Marburg is an antique dealer, who operates out of the Hawk River area. Marburg has been known to go under the alias of Mr. Nest.


In the area of Hawk River the local Mohawk tribe has a rich heritage, including one man named Dark Hawk who in reward for his efforts against the Americans in the American Revolutionary, was given a silver tomahawk by King George. When Margurg heard of this legend he want to great lengths to find the find the ancient weapon, which had been missing since the death of Dark Hawk almost 200 years ago.[1]

First he searched the old home of Hawk, an old mansion, known as Eagle's Nest, but he was unsuccessful. Then hearing rumors that ancestors of Hawk owned one of his old diaries , tried to win the confidence of the family.[2] After, Eagle's Nest was bought by a New York businessman, he once again shifted his efforts to the warrior's old home, but was again unsuccessful, when the new owner turned down his offer to buy any documents found during the restoring of the building.[3]

Finally when the sons of famed detective Fenton Hardy showed up Marburg contacted them in New York City, under the name of Mr. Nest, thinking that the Hardys might know of the artifact.[4] They did not however, and Marburg's search was ended for good when the Hardy brothers found the tomahawk themselves.[5]

Personality and traits

Margurg seems to be a rather dishonest man, as his use of aliases might suggest. He is also very persistent, as seen is his search for the tomahawk, one example is his offer to Eagle's Nest owner, Crawford, when even after being turned down, he called Crawford twice more and even want so far as to pay him a visit.[3]

Physical description

Elderly and wizened-looking, Margurg wears dark glasses and has long gray hair.[6]


The Hardy Boys #59 Night of the Werewolf


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