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Gertrude "Trudy" Hardy is the aunt of Frank and Joe Hardy. After the loss of their Laura, the boys move to Bridgeport for the summer to stay with Aunt Trudy, who takes on the role of surrogate mother.


Taking in the Hardy Boys

Trudy welcomes Fenton, Frank, and Joe. They'll be staying with her for the summer while dealing with Laura's death. She greets Joe with a hug and tells him and Frank that there are two rooms up for grab and the boys race inside to stake their claim. Trudy then asks Fenton how he’s holding up. He replies that the boys are mad at him. Trudy explains that she wasn't asking about them.

Later that night, the Hardys have dinner together as a family, but they are interrupted by Gloria, who wishes to strengthen the bond with her grandchildren and better their future. Unfortunately, she an Trudy don't have the best of relationships. Despite this, she attends Gloria's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue the following evening.[1]

Surrogate Mother

Fenton announces that he's taken on a new case, though he doesn't go into specifics. Trudy complements him as he leaves and tells him that he looks like their dad. Just as Fenton is headed towards the door, Frank and Joe confront him about the case he took to find Rupert Khan, which might involve their mother's death, which Trudy was unaware of.

Trudy returns home with groceries and asks the boys to unload the car. However, she discovers that they’re gone and finds a note on the table claiming that they’re at Gloria’s. With this, Trudy rushes over to Gloria's under the impression that the boys are with her. However, Gloria reveals that she hasn't seen the boys all day. Before Trudy exits, Gloria suggest that she show the boys who the boss is, otherwise they will run circles around her. She even proposes that the boys come stay with her until Fenton returns.

Once the boys return home, Trudy reminds them that their dad trusted her to keep them safe, but she can’t do that if they don’t tell her where they are. Frank claims he went to the Dundurin Hotel because he likes historical buildings and Joe was at the beach. However, Trudy suspects they’re both lying and reminds them that she’s in charge while their dad’s away. She then informs them that a box of their mom’s items arrived.[2]

The Carnival

Trudy comes downstairs to find Joe in the kitchen cooking breakfasts. She's disgusted by with his runny eggs and offers to help. Later that evening, she and Joe plan to go to the carnival. She finds him in his room painting a gold idol and compliments his skill.

Trudy and Joe meet with Jesse and Biff at the carnival. Trudy gives Joe $5 to play games with Biff while she and Jesse go looking for something to eat.

Trudy and Jesse begin to panic when all the lights in the carnival shut off. They're back on within minutes, and Trudy and Jesse finds the boys and Biff unharmed.[3]

Ground Rules

Trudy approaches Frank and points out that he hasn’t been talking to her much ever since the carnival. He apologizes as it wasn’t his intention to make her feel that way. Before Frank leaves, Trudy tells him that Gloria wants him to come over to talk about something important. Lastly, she warns Frank to be careful around his grandma as she’s cut from a different cloth than them, explaining that there’s a lot more that separates the Hardys from the Estabrooks than just money. She reminds Frank that his mom was from that world and she left with good reason.

Trudy gets word from Jesse that she's bringing Joe home after catching him in the station going through JB's file. Trudy waits outside with Frank. Joe exits the car and Trudy orders the boys inside. As mad as Trudy is with Joe, she’s more concerned about Frank, who really doesn’t talk to her. Jesse reminds her what it’s like to be 16 and assures Trudy that she’ll be fine. Trudy heads inside and explains to Frank and Joe that she isn’t used to looking after kids. Starting now, she’s implementing new rules. Moving forward, they will treat her with respect. The second rule is they’ll clean up behind themselves. And lastly, they have to start being honest with her.[4]

Burying the Hatchet with Gloria

Trudy returns home to find Sam talking with Frank. Sam claims that he’s just stopping by to check in, as he hasn’t heard from Fenton in days. Sam reminds Trudy that this isn't the first time Fenton has gone dark on them. Trudy argues that Fenton knows better than to do that now given Laura's passing. Sam isn’t worried about him just yet and tells Trudy to call if she needs anything.

While Trudy is painting, she receives at unexpected visit from Gloria. She’d like to bury the hatchet, but Trudy is reluctant to trust her, as Gloria has never been kind to Trudy's family. Until the boys moved to Bridgeport, she hadn’t seen Gloria for two years. Gloria admits that she’s made mistakes and wants to mend what she can, though she knows that she can't change the past. As she leaves, she informs Trudy of her friends in the city who own galleries and might be interested in showcasing her work.

Trudy tells Jesse how Gloria is stopping by later for tea, much to Jesse’s disbelief, as Trudy and Gloria don't get along. As much of Trudy dislikes her, she also doesn’t want to interfere with Gloria’s relationship with the boys. Frank and Joe then return home, and Jesse informs them that the Tall Man escaped custody and advises them to stay in doors for the time being. Trudy then asks where they have been, both claiming they were at Wilt’s.

Later that evening, Trudy and Gloria have tea. Gloria suspects that Joe is a fairly accurate facsimile of a young Fenton. Trudy admits this is the case. Fenton was such a terror that Trudy could do what she wanted because no one was paying attention. And still, she was well behaved because she figured that someone had to be good. Gloria reminds Trudy that she’s still young and has plenty of time to explore. Trudy is surprised that Gloria isn’t telling her to be more proper. Gloria says that no one is ever obliged to be what people expect. Trudy admits that she’s worried about Joe, who has been acting out. Gloria reasons that he’s simply adjusting to the world around him. Frank on the other hand, has been distant.[5]

Frank is having doubts about attending the Rosegrave entry exam. Trudy tells him to keep an open mind and to remember that everyone who goes to Rosegrave becomes a huge success. After the boys have left, Jesse shows up and reveals that the Tall Man escaped custody. Bridgeport PD will do their best to protect the boys, but she tells Trudy that she’ll have to keep a close eye on them as well.[6]

Phil has invited Joe to a Sea Cadets meeting. Trudy reminds Joe he’s not allowed to leave the house, as the Tall Man is still on the loose. However, Joe assures her that he’ll be fine, as they’ll be under constant adult supervision. So, Trudy reluctantly allows for him to attend the meeting.

Trudy receives an unexpected visit from Jesse. She compliments her paintings. Trudy reveals that Gloria hooked her up with a gallery in hopes of making amends, though Trudy says it'll take more than that to fix their relationship. Later that night, Joe returns home with Phil from the Sea Cadet meeting. Trudy invites Phil to stay for dinner, but he says that he has to leave. After Phil leaves, the Hardys have dinner, during which time Trudy notices tension between Frank and Joe.[7]

Trudy the Snoop

Trudy arrives at the police station after learning that Frank and Joe were attacked by the Tall Man. Chief Collig asks if she knows why the Tall Man is after the boys. She says that she doesn’t, and then Collig warns her to keep Frank and Joe under a more watchful eye. Jesse meets them outside and tells Trudy that the Tall Man is dead.

Trudy returns home with the boys and tells them that she’d be at a loss if anything ever happened to them. Frank then notices the book sitting across the room. With their father still gone, Trudy reveals that they’ll be attending school in Bridgeport.

Trudy invites Jesse over for snacks and a movie. Trudy admits that she worries for the boys often. She wants to be their friend as well as their aunt. Jesse assures Trudy that she’s a good aunt. Everyday, no matter what they deal with, they come back to her for safety. Jesse then reveals to Trudy that Frank and Joe believe that Ezra might be involved in something corrupt. With that, Trudy refuses to live in the dark any further, stating that she comes from a family of detectives so she’s going to snoop.

The following day while the boys are at school, Trudy snoops through the boys' rooms looking for any kind of inclination as to what they’ve been up to. After failing to find anything in either of their rooms, Trudy heads into the attic, where she finds Frank and Joe’s investigative board.[8]

Lying to Jesse

Trudy learns from Jesse that Joe was abducted by JB. Trudy wants to come and help, but Jesse tells her to stay at home in case Joe shows up. Just as Trudy is about to walk out the door to find the boys, Joe and Frank return. She takes them upstairs and into the attic to demand answers as to what they’ve been doing. Frank and Joe explain everything to Trudy, from their mother’s murder to the secret society controlling the world’s events. Trudy believes them and asks why they haven’t gone to the police. They reveal that Chief Collig is corrupt. Furthermore, the less people that know the better off they’ll all be. Trudy agrees but has conditions if they wish to continue their investigation. She tells them that they can't keep anymore secrets and that if she feels that they’re in over their heads then she’s going to Jesse.

The following day, Jesse checks in on Trudy, who insists that Joe wasn’t abducted and that he was at Gloria’s. Jesse senses that Trudy is lying to her, but Trudy insists that everything is fine and that she’ll be the first person she’ll call if they need help.[9]

Trudy calls Jesse because she hasn’t heard from her and apologizes for acting so odd the day before. There are things she wants to tell Jesse but says that it’s complicated. Trudy and Frank sit on the couch eating chips and soda. Trudy had plans with Jesse, but she never showed up. Trudy suspects that Jesse is upset because she knows that she is being lied to. Trudy changes the subject to Frank and his relationships. She advises him to always be upfront and honest. Later that night, Jesse shows up uninvited looking for Biff, who was supposed to be home hours ago.[10]

Searching for Joe and Biff

Trudy tries to clam Jesse down, who fears the worst may have happened to Biff. She suspects that Biff is with Joe since they’ve been inseparable since the Hardy boys' arrival and that Joe is doing something he shouldn’t be doing and has Biff with him. Trudy comes to Joe’s defense, reasoning that it’s not Joe’s fault that he finds himself in the predicaments that he does. Frank arrives, but he doesn’t know where Joe is either. Jesse storms out but not before telling Trudy to call her if she hears anything. Once Jesse it gone, Frank tells Trudy that he thinks Joe is at Demon's Paw searching for a way inside the tunnels. And so, Trudy and Frank search Demon's Paw for Joe and Biff but don't find them, suspecting that they've already found a way inside the mines, which Trudy reports back to Jesse.

Trudy and Jesse confront Ezra after he issues a town-wide curfew, as they believe they need as many people as possible on the lookout. Chief Collig explains that while they search their side of the Demon’s Paw, Grisham will search their side. They also have a chopper coming in from Dixon City. He surmises that Gloria called a few favors in. After recovering Joe and Biff from the mines, the Hardys reveal everything they know to Jesse.[11]

Trudy asks Frank if the piece to the Eye they recovered is in the house. He initially says no but then admits that the piece is upstairs, to which Trudy replies that she wants it out of the house. Later, Trudy checks in on Joe before going to take a shower. She’s more worried about him than usual after the incident in the mines. When she exits the shower, she finds JB in Joe's room and alerts Fenton and the boys. After Trudy gets dressed, they explain everything that's transpired since Fenton left. Trudy explains that Jesse knows everything but her hands are tied because Chief Collig is involved. Fenton is upset and blames Trudy for allowing the boys to get involved in the first place.[12]

Confronting Ezra

Chief Collig arrives at the Hardy residence searching for Frank. Callie went missing, and Frank was the last person seen with her. Chief Collig want to take him down to the station for questioning. Trudy claims that Frank isn’t home, so Ezra decides to hang around until Frank returns. Meanwhile, just upstairs, Frank and Joe sneak out the window.

Before long, Fenton comes home and confronts Ezra for working for the Estabrooks and becoming a corrupt official. They proceed to show him the investigation board in the attic, where they have collected evidence against him and the Circle of The Eye. They have recordings, letters, and even a signed confession from JB Cox.

After Ezra leaves, Fenton asks Trudy why would she allow for the boys to sneak out. She explains that she was trying to get them away from Chief Collig. Trudy didn’t have any other choice, as Fenton left them. So, the boys had to figure things out on their own. While Fenton was grieving the love of his life and investigating her death, Trudy explains that the boys had to grieve him too and that they’re just as determined to find out who killed Laura as anyone.

The following morning, the Hardys gather for breakfast. Trudy says that she’s going to miss them when they move back to Dixon City. Fenton takes this opportunity to inform her that after talking it over with Frank and Joe, they’ve decided to stay in Bridgeport for a while.[13]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[14]

The boys’ AUNT TRUDY is warm, funny, and enthusiastic. She is caring in a well-travelled, modern thinking, benevolent kind of way. A new-age hippy, Trudy is kooky – but stronger than she appears. While Frank and Joe are adjusting to life living with her in Bridgeport, Trudy is adjusting to her new role of surrogate mother. The struggles will be many, but the rewards of this new role are endless, and she knows it.

Skills and abilities

Trudy is a skilled artist and painter. It's a craft she's made a living out of.


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