Iola Morton is a dark haired, pretty girl who attends Bayport High. She is the sister of Chet Morton and Joe Hardy's girlfriend.[1] Iola is described as being as slim as her brother is chubby, but has the same kind of tilted nose and twinkling eyes.[2]

She is the daughter of Mr. Morton (Original) & Mrs. Morton (Original), as well as the sister of Chet Morton (Original), and the Great-Grandfather of Ezekiel Morton, who was an honorary chief of the Pashunk tribe of North American Indians, known as Chief Wallapatookunk (Eat-a-Whole-Moose).[3] She is also great friends with classmate Callie Shaw (Original)


She shares her mother's witty, lighthearted nature.[4]

Iola Morton has appeared in live action twice- first on The Mickey Mouse Club, as portrayed by Carole Ann Campbell in both of The Hardy Boys serials: The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure and The Mystery of the Ghost Farm. She also appeared briefly in the 1967 pilot, The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, as portrayed by Cindy Ferrare.


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