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Laura Hardy is the late mother of the Hardy brothers and Fenton's wife. She was murdered for her attempts to expose the Circle of the Eye.


Early life

Laura was born and raised in Bridgeport. She attended the local high school, where she dated Paul McFarlane and worked on the the school paper. Laura was meant to be the heir of the Estabrook empire. However, upon her discovery of The Eye as well as the Circle of the Eye, she turned her back on her family and fled Bridgeport with Fenton Hardy, who she later married and had two kids with.

Murdered by the Circle

Laura finds Frank and Joe fighting in the living room over the game. Laura asks Frank to back up her car, allowing for Joe to play the game, much to his older brother’s dismay. She playfully restrains him as Joe continues to play.

Laura and Frank practice his pitch for the upcoming game in the front yard. She explains how everyone has a tell and how it can be used to his benefit.

Later, Frank overhears Laura's call with an unidentified individual, though it seems serious. However, she claims it was simply Marnie. Frank isn't convinced and reminds her that everyone has a tell, including her. Keeping the tradition alive, Laura then draws a heart on a sheet of paper and gifts it to Frank for good luck. She assures him that she'll make it to his game later that evening.

Later that evening, Laura is on her way to Frank’s game when she notices that she’s being followed. She instructs the man in the vehicle to go ahead of her but he instead charges towards her, which causes her car to flip. It's a fatal crash that ultimately ends in Laura's death.[1]

1961, Laura is playing with her music box following her grandfather's funeral. Gloria slams it shut and tells Laura to leave as Ahmed Khan and Sergei Nabokov enter the office. [2]

After Frank is knocked unconscious by a blast emitted from The Eye, he sees moments from Laura's final hours. Laura fights with Gloria after she heard that the Astghik found their piece of The Eye. Gloria claims that she won’t make the same mistake as those before her, but Laura doesn’t believe it’s true and doesn’t trust the fate of the world in the hands of three people. Laura tells her mother that the world will know about The Eye in less than 24 hours. Gloria warns Laura that she won’t be able to protect her anymore if she exposes the Circle.

Laura then heads to Wilt's Deli. She tells the shopkeeper about her fight with her mother. She tells him that she has a meeting and after that, Frank’s game. As she’s leaving, Wilt tells her to not let another decade past before her next visit.

Laura meets with Rupert at the Bridgeport Motel Inn, where they discuss discussing their next move. Laura tells him that she called her editor and that they’ll go to press end-of-day, and by the morning, the exposé should be in the stands by the morning. Rupert fears that the Circle will come after her. Laura thinks they’ll be too engulfed in chaos to worry about her, as they’re not united. She mentions how the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.[3]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[4]

LAURA was the heart of the Hardy clan. Audacious, vivacious and warm-hearted, she never struggled to keep up with her boys. Laura was as athletic and diligent as Frank; as charming and witty as Joe; as brilliant as Fenton. Laura grew up with an overbearing mother whose determination to force Laura into a world of wealth and privilege only pushed her away. Laura is upstanding and moral – never crossing the line and always letting her empathy guide her. Her career as an investigative journalist was marked by a dogged determination, especially when she believed the truth was being hidden.

Skills and abilities

Laura was exceptionally brilliant and an incredibly talented journalist.


Fun facts and trivia

  • Laura's occupations varies with each adaptation.
    • In the Casefiles continuity, she works for the Bayport Planning Commission, whereas in the Undercover Brothers continuity, she works as librarian. However, in the original book series, Laura was just a stay-at-home mom.




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