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Laura Hardy is the wife of Fenton Hardy and the mother of Frank and Joe Hardy. She was a homemaker for most of her sons' childhood, but recently became a research librarian.


Laura is pleasant and easy going, often taking a back seat, to her sister-in-law, Gertrude, who is almost her complete opposite. She often worries about her husband and sons, but considering the dangers they face, it is amazing she doesn't worry far more.


Laura is a good cook, but after Gertrude moved in with them, she let her do most of the work in the kitchen.

She is also very knowledgeable, and what she doesn't know, knows how and where to find it, on the Internet or otherwise.

She can use a gun, as seen during the events of Edge of Destruction. It is unknown, however, if she ever has shot a gun.[1][2]

Physical description

Laura is around 40 years old, slim and pretty, with blue eyes and short curly blond hair. It is said that her youngest son Joe inherited his good looks from her.


Early life

Very little is known about her childhood, but she does not seem to have any siblings, and it seems that her parents are deceased.

Married life and motherhood

She married Fenton some 25 years ago, when she was in her late teens to early twenties. When Laura and Fenton had been married for about 5 years, they fostered a son whose parents had been friends of theirs and who had been killed because the husband had turned states evidence against a ruthless gang.[3] Unfortunately, the Witness Protection Program, despite trusting Fenton and Laura to raise the child, took Chris away to protect him from members of the gang who were still out to get the last member of the family. After 7 years of marriage Fenton and Laura had their first child, Frank; and about a year later their second child was born, Joseph Irving.

As her boys got older she hoped they would become lawyers or doctors, rather than going into the law enforcing business like their father. Her wish did not come true however, and by the time they were 15 and 16, they were already solving crimes and facing many dangers. Even so, she seems to have got used to it. Not that she is ever told the whole story, let alone the fact that they often work with government agencies, like the Network and ATAC, or the fact that they almost get themselves killed fighting international terrorists groups, like The Assassins.


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