Laura Hardy is the wife of former NYPD detective and currently a private investigator, Fenton. She lives in Bayport with her husband, her two sons, Frank and Joe, and her sister-in-law, Gertrude.


Early life

She married Fenton some 25 years ago, when she was in her late teens to early twenties. When Laura and Fenton had been married for about 5 years, they fostered a son whose parents had been friends of theirs and who had been killed because the husband had turned states evidence against a ruthless gang.[1] Unfortunately, the Witness Protection Program, despite trusting Fenton and Laura to raise the child, took Chris away to protect him from members of the gang who were still out to get the last member of the family. After 7 years of marriage Fenton and Laura had their first child, Frank; and about a year later their second child was born, Joseph Irving.

Current life

Currently, while not worrying about what's happening with her boys and husband in their detective work, Laura works for the Bayport Planning Commission. [2]

Plus she also knows how to handle guns pretty well, as she demonstrated in [I]Edge Of Destruction[/I].

As far as Frank and Joe are aware, Laura has only very minimal knowledge of their work with The Network.


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