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The following is a list of cultural references in The Hardy Boys.

Boy Scouts of America

Joe calls Frank a "Boy Scout" in A Game Called Chaos, #160 in The Hardy Boys.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones, an adventuring archaeologist, has been famously portrayed by Harrison Ford in a series of four movies thus far. Frank Hardy makes comparisons to unearthing a treasure in The Lure of the Italian Treasure (The Hardy Boys Digest #157) to the power of God being released from the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which Frank specifically mentions as having seen many times.

Looney Tunes

Frank briefly mentions the classic Warner Brothers cartoon shorts, featuring beloved characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and others in a quip in The Hardy Boys Casefiles #47 Flight into Danger. Frank teases brother Joe by asking what better things he had to do on a Saturday morning rather than go to the air show with him-"stay home and watch Looney Tunes reruns?"

The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is a play by William Shakespeare. During their investigations in The Tower Treasure the Hardys investigate the actor Harold Morley as a suspect in their case. He has a perfect alibi as he was playing Launcelot Gobbo in The Merchant of Venice at the time of the Tower Mansion robbery. The boys and their father conclude their interview with Morley and stay to watch his performance in the play.

Star Trek

Main article: Star Trek

Star Trek, a science fiction entertainment franchise, is owned by the same parent company as The Hardy Boys, and references have been made to Trek in a number of Hardy Boys books. #172 in The Hardy Boys Digests series, Trouble in Warp Space, is essentially an amalgam of Star Trek.

Star Wars

In A Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller, Time Bomb the Star Wars films are referred to at least twice, and Stormtroopers are mentioned. It is implied that Star Wars is Joe's favorite sci-fi movie.[1]

The Star Wars film line is also parodied in Digest #110 The Secret Of Sigma Seven.


In The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series, the Hardys have used YouTube, to find videos in relation to their investigations.


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