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Kanika Imani Khan is a businesswoman and makes up one third of the Circle of the Eye


Employing Fenton Hardy

Upon learning on Fenton Hardy's arrival in Bridgeport, Mrs. Khan decided to pay him a visit. Her nephew, Rupert, who is in charge of most of their company’s interests, began acting strange before he disappeared three weeks ago. Phone records prove that he called Laura three times on the day she died. Mrs. Khan believes that Laura was writing a story and Rupert was her source for whatever she was investigating, which ultimately resulted in her death. After Rupert checked out of the hotel in Bridgeport, he disappeared again. So, Mrs. Khan seeks to hire Fenton to find Rupert.[1]

Nigel returns after following up with the foreign minister and tells Mrs. Khan that he has agreed to her terms. She then asks Nigel to inform Gloria of their return to Bridgeport. He wonders if she’s recovered her property yet. Khan says that they’ll know when she finds it and that how bad things get will depend on more than just Gloria.[2]

Return to Bridgeport

Mrs. Khan decides to pay Gloria a visit, as it’s her understanding that Gloria has come into possession of the piece that her father had lost so many years prior. Gloria presumes that the Tall Man is one of the Khans' affiliates, but Kanika insists that he doesn’t work for her. Gloria has already lost her father and daughter to the exigencies of their business. She refuses to allow anything to happen to her grandsons. Kanika reminds Gloria that they’re not the only ones involved. There’s another party to be considered.[3]

Employing the Tall Man

Mrs. Khan calls the Tall Man after getting his number from one of her associates. She is hoping that he’ll be able to retrieve and deliver the Estabrook piece to her. The Tall Man reveals that he was initially hired by the Nabokovs but now he’s made an enemy of them, so along with payment, he’ll also need protection. However, Mrs. Khan explains that the Nabokovs are his concern alone.

Nigel informs her that Victor Nabokov is dead. He is said to have died within the last couple months. Mrs. Khan never met Victor, but their fathers were great friends. Unfortunately, there’s been no news about his piece of the Eye. Mrs. Khan informs Nigel how she called the Tall Man, who told her he could get the Estabrook piece, but he also mentioned how he would have to go against the Nabokovs to get it. So, if Victor has been dead, she questions who has been running the Nabokovs' affairs.[4]

Losing Her Piece of the Eye

While resting in her hotel room, Mrs. Khan tells Nigel that she’s feeling light headed before falling unconscious. Nigel can barely stand when JB Cox enters the room. He swings at JB but the gas has rendered him unconscious as well. With Mrs. Khan incapacitated, JB steals her piece of the Eye.

Mrs. Khan visits Gloria after losing her piece of the Eye. Gloria reveals that she knows that Laura’s death wasn’t an accident and that she had been working on a story with Rupert. With Victor dead, the Nabokov line should’ve died with him. The question they now have to find the answer to is who else knows enough about the Circle to move against them.[5]

Kanika meets with Rupert after discovering that he was back in Bridgeport. Rupert says that he’s fine and that Fenton found him before Kanika’s people could finish the job. They know that she only hired Fenton to get him out of Bridgeport, as she knew precisely where Rupert was as it was her people that took him, trashed his apartment, and tortured him in order to find out what he and Laura were investigating. Kanika admits this is true and claims that she had nothing to do with Laura or Victor’s death. She then reveals that someone stole her piece of the Eye and that she believes that there’s a new player acting against the Circle. Kanika gives Fenton a taped message that was meant for Laura, given to her by her grandfather. Kanika recovered it from Rupert’s place. Fenton then demands Kanika’s help.

Kanika meets with Gloria and Victor's successor, his daughter, Anastasia Nabokov, who Kanika was unaware even existed. Gloria informs them that not only is Frank her successor but that the Estabrooks have retrieved their piece of the Eye, which Gloria wishes to reassemble. Stacy asks who killed her father, stating that he was poisoned. However, he did live for a few more painful days. Just long enough to tell her that neither Khan nor Gloria can be trusted. For the last 30 years, their families have worked against each other, but Gloria wants to come together. However, Kanika doesn't even have her piece. Stacy does has it.[6]

Fleeing Bridgeport

Kanika returns to the Bridgeport Motor Inn with Gloria’s taped confession of having killed Victor Nabokov and gives it over to Fenton and Rupert, thus fulfilling her end of their agreement; she provides them with evidence of Gloria’s crime and in return is free to leave Bridgeport, never to return. Kanika assures them that her time in the Circle is over, though she warns Fenton that there are pieces still in play and that his children may still be in danger.[7]

Personality and traits

Kanika is conniving and manipulative, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal, even at the cost of her own nephew's life, who she arranged to be beaten and tortured for answers.


Fun facts and trivia

  • Mrs. Khan does not exist in previous adaptations. She is a character created specifically for the series.