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Joe Hardy is the 17-year-old younger brother of Frank Hardy[2], together they are known as the Hardy Boys.

Both boys live in the town of Bayport, with their parents, Fenton and Laura , and spinster aunt, Gertrude Hardy. Like the rest of the family, Joe is a churchgoer.[3]


Joe is the younger of the Hardy brothers. He is the more impulsive of the two brothers and Frank often has to exercise his more cautious nature to stop Joe running into trouble. Joe has once landed himself in jail. However, this rarely causes any tension between the two as Joe usually bows to Frank's common sense. Joe has an unusually wry sense of humour, often poking fun at his friends. They tend to take his mocking in good humour and usually play along with his jokes.

"You're getting to be pretty good on that motorcycle, Frank," Joe said as the boys rode into the Hardy garage. "I'm not even scared to ride alongside you any more!"
The Hardy Boys #1 The Tower Treasure (1959) p18

He also regularly dates Iola Morton.

Skills and abilities

Joe has picked up most of his detective abilities from his father. He knows some Spanish, being at least able to read and have short conversations in it.[4]

Sporting interests

Like his brother, Joe is a great sportsman. These are just some of the sports he has been known to play:

Along with his brother, Joe owns a peregrine falcon named Miss Peregrine. During The Hooded Hawk Mystery Joe received training in falconry.


Joe owned and rode a motorbike and owned a car with his brother but they have since received a surplus van from the Bayport Police Department.[11] Joe has also piloted both the brothers' motorboat, the Sleuth, and their ice boat, the Sea Gull.

Joe has become the mechanic of the two brothers. Every time their van acts up, Joe is the one looking under the hood to see what the problem is.[12]

Fun Facts

  • Joe was used many times in the Nancy Drew computer games. His first appearance in the games was in Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon. He was also in The Creature of Kapu Cave. His voice was lent by Rob Jones. He also made other appearances as only a telephone character, giving Nancy help and hints, in Danger by Design and The Phantom of Venice.


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