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Jesse Hooper is Biff's mother and a deputy at the Bridgeport Police Department.


Arrival of the Hardy Boys

Jesse attends Gloria Estabrook's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue. She introduces her grandsons, Frank and Joe. Jesse also reunites her longtime friend, Fenton.[2]

Jesse gets a call from Frank, who informs her that Ern Cullmore is hiding out in the basement of the Dundurin Hotel. Jesse tells Frank that she’s on her way and instructs another deputy to get her all he can about the Astghik.[3]

The Carnival

Jesse takes Biff to the carnival, where they meet with Trudy and Joe. Jesse gives Biff $5 to play games with Joe while she and Trudy go looking for something to eat.

Jesse and Trudy start to panic when all the lights at the carnival shut off. Once they turn back on, Jesse and Trudy find the boys and Biff unharmed. However, the Tall Man's body lays on the ground in full view.[4]

Tracking Down JB Cox

Bridgeport PD have found JB Cox's hideout. Jesse radios in and reports that she’s concluding her search of the fugitive’s campsite and then drives back to the station with the evidence they've collected.

Jesse stops by the hospital to check on the Tall Man. He’s in a coma after being shocked with the power mains from the carnival, which should’ve killed him. Unfortunately, they’re not sure when he’ll awaken from the coma.

Jesse asks Joe why he is looking into JB’s file after catching him in the chief's office. Joe thinks that JB might have answers as to all the strange happenings in Bridgeport. Jesse then drives Joe home, where Trudy waits outside with Frank. Joe exits the car and Trudy orders the boys inside. Jesse reveals to Trudy that Joe was looking into information about the fugitive from the beach. As mad as Trudy is with Joe, she’s more concerned about Frank, who doesn’t talk to her. Jesse reminds her what it’s like to be 16 and assures Trudy that she’ll be fine.[5]

The Tall Man in Custody

Jesse comes by and learns from Trudy how Gloria is stopping by later for tea, much to Jesse’s disbelief, as she knows how much they don't get along. As much of Trudy dislikes Gloria, she doesn’t want to interfere with Gloria’s relationship with the boys. Frank and Joe then arrive and Jesse informs them that the Tall Man escaped custody and advises the boys to stay in doors for the time being.

Jesse drives Frank and Joe home after they managed to trap the Tall Man at the Morton Farm. They claim that the Tall Man simply must've followed them to Chet’s farm, where they managed to trap him in a cage.

Jesse returns to the station to question the Tall Man. She asks for his name and if he knows anything about the Astghik, specifically Ern Cullmore, who escaped. She tells him that his prints are being circulated and that eventually they’ll find out who he is. He replies: “What if I don’t exist?”[6]

Jesse continues to interrogate the Tall Man about his past, including the incident on the plane. She spoke to a flight attendant, who identified him as a passenger. She demands to know what he’s doing in Bridgeport but he refuses to reveal anything. After getting nowhere with the Tall Man, Jesse reports back to Chief Collig, who tells her that the Tall Man is essentially a ghost. This worries Jesse, as he’s shown an interest in the Hardy boys, who Biff has started to hang around. Collig reveals that the feds are coming to take the Tall Man away in 12 hours, so he won’t be their problem for long. With that in mind, Jesse returns to the holding cell to continue her questioning of the Tall Man. But she discovers that he has escaped.

Jesse heads over to the Hardy residence to inform Trudy that the Tall Man escaped. Bridgeport PD will do their best to protect the boys, but she tells Trudy that she’ll have to keep a close eye on them as well.[7]

Jesse stops by to visit Trudy. She compliments her paintings. Trudy reveals that Gloria hooked her up with a gallery in hopes of making amends, though Trudy says it'll take more than that to fix their relationship.[8]

Investigating Chief Collig

The Hardy boys are brought into the precinct after another attacked by the Tall Man, which resulted in him being hit and killed by a car. Chief Collig asks Frank and Joe if they know why the Tall Man was after them, but the boys maintain their innocence. When Jesse tries to get Chief Collig to back off, he sends her away. Trudy arrives soon thereafter to pick the boys up. Jesse meets them outside and tells Trudy that the Tall Man is dead.

Biff arrives at the station with dinner. Jesse is asked by Biff if she trusts Chief Collig. Jesse says that she does and wonders why Biff's is asking this. Biff makes her swear to secrecy before revealing that Frank and Joe suspect that Chief Collig is corrupt and that he was doing something shady near the brick factory. Jesse defends Ezra, claiming that he’s a good, trustworthy man.

Jesse brings Chief Collig a cup of coffee and catches him reading over the Tall Man’s report. Jesse recalls the chief saying the case was out of their hands and wonders why he’s still looking into the dead escapee. Chief Collig claims that he’s simply being vigilant, as the Tall Man died in their town. Before leaving, Jesse tells Chief Collig that she’s about to head out to the old Matthews Brothers brick factory after getting a report of activity the other day. The chief claims that he hasn’t been around the area for a while. Jesse realizes that this is a lie and leaves out the back, where she examines Chief Collig’s tire and finds brick dust.

Trudy invites Jesse over for snacks and a movie. They talk about Frank and Joe. Trudy wants to be their friend as well as their aunt. Jesse assures Trudy that she’s a good aunt. Everyday, no matter what they deal with, they come back to her for safety. Jesse then reveals to Trudy that Frank and Joe believe that Ezra might be corrupt. Jesse isn't sure if they're right yet, but she is certain that he’s hiding something.[9]

Joe's Abduction

After learning from Biff and Phil that Joe was abducted by JB Cox, Jesse calls Trudy to alert her. Trudy wants to come and help, but Jesse tells her to stay at home in case Joe shows up.

The following day, Jesse checks in on Trudy, who insists that Joe wasn’t abducted and that he was simply at Gloria’s. Jesse senses that Trudy is lying to her, but Trudy insists that Joe was never abducted and that she’ll call Jesse if they need help.[10]

Searching for Biff

Jesse shows up at the Hardy’s house uninvited in search of Biff. She asks Trudy about Biff, who was supposed to be home hours ago but never showed up.[11]

Jesse is frantic. She begins to fear the worst may have happened to Biff. She suspects that her daughter is with Joe due to the fact they’ve been inseparable since the Hardy boys' arrival and that Joe is doing dangerous, dragging Biff along with him. Trudy comes to Joe’s defense, reasoning that it’s not Joe’s fault that he finds himself in the predicaments he does. Frank arrives, but he doesn’t know where Joe is either. Jesse storms out but not before telling Trudy to call her if she hears anything.

Jesse has the entire Bridgeport Police Department out looking for Joe and Biff. They’ve been missing for approximately three hours. Chief Collig offers to contact Grisham police to see if they can lend a hand. Trudy arrives and tells Jesse that Joe and Biff most likely went out to Demon’s Paw.

Jesse and Trudy confront Ezra after he issues a town-wide curfew. They believe they need as many people as possible on the lookout. Chief Collig explains that while they search their side of the Demon’s Paw, Grisham will search their side. They also have a chopper coming in from Dixon City. He surmises that Gloria called a few favors in.

Jesse arrives at the Nabokov storefront just as Biff and Joe emerge from the tunnels. She embraces Biff and demands to know the truth or else she's arresting them. So, Frank and Joe show Jesse their investigation board, detailing their mother’s murder and their investigation so far. Jesse remarks that anyone connected to the Circle of the Eye will be impossible to investigate. The only thing they know for certain is that Chief Collig was buying the idol from JB and that Collig later arrested JB, but he was never brought into the station. Jesse suggests dropping all the evidence they have on Collig on his desk, but doing that would alert him of their investigation, Joe points out.[12]

Arresting Gloria

After receiving Gloria's taped confession of killing Victor Nabokov from Rupert Khan, Jesse arrives Gloria at the Nabokov storehouse and places her in a cell next to Ezra.[13]

Personality and traits

Jesse is a trustworthy and competent deputy and loving and protective mother.


Fun facts and trivia

  • Jesse does not exist in previous adaptations. She is a character created specifically for the series.
  • She's the first character to be recasted in any of the TV adaptions.