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"In Plain Sight" is the sixth episode of season one of the 2020 Hulu original series The Hardy Boys.


Official episode premise for "In Plain Sight" from Hulu:

Frank relents and takes the entrance exam to Rosegrave Preparatory School. Callie Shaw is also taking the test and the two become close as they work together to solve the exam’s last escape room puzzle in Gloria’s study. Unwittingly they discover a hidden door, marked by a similar symbol they’ve seen before. Meanwhile, when Joe finds out the Tall Man has escaped from jail, he quickly tries to find a safe place for his lucky charm.

Plot summary

Jesse continues to interview the Tall Man about his past, including the incident on the plane. She spoke to a flight attendant, who identified him as a passenger. She wants to know what he’s doing in Bridgeport but he refuses to give anything up, eventually deciding to have a nap instead.

Gloria asks Frank if he’s ready for his entry exam into Rosegrave. The test is being held at her estate, so she tells Frank to be there by 2:00. Frank isn’t so sure going to Rosegrave is a good idea, but Trudy tells him to keep an open eye and to remember that everyone who goes to Rosegrave becomes a huge success. Before leaving for his shift at Wilt’s, Frank gives Joe the cloth they found at the factory and tells him to find out what he can.

Jesse reports back to Chief Collig who tells her that the Tall Man is essentially a ghost. Admittedly, the Tall Man worries her, as he’s shown an interest in the Hardy boys, who Biff has started to hang around. Collig reveals that the feds are coming to take the Tall Man away in 12 hours, so he won’t be their problem for long.

Wilt argues that Rosegrave would be an incredible opportunity for Frank, making him part of the elite. Frank argues that he doesn’t trust his grandma, and therefore doesn’t trust her school of choice. Chet enters the shop and reveals that his dad was enraged about them staging a trap for the Tall Man at the farm. The harvest hasn’t been treating them well and now the bank is breathing heavily down upon them, so they’re dealing with a lot as is. Chet wishes he could do more to help. Frank assures him they’ll figure it out. Callie joins them as she prepares for the exam at Bridgeport.

Fenton’s investigation into Rupert Khan’s disappearance has led him to a man named Adams. However, he is apprehended while talking photos and knocked unconscious.

Jesse returns to the holding cell to continue her questioning of the Tall Man. But when she reaches his cell, she discovers that he has escaped.

Frank and Callie arrive at Gloria’s for the exam. Stefan tells Callie that she doesn’t need luck as she’s Rosegrave material through and through. He wishes Frank good luck, however. Gloria approaches with Paul McFarlane, the dean of Rosegrave Academy. Dean Mcfarlane mentions the fact that Frank’s great-grandfather founded the school. Although, even with such a strong family connection, he still has to pass the entrance exam. Gloria then mentions that Dean Mcfarlane has been a great asset to Rosegrave and that he knew Laura.

Biff recommends that Joe take the piece of fabric from the brick factory to a tailor. Before long, they arrive at Tan Likley’s tailor shop and ask him about the fabric, claiming that his Aunt Trudy wanted to match it to her shirt. Upon further examination, Tan reveals that the fabric is from a policeman’s overcoat.

Dean Mcfarlane explains that the entrance exam consists of four sections, covering a variety of core academic subjects. Each subject will be marked as they complete it and the students with the lowest scores will be asked to leave. By the end of testing, only two will remain. Those two will undergo a final test to determine whether or not they are accepted.

Biff refuses to believe that there’s a dirty cop within Bridgeport PD, suggesting that maybe they’re looking for someone from Dixon City. Joe recalls how Chief Collig picked up the envelope at the park and how it could be from his coat. Still, Biff insists that Chief Collig is innocent.

Fenton wakes up tied to a chair. Adams enters and asks what he was doing near the house. However, this is a rhetorical question, as he already knows that Fenton is looking for Rupert Khan. As are they, mostly because he’s working against their interests. They want to know everything Fenton knows about his whereabouts. Adams asks why Fenton is looking for him. Fenton reveals that he was hired by Rupert’s aunt to find him. Adams then realizes that Fenton doesn’t know about the idol or anything of importance.

Jesse arrives at the Hardy residence to inform Trudy that the Tall Man escaped. Bridgeport PD will do their best to protect the boys, but she tells Trudy that she’ll have to keep a close eye on them as well. Unbeknownst to them, Joe and Biff listen from upstairs.

By the end of the entrance exam, Frank and Callie are the last two remaining. Dean McFarlane reveals that the last round is less conventional. Gloria says that she’s proud of them and that the last test is for the two of them to figure out how to exit the room within the next 15 minutes.

Fenton tells Adams’ bodyguard that he knows where Rupert Khan is and calls him over. As the guard gets close, Fenton headbutts him and makes his escape on his motorcycle hidden in the woods.

With the Tall Man presumably on the way, Joe and Biff plot their next move. Joe decides to hide the stone in some place secure.

Frank and Callie must solve the puzzle in order to leave the room. The riddle reads: “Look further than the time, to find the key to this rhyme. 3 and 3 make 5. Add 1 below, and a flat face will chime.” Callie believes the riddle could be referring to the clock but nothing happens upon testing their theory and now they have only 5 minutes left. Frank recites the riddle again, and Callie realizes that it consists of musical references, so they turn their attention to the piano, which after successfully playing the right cord, reveals a hidden compartment with a key inside. As they’re about to open the door, Frank finds a book with that same symbol from his mom's sketchpad on his grandmother’s book case. He pulls on the book, which in turn reveals a hidden door behind the bookcase. Frank closes the bookcase, vowing to return before he and Callie unlock the door, where Gloria and Dean McFarlane applaud their performance and welcome them to Rosegrave.

Gloria congratulates Frank and Callie as Dean McFarlane explains that the final test measures a candidate’s reaction and ability to improvise. Dean McFarlane then reveals to Frank that Laura passed the test with flying colors as well and tells Frank that he hopes to see him at the academy.

Joe and Biff discuss where to hide the stone. It has to be secure but not too dangerous. Biff unintentionally mentions his mom and how she probably loved growing up in Bridgeport. She adds how envious she is of Joe, who has a brother, aunt, and father, whereas it’s just Biff and her mom. They suddenly find themselves being hunted by the Tall Man and take off down an alley.

Frank and Callie convene with Chet at Wilt’s and tell him about the Rosegrave entrance exam, specifically the final round, where they had to solve the riddle and uncovered a hidden door.

Joe and Biff sneak into a movie theater through the back door and take cover behind the projection screen. Joe climbs a ladder and hides the stone inside an electrical speaker socket. He reaches over to place the speaker back inside the socket and nearly falls from the ladder, but Biff manages to set the ladder straight, allowing for Joe to climb back down.

Stefan takes Mrs. Khan to see Gloria. It’s her understanding that Gloria has come into possession of the stone that her father had lost so many years ago. Gloria presumes that the Tall Man is an affiliate of the Khans, but Kanika insists that he doesn’t work for her. Gloria has already lost her father and daughter to the exigencies of their business. She refuses to allow anything to happen to the boys. Kanika reminds Gloria that they’re not the only ones involved. There’s another party to be considered.

Joe informs Frank that the fabric they recovered came from a police coat and that he hid the stone in a movie theater for safekeeping. Frank then reveals to Joe that he found a secret door in their grandma’s study with the same symbol their mother drew. Frank also recalls Dean McFarlane saying he knew their mother. So, he checks Laura's school yearbook and discovers that their mother and Dean McFarlane were high school sweethearts.

Trudy calls the boys from downstairs and tells them that their dad is on the phone. Frank and Joe come racing down the steps. Joe asks if he’s on his way back, as school starts in a couple days, and they don’t want to go to Bridgeport. However, Fenton has yet to recover Rupert Khan, so his investigation continues. Frank and Joe tell him how they suspect that their grandma is somehow involved, as well as Rosegrave Prep. Fenton worries for their safety and tells them to stop investigating their mother’s death. He tells his sons that he loves them before hanging up. Frank tells Joe that they’re going to start being safe but by no means are they stopping their investigation.

Chief Collig warns Gloria that the Tall Man escaped his cell and is currently on the loose. Gloria replies that this is bad news for everyone.


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  • Gloria to Kanika: I have already lost my father. And now, my daughter, to the exigencies of our business. But if any harm comes to another member of my family, you will have me to answer to. And that's a fate you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.