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Joseph "Joe" Hardy is the younger brother of Frank Hardy. After a family tragedy, Joe and Frank are forced to move from the big city to their parent’s hometown of Bridgeport for the summer, staying with their Aunt Trudy.


His Mother's "Accident"

Joe rides through the park on his way to summer school. A group of bullies refer to him as "Farty" and tell him to pass the ball. Instead, Joe kicks the ball away and flees on his skateboard. He later arrives at Frank's game and joins Emma and Sandra in the crowd. Joe joins Frank on the field after he wins the game and asks about their parents. Just then, their dad arrives and drives them to the scene of the incident, where their mother was involved in a fatal crash that took her life.

Joe retreats into the house after his mother's funeral. He lashes out on Frank, blaming him for their mother's death. After Frank tells him to stop, they find a box with his their father's belongings from work and photos from their mother's crash. Their father then informs them that they're moving to Bridgeport for the summer with their Aunt Trudy. Frank takes Aunt Trudy’s old room while Joe takes their dad’s old room.

Joe and Frank ride their bikes into to town to grab a few items from Wilt’s Deli, where they meet Biff. She asks Joe where he’s from. He says “not here” and proceeds inside the store. Biff follows him and introduces herself. Joe asks about her unusual name. She explains that one her first day of kindergarten, she couldn’t say her name right. She said “Elizabiff.” And the name just stuck. She then blocks Joe's path and tells him that she’ll leave him alone if he buys her a gumball.

The following night, the Hardys attend their grandma's “welcome to Bridgeport” party, where Joe is taken hostage in the woods by Ern Cullmore, who demands to speak with Gloria. He reveals that he's the sole survivor of the Astghik explosion and that the crew was murdered. Joe breaks free as he reveals this and Ern escapes.

The next day, Joe and Frank look through their mother’s belongings in the attic, where they overhear their father in the garage speaking with Kanika Khan, whose nephew, Rupert Khan, disappeared three weeks ago. Phone records show that he called Laura three times on the day she died. Mrs. Khan believes that Laura picked back up journalism and Rupert was her source, which ultimately resulted in her death. So, Mrs. Khan hires Fenton to find Rupert. From the attic, Joe and Frank declare that they’re going to find their mother’s killer.[1]

Meeting JB

After finding their mom’s sketch pad and the word "Astghik" written on it as well as a mysterious symbol, Joe uses a knife to pick the lock on his dad’s briefcase. He then plays lookout while Frank investigates. They discover that he's taken the case to find Rupert Khan. Joe and Frank follow their dad out to his cab and ask him why he isn’t being truthful with them. Fenton says that if their mother was killed, their best chances of finding out who and why is for him to track down Rupert Khan. As he gets into the cab, Joe gives him a comic to read on the plane.

Joe follows Biff into the woods, where he finds her helping JB. Joe asks about his leg. JB claims that he was on the Astghik and that he was the only one to make it off. He asks JB about Ern, which leads Joe to suspect that JB isn't who he says he is. JB explains that he has a radio. If he can get it fixed, he can call someone he trusts to get him off the beach. Joe agrees to help him fix it but he has to go back home to get his tools.

Joe returns with his toolbox and asks Biff how she met JB. She met him while walking on the beach. He offered her a month’s allowance if she got him a few items from Wilt's. Joe suspects that JB is lying about the Astghik and wants to know where he really came from. So the two of them make their way back to the campsite and ask who JB is trying to call. He reveals that he was never on the Astghik. He’s actually a delivery guy though he doesn’t know who his buyer is, which is why he needs the radio to work so that he can pinpoint the drop. Joe eventually fixes the radio and finds the broadcast from JB’s buyer for the drop. The broadcast is in Morse code and pinpoints the drop at Stoney Creek Park. Given the condition of JB’s leg, he pays Joe and Biff $80 to deliver an envelope for him.

Joe returns home and opens JB’s letter intended for the buyer. He discovers that the drop off is scheduled for Thursday but the rest of the letter is some kind of coded message. He then joins Biff and heads to Stoney Creek Park. Biff hides behind a tree as Joe makes the drop. He slides the envelope under the seat and rejoins Biff, who decides to go to Wilt’s while Joe stays behind to see who picks up the envelope. Before long, Chief Collig arrives in the park and opens the envelope.

Joe goes back to the campsite only to find that JB is no longer there. All that’s left behind is a single shredded parachute that he was using as a tent. Joe heads back home and enters his room to find JB waiting. Joe reveals that the chief of police picked up the envelope. Joe then says that he went back to the campsite and that it was smart of JB to use a parachute as a tent. He’s managed to connect the pieces and now knows that JB is the fugitive who jumped out the plane. JB admits this is true. Joe inquires about what he stole. JB replies that Joe is better off not knowing.

Joe and Frank look through a box of their mom's things, where they find a book titled “The Strange Tales of Bridgeport.” Their mom checked it out from the Bridgeport public library the day she died. An entire chapter is missing, specifically “The Tragedy at Demon’s Paw.” With that said, the boys begin to work together to solve their mom’s case.[2]

Joe's Lucky Charm

Joe enters his room and finds a screw of the ground. He looks to his left and sees a vent. Inside, JB has hidden the gold idol he stole from the Tall Man. Joe accidentally drops the idol and finds a fraction of a broken artifact. Joe repairs the idol but without putting the stone back inside. Trudy enters his room to tell him that it’s time to leave for the carnival. She finds the idol and presumes he made it.

Joe meets with Biff at the carnival and the two of them stop at the coin toss booth. Biff advises him against playing but Joe disregards her advice and wins the game three times in a row, claiming the big pink giraffe as his prize. Given his recent run of luck, Joe decides to test it at another game of the balloon bust. He must hit all three red balloons to win the big prize. He bursts the first balloon and then the second. A crowd has gathered and Joe decides to throw the final dart without even looking. He wins the game, making him the first in Bridgeport history to do so. Joe then gifts Biff a giant frog. A bully named Curtis approaches and accuses Joe of somehow cheating to win.

Joe learns from Biff that the Tall Man is looking for him and the two take off running. Joe runs into Curtis, who steals giraffe. With the Tall Man on his heels, Joe runs into the Whacky Shack. Joe frantically searches for a way out. He finds a back door, but the Tall Man grabs him and demands the stone back. JB intervenes and distracts him long enough for Joe to escape. Not long after escaping the Tall Man's grasp, Joe finds him on the ground unconscious.

Joe and Frank return home, and Frank asks him what was the Tall Man looking for. Joe reveals how he met JB on the beach a few days ago and did him a favor. Joe thought that would be it but then JB broke into the house and hid the idol in a vent in Joe’s room. However, it’s not the idol that the Tall Man is after. He wants the ancient artifact that Joe found inside. He believes it’s magic. Frank then recognizes the symbol on the stone as the same one their mom drew.[3]

The Missing Soldering Iron

Joe returns to JB's campsite to retrieve his toolbox only to discover that it's being investigated by local law enforcement. Joe follows the deputies back to the station on his skateboard. He tries to look for his toolbox in the back of Deputy Hooper's patrol car but is confronted by Biff. Rather than telling her the truth, he says that he was merely planning on shutting the trunk. When Jesse returns, Joe leaves abruptly.

Joe returns home and informs Frank that his toolbox was taken into evidence and that he's terrified with the possibility that he could go to “kid jail” for aiding and abetting a fugitive because he engraved his name on his soldering iron and they will use that to trace it back to him.

After realizing that he can't get his toolbox back on his own, Joe packs a bag of clothing and survival gear as he plans to run away before the police can come looking for him. Biff arrives and suggests that they sneak in and steal the soldering iron. They enter the police station under the guise of retrieving a donation box, and they break into the evidence locker to steal back Joe’s soldering iron. Biff hears her mother’s voice and flees out the back door. However, Joe stays behind to take a look at JB’s file in hopes that it’ll lead them to him. While reviewing JB's file, Joe is caught by Jesse, who questions what he was doing and takes him home.

Fortunately, Biff stops by the following day and gifts Frank and Joe a copy of JB’s report. She tells Joe that he owes her before leaving.[4]

Trapping the Tall Man

Joe and Frank manage to decipher JB's code for the buyer for the drop point. They're to meet at the Matthew Brothers brick factory at 8:30. Joe and Frank lie in wait for the buyer, during which time Joe reveals just how much he misses their dad. Frank wants to back out, as Joe is clearly scared but the buyer arrives. However, he runs off after noticing the the Hardy boys. So Frank chases after him whereas Joe runs into JB, who is also looking to uncover the identity of the buyer, as he has yet to be paid. JB warns them that they’re dealing with dangerous people and suggests that they let it go.

Joe and Frank return to the brick factory to look for any possible clues left behind. The Hardy boys begin to retrace the buyer’s steps as he fled the facility. They find a patch of fabric wedged into the door frame and take it with them as they run out the building after being another encounter with the Tall Man.

The boys convene with Callie, Chet, Biff, and Phil at Wilt's and devise a plan to the Tall Man, starting with Joe creating a replica stone and him and Frank luring the Tall Man to the Morten Farm with Chet's truck. As he approaches, Phil radios in to warn them. Joe lures him inside the stable with the replica stone and they trap him inside a steel cage before calling Biff's mom. And the following day, they thank their friends for their assistance.[5]

Finding the Fabric

Joe is tasked with finding out whatever he can about the fabric he and Frank recovered from the brick factory. Biff recommends that Joe take the piece of fabric to Tan Likley's, the only tailor shop in town. They arrive at the shop and ask him about the fabric, claiming that his Aunt Trudy wanted to match it to her shirt. Upon further examination, Tan reveals that the fabric is from a policeman’s overcoat.

Biff refuses to believe that there’s a dirty cop within Bridgeport PD, suggesting that maybe they’re looking for someone from Dixon City. But Joe recalls how Chief Collig picked up the envelope at the park and how it could be from his coat.

Joe and Biff discuss where to hide the stone. Before they can discuss a secure location, they find themselves being hunted by the Tall Man and take off down an alley. Joe and Biff sneak into a movie theater through the back door and hide behind the projection screen. Joe climbs a ladder and hides the stone inside an electrical speaker socket. He reaches over to place the speaker back inside the socket and nearly falls from the ladder, but Biff manages to set the ladder straight, allowing for Joe to climb back down.

Joe returns home and learns from Frank that he found a secret door in their grandma’s study with the same symbol their mother drew. Frank also recalls Dean McFarlane mentioning he knew their mother. Inside her school yearbook, they discover that their mother and Dean McFarlane were high school sweethearts. The boys then get a call from their dad, who tells them that he can't come home yet and that they need to stop investigating their mom's death. Frank tells Joe that they’re going to start being safe but by no means are they stopping their investigation.[6]

Tracking Down the Buyer

Joe intends to track down the corrupt law official with the piece of fabric he and Frank found and use a wire to record their confession, but he has to first figure out a way out the house, as both Trudy and Frank have forbade him from leaving due to the Tall Man being on the loose. So, he tricks Phil into thinking that he will be joining him at the upcoming Sea Cadets meeting, which his Aunt Trudy reluctantly allows him to attend. Rather than attending the Sea Cadet’s meeting, Joe meets with Biff. They proceed forward with their plan to identify JB’s buyer, who appears to be a cop.

Biff takes Joe to her house, where they examine her mother’s police overcoat to check for any damage. Much to Biff’s relief, the coat is in perfect condition. Afterward, they break into Chief Collig’s house. Joe climbs in through the doggy door unlocks the front door from the inside. Joe and Biff have searched Chief Collig’s entire house and have yet to find his overcoat. They’re forced to escape through the kitchen window when he returns home. While jumping out the window, Joe knocks over the trash can, where he finds Collig’s damaged overcoat, confirming that he was the buyer at the brick factory.

Joe returns home with Phil, maintaining the ruse that he attended a Sea Cadet meeting and shares his findings with Frank, who reminds him that he wasn't supposed to leave the house.

The following day, Frank reveals to Joe that Rosegrave is a front for a secret organization that runs Bridgeport and that Dean McFarlane has resigned from Rosegrave. But he left Frank a message to look to their mother's past for answers. Neither of them are sure what to do with this, as they certainly can’t trust their grandma to tell them the truth. Joe suspects that their grandma wants Frank to run the society and do what their mother wouldn’t. Joe thinks that Dean McFarlane fled, but Frank is fairly certain that someone stopped him before he could tell them anything. The Tall Man suddenly appears and attacks Frank, demanding that he hand over the stone. Joe hits him with a trash can and the boys run across the street. The Tall Man attempts to follow them but is run over by a random teenage girl.[7]

First Day of School

Joe and Frank are taken to the police station after the Tall Man is pronounced dead. Chief Collig asks why the Tall Man was targeting them. They suspect that he probably wanted revenge for trapping him back at the farm. Again, Collig asks if they know why the Tall Man was after them, but Frank and Joe maintain their innocence. Chief Collig continues to question the boys. However, Joe does a bit of questioning of his own in regards to the Tall Man’s escape from the precinct and the hospital. Trudy arrives and takes them home.

Joe returns home from Wilt's with a stomach ache after having BTS brownies. He notices that his room has been ransacked. Later that night, he stares at a photo of his mother, who he misses greatly and then proceeds to hide the photo and wipe his tears as Frank enters. Joe reveals that someone searched his room and it wasn’t Aunt Trudy. Joe suspects that someone is still looking for the piece from the idol.

The boys begin their first day at Bridgeport public school. It’s their first first day of school without their mother. They reminisce about how she used to put smiley face stickers on their notebook or how she’d leave messages on their lunch bags. In class, Joe assures Biff that the Tall Man is dead. Biff then takes the time to confess that she told her mother that he and Frank suspect Chief Collig of corruption. She fears for her mother and wants her to be aware of any potential danger. Biff then gives Joe a radio for him to call if he ever needs her.

Joe enters Wilt’s to buy some snacks, where he is pulled into the supply closet by JB, who needs the piece from inside the idol. Joe claims that he has no idea what JB is referring to. JB pleads with him and makes Joe an offer. If he hands over the piece then he will get Joe information on his mother in exchange.

The following day, Joe leaves school to report JB to Jesse. JB intercepts Joe on his way to the police station. He's discovered the identity of his buyer and intends to use Joe as leverage. JB drives Joe into the woods outside his grandma's house. Joe searches for his walkie but realizes that he dropped it. Joe suspects that JB plans to kill him but JB explains to Joe that no harm will come upon him. He simply has to tell the buyer where to find the piece so that he can get paid. JB reveals to Joe that Gloria is his buyer and takes him inside to confront Gloria himself. Instead, they find Frank and Stefan.[8]

The Missing Eye

Gloria asks Joe if it’s true that he has the piece but decide not to say anything until she answers their questions. Gloria admits that she has sheltered them from some harsh truths, but she’s going to be honest with them moving forward. George Estabrook, Ahmed Khan, and Sergei Nabokov found an ancient artifact of unknown origins in the mines. And when they disturbed it, the mines collapsed. The piece that Joe found inside the idol is called the Eye, because with it, one could achieve all their desires, and it grants insight into the outcome of all things. So the Estabrooks, the Khans, and Nabokovs became three of the wealthiest families of the world. They called themselves the Circle of the Eye. And Frank and Joe’s mother was aware of all of this, which is why she rejected her family and fled Bridgeport. Frank then asks about the door behind the bookcase. It’s George's repository of all his studies into the Eye. She hasn’t been in that room since he died and presumes that the key got lost with him in the crash.

Joe and Frank return home, where explain to Trudy the truth about everything they've learned. Trudy is willing to allow them to continue to investigate but has conditions. She tells them no more secrets and that if she feels that they’re in over their heads then she’s going to Jesse.

Joe tells Biff what he has learned about the Circle and his family. Joe then tells Biff that he’s been considering giving his grandma the piece she’s after. Biff advises him otherwise, as they still don’t know if they can trust her. Joe believes that it may be safer with Gloria than with him. He doesn’t even like knowing where it is.

Joe has decided to give over the piece, so he, Frank, and Stefan head to the Westdale movie theater. Joe takes them behind the screen and points up above to the speaker. When he climbs the ladder to retrieve the piece, he discovers that it has been stolen.

Joe neglects to tell his brother that Biff was with him when he hid the piece. Joe mentions how everyone in the town has secrets, adding that even their secrets have secrets. This resonates with Frank who thinks back to the music box that their grandma gave him. When she gave it to him, she said that there was more than one secret inside. She also said that George Estabrook loved puzzles. Frank suspects that the key to the secret door is somewhere within the music box. So, Joe proceeds to take the box apart. Inside, he finds a cylinder-like key. With the key to the secret door, Frank and Joe sneak into their grandma’s house and unlock the hidden door.[9]

Searching for the Chamber of the Eye

Joe and Frank enter their great-grandfather’s study. Inside, they find maps, books, and ancient artifacts. Joe states that they’ve made it further than their mother ever did. They entered the room in search of answers but have only found more questions. Frank looks over a map while Joe reads an entry from George’s journal. Both of which they decide to take with them before leaving the study.

Joe confronts Biff at Wilt’s for taking the Eye from the speaker in the movie theater. Biff admits that she has it. She did it as a means to protect Joe, who had been abducted by JB. Biff moved it so that JB would never find it. She also recalls how Joe said that he didn’t like knowing where it’s at, and now he doesn't.

After reading a couple entries from their grandfather's journal and his latest encounter with JB, who is discovering the powers imbued into the Eye, Joe proposes that they destroy the Eye. George said that they broke it in the place that they found it. He thought that they could destroy it there as well. Joe then grabs the map and points to the ley lines — lines of energy that run across the entire world. And the places where they meet have some sort of mystic power. Three lines intersect at Demon’s Paw. However, to destroy it they would have to go into the collapsed mines to find the Chamber of the Eye, which Frank immediately rules out, as it is too dangerous. Frank would also rather use the stone to see their mother. Joe argues that it would only be an illusion. Furthermore, their mom would be disappointed in them to learn that they’re using the very same stone she set out to destroy.

Despite Frank telling him not to, Joe decides to destroy their piece of the Eye with Biff's help. After recovering it from the boiler room, where Biff hid it, the two of them head out to Demon's Paw. Joe and Biff follow the map in hopes of finding the Chamber of the Eye, but they lose their sense of direction and argue over which direction they should go. So, Joe takes out his piece of the Eye and it leads him to the chamber, similar to a compass. The Eye leads them to a field and the ground below them collapses.[10]

Joe and Biff fall down into a mine shaft with no way back up. They realize the area they’re in isn’t marked on the map and decide to explore. Biff tries to radio for help, but she can’t get a signal. Joe checks her bookbag for supplies, but he doesn’t find anything of use. While Joe may not have told Frank they are going out to the mines, he’s certain his brother will figure it out. They just have to hold out until then.

The batteries in Biff flashlight start to die, leaving them without light or food as Biff only has three pieces of gum to offer. Joe asks how long do they have to wait before Biff’s mom starts a search. Biff believes that she’s probably already started. Joe apologizes for getting her into this predicament, but she says that she chose to go with him. The two of them then proceed to trace back each and every action they’ve made to determine who’s really to blame. Joe uses a knife to pry off one of the wood planks on the wall. He then notices a blocked off tunnel behind the wooden planks. They remove the wooden boards covering the tunnel and proceed further inside as Joe explains that the piece wants to go further.

Joe admits that they could’ve planned this trip a little better as Biff initially stated. She then tells Joe that following the piece of the Eye as he’s doing isn’t a good idea, but he agrees to disagree, as the piece exerts a certain amount of energy that he enjoys. Joe then proceeds to crawl through a small tunnel and land on top of a rat infested corpse. Biff wants to head back to the mine shaft, but Joe seeks to continue to the Chamber of the Eye because he won’t get another chance to destroy the Eye. Biff says that he doesn’t even know if he can destroy it, but Joe retorts that he at least has to find out. And so, he and Biff part ways. He continues to follow the piece towards the Chamber of the Eye while she returns to the mine shaft they fell into.

On his way to the Chamber of the Eye, Joe hears Frank’s muffled voice over the walkie. Joe’s just beneath Frank and Callie. Frank tells Joe that there’s a door approximately 50 feet away from them and that he can guide Joe in the right direction. However, Joe has to first go back for Biff. Joe finds Biff and takes her back to where he just was. He radios back in to Frank, who tells them to walk and talk at the same time so that he can guide them to the door based on the strength of their signal. Joe tells Biff that he’ll take her to the door but that he’ll continue on his path to the chamber. Frank tells Joe that he’s coming out with Biff and that whatever they choose to do with the Eye, they’ll do it together. Joe and Biff then come across the door. Joe picks the door open and he and Biff escape. Jesse demands to know they truth or else she’s going to arrest them. So, Joe and Frank tell her everything they kno

Losing the Eye

Frank now agrees with Joe that they should destroy the Eye. Frank is certain that the way to the chamber is hidden somewhere within George’s study, so in order to gain access, they have to gain their grandma's trust by giving her piece to the Eye, which Joe is initially against, but they have no other choice.

Joe looks outside his window to see JB, who he reluctantly allows inside. Moments later, his dad returns home, and Joe rushes downstairs to greet him. Trudy then screams after seeing JB in Joe’s room. Joe reveals that JB is a friend who he’s simply helping out. By the time Fenton gets to Joe’s room, JB has already escaped out the window. Joe and Frank then explain everything that has happened since their dad left. He is not pleased and tells them to stop investigating. Fenton then orders Joe to retrieve the Eye from his room, but Joe discovers that JB stole the Eye.[11]

The Chamber of the Eye

Joe gets a call from Stacy, informing him that she has Callie held captive and that she wants to arrange an exchange; Callie's safe return in exchange for their piece of The Eye. Joe rushes over to his grandma's to alert Frank. Gloria wants to negotiate with her and pretend to make an alliance before trapping Stacy, where as Frank simply wants to give her the piece. While they argue over the best answer, Joe steals back the key to the secret door.

Joe and Frank meet with Biff, Chet, and Phil at Wilt's to discuss their next move. They intend to use Joe's replica piece to trick Stacy and retrieve Callie. However, Biff points out that Stacy most likely has the same radiation detector as the Tall Man. Phil proposes they use the small amounts of americium found inside of smoke detectors, which are only slightly radioactive. And so they cut the americium out of multiple smoke detectors and tape them around Frank’s arm. Frank and Chet go to get Callie while Joe, Biff, and Phil retrieve the real piece of The Eye from Gloria’s. Frank informs them that they’re to use the projector to pinpoint exactly where the chamber is located on the map as well.

Phil distracts Stefan while Joe and Biff sneak into his grandma's study. Joe looks for the piece to The Eye while Biff unlocks the secret door to see if there is in fact a connection between the projector and the map. Joe unlocks Gloria’s safe, but the piece is no longer inside. Gloria suddenly returns with Stefan. So, Joe shuts the bookcase back, locking Biff inside and he hides under her desk. Gloria sits The Eye on the desk and looks through her papers. She tells Stefan how Callie is no longer in play, and Stacy called to form a truce. They’re to meet at Victor’s warehouse and then travel to the Chamber. After Gloria leaves, Joe opens the bookcase back up but the door is locked and the key is inside with Biff. Joe tells Biff to search for an air vent. She finds one that leads to the other side of the hallway. Biff slides the key down as far as she can, and Joe uses a wire hanger to extend around the corner and pull the key to him. With the key now in his possession, Joe is able to unlock the door and free Biff.

Joe, Frank, Callie, and Fenton then arrive at the Chamber of The Eye. After Stacy learns that Gloria killed her father, a fight ensues and the Estabrook piece falls to the ground. Joe picks it up but loses it to Gloria who puts the final piece of The Eye in the chamber, uniting the three pieces for the first time in decades to reforge it as The Eye. Frank tries to stop it but is knocked unconscious by a blast. He awakens and reveals that he saw their mother and that Stefan killed her in order to protect the Circle. As the mines begin to collapse from the blast, they make their way back to the surface, where Gloria is arrested for Victor Nabokov's murder.

The next day, Joe and Frank tells their friends that they can’t tell anyone outside of their circle what happened. The others decide to take off and tell Frank and Joe to join them at Wilt’s after they are done cleaning up the mess from their investigation. Once everyone is gone, Joe gifts Frank with their mom’s music boy, which he managed to restore. The Hardy boys then jump on the bikes and head over to Wilt's.[12]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[13]

JOE, age 12, the younger of the Hardy boys, is charming, rugged, adventurous and feisty. Joe acts first – thinks second. Quick to make friends, this affable kid is the life of the party. Though he jumps too soon and often mis-steps, he approaches everything from a point of earnestness and empathy. Sarcastic, funny and daring, he is capable of getting people to open up, even those who normally wouldn’t. Unlike Frank, Joe hasn’t lost the naivety of childhood, that spark of imagination that lets him believe even the most uncanny things could be real.

Skills and abilities

Joe is an expert lock-pick. He's displayed these abilities on numerous occasions, such as when he and Biff broke into the Bridgeport Police Department to recover his soldering iron and when he picked his father's brief case in order to gain access to his files. Additionally, Joe knows Morse code, which he used to help JB Cox figure out the drop point with his buyer. Joe is also skilled in various forms of repair, as seen when he fixed JB's radio and Frank's music box as well as the gold idol that housed the Estabrook piece of the Eye.


Fun facts and trivia

  • In the original series and most adaptations, Joe is eleven months younger than Frank.


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