George's Death

George announces his plan to leave Bridgeport. The Circle is coming for him. He goes into his study and places the idol in a steel box. Gloria offers to help him. He says that he will always love her but that she will never be part of the Circle of the Eye. He hopes that one day she’ll understand and forgive him.[2]


Fun facts and trivia

  • George does not exist in previous adaptations. He is a character created specifically for the series.