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Live Free, Die Hardy! is the 15th book in The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series. It was published in November 2008 by Papercutz.

Plot summary

The high-ups at American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) plan a surprise birthday party for Fenton Hardy at ATAC HQ, but the Noir sisters manage to get past the high security, and crash the party. They quickly have all the guests captured...or so they think. It seems they are unaware that Frank and Joe were invited.

Meanwhile, in another part of the complex Frank and Joe are changing into suits for the party, when they hear gun fire. On their way to the to banquet hall, they have to hide from two WARD agents who were ordered to search the building. Joe takes them out, and the boys take their guns.

In the hall, Fenton lets the Noirs overhear him mention that if boys can secure the lab, they will have the upper hand. Upon hearing this Shira sends her troops to the lab, where Frank and Joe have found a few gadgets to use against their enemies. They put these gadgets to good use, and now only have the Noir sisters to deal with.

As this is going down, Fenton is tyring to talk Nicolina Noir into handing over her gun. Saying that her father is a cruel man, but she can raise above her father. His sermon is cut short by Shira Noir slamming her gun into the back of his head.

By this time the Hardys have sneaked in unnoticed, by hiding under the cart with Fenton's birthday cake on it. However, the sisters realize right away that the Hardys are hidden in the cart, and order them out...what they don't realize is that the candles on Fenton's cake are ATAC knock-out gas candles. Both sisters are out cold in seconds.




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