Maggie Nosek is a 15 year old resident of Glastonbury, CT. Her mother, Dr. Nosek, drags her to work with her every weekday after school, and sometimes on the weekends, to make her do her school-related studies in her office at the Undercliff House of Detention. This is done because Maggie got into some unspecified trouble at her local school. But Maggie is known to slack off. An example of this is seen in chapter 6 of Undercover Brothers #24, Haunted titled What Are You in For?, where she is shown eating and mingling with the inmates of the detention center when she should have been studying. In the same chapter, Maggie admits to reading all of the inmate's files while left alone in her mothers office.

Maggie Nosek appears in Undercover Brothers #24, Haunted

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