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"Hitting bookstores soon will be the Hardy Boys volume 14: "Haley Danelle's Top Eight." It's a great story that deals with what I'm doing right now: participating in an online social network! Frank and Joe run into one particularly clever villain who is not your average run-of-the-mill bad guy. Or should I say, bad gal? I'm not gonna give up any spoilers here, so I'll leave it at that!"
— Papercutz Editorial Assistant, Michael Petranek[1]

Haley Danelle's Top Eight (originally to be entitled Haley Danelle's Best Eight!) is the 14th book in The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series. It was published on September 2, 2008 by Papercutz.[2]

Plot summary

Official summary:[3] This is one of the rare cases that aren’t assigned by A.T.A.C (American Teens Against Crime).... when Joe and Frank’s friend, Haley Danelle learns the friends on her MyFacePlace page’s Top Eight are disappearing one at a time, she turns to the Hardy Boys for help in finding them!


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